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Ust masters in business administration

Computer Science!! CS I think I might prefer a broader CS experience with more science. This major can serve as preparation for either graduate study or a career in industry. With varying UCI acceptance rate by major already available to prospective admission seekers, finding the most accurate and up to date UC Irvine acceptance rate by major has become an arduous task, especially when there is endless majors and degree programs to consider in this prestigious university. Our graduates are in great demand by the employers because they value the rigor and quality of our program.

Business administration minor uci

Best Subjects to Minor in for College Students

Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Getting a degree in business administration and management in California certainly pays off!

Bureau Of Labor Statistics, , 3rd Quarter. Of course, the high-low spectrum must be taken into account. The bottom line: There are numerous opportunities for increased pay, career advancement, and personal satisfaction from pursuing a business administration career and management!

Keep in mind, too, that California has more than 4 million small businesses with more than 7 million people employed in them. Such is the abundance of these businesses that they make up But first, you must get a degree in business administration and management to be qualified for these well-paying jobs!

Graduates of its degree programs are sought after by Silicon Valley businesses and employers across the United States and worldwide. Indeed, Berkeley Haas is your best choice to pursue your business administration and management degree! All of its programs are designed to provide students with an integrated and comprehensive view of business and, as such, enable them to lead, manage, and solve the complex problems of our times. Prospective students are well-advised for the rigorous academic curriculum and standards implemented by the credentialed faculty members.

Students can only apply to the program after completing undergraduate prerequisite courses either at UC Berkeley or at another school. Afterward, they can finish their junior and senior years at Berkeley Haas. Admissions priority is given to transfer students who are California residents, U.

Transfer students who have been notified of their admission are encouraged to attend the Haas Summer PreCore Program. There are also weekly workshops on a wide range of topics delivered by respected guest speakers. Once admitted into the undergraduate program, students take both required core courses and elective courses, including communication, economics, financial and managerial accounting, marketing, finance, and ethics. But there are undergraduate programs that newcomers can enroll in.

As a polytechnic, its primary academic focus is on combining professional and technical curricula with the arts and humanities. Its business administration and management degree programs prepare students to become career-ready business professionals and leaders. Students must enroll in a wide range of courses from economics and business communication to accounting, human resources management, and quantitative analysis and undergo internships and enjoy dedicated mentorship. The curricula integrate trends in business and technology and are imbued with cultural and social service ethos, a combination that gives students the ability to thrive in the modern economy.

Students become innovative problem-solvers and catalysts for positive change aside from being thought leaders. Every undergraduate student should complete a senior project besides excelling in their academic coursework. This can be one or more of these elements:. Many of these senior projects result in employment, a new business venture, and recognition for the work. Prospective students must declare a major or concentration during the admissions process.

They have a wide range of support services provided by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship CIE , such as pitch competitions, mentorship, and training. Students gain crucial knowledge, skills, and insight into the management of personal portfolios and income securities, among others.

Graduates find employment or establish businesses of their own after graduation. Their professional success is partly based on their foundational knowledge and finance, information systems, management, and accounting skills. Soon, they will grow into their respective leadership and change-maker roles. Such is its world-class education that it has produced several Nobel laureates aside from attracting students from across California, the U. Students and alumni love it for its academic excellence combined with a cutting-edge entrepreneurial thrust, world-class faculty, and strong relationships with corporations.

The Merage School is also known for its unique business education theme: sustainable growth via strategic innovation. Students are provided with a highly personalized learning environment to develop their leadership, analytical decision-making, and collaborative skills. Furthermore, students can expand their horizons through real-world, on-site experiences with companies.

They can then make a concrete connection between their classroom-based theoretical knowledge and their real-world practical applications. They must complete seven business courses that serve as the robust foundation in core business competencies.

Students are also required to take an international business course. This can be fulfilled by either taking a course specifically designated for this purpose or participating in the Education Abroad Program.

The Merage School also provides its students with ample opportunities to improve their presentation and concentration skills, engage in mentoring programs, and attend formal events where guest speakers discuss business-related topics. Students can also attend business writing workshops with writing consultants.

These activities are intended to ensure that undergraduate students become well-rounded individuals with useful business skills. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in various business-related practical experiences to complement their academic work.

UC Irvine gives preferential treatment to students who excelled in their college prep courses and graduated in the upper 10th of the high school graduating class. But the admissions committee also considers other non-academic factors, such as extracurricular activities, special talents and skills, and volunteer work, particularly in leadership roles. Applicants should also answer four out of eight personal insight questions, which will also be considered.

Indeed, the degree programs are among the most competitive in California and the U. Its student body is the most racially and ethnically diverse among universities in the U. All its programs are designed to let students develop their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills and become creative problem solvers who will succeed in any business environment.

Students learn about accounting, auditing, and taxation principles and practices, which will prepare them for successful careers in the public and private sectors.

This degree is offered in the Charles W.

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Nola most recently served as Director of Program Services for the MBA for Executives (EMBA) Program at UC Irvine (UCI). Prior to joining UCI, Nola held.

Minor in Business Administration

New dean named at UCI’s business school

Her goal is to continue working at the Cesar Chavez Foundation after college where she helps build low-income housing apartments in California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. She also works at the University of Redlands as a Peer Career Educator where she helps students fix their resumes, cover letters, prepare for job interviews, apply for graduate programs, etc.

business administration undergraduate

Leading in a digitally driven world takes agility and savvy. Our holistic approach prepares you to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and face head-on the challenges brought on by disruption. Your future is within reach. Our world-class programs and innovative curriculum will expand your opportunities to excel as a leader in a digitally driven world. Our world-renowned faculty tackle a broad range of business issues and strive to impact global discussions that will bring about positive change.

Nola Wanta

Nola Wanta

Nonbusiness students will be required to take the following three Business Core courses, or their equivalents, as prerequisites to complete the minor.

View Campus Tour. Concordia University Irvine prepares students for their vocations—their various callings in life. With an enrollment of nearly 4, students, Concordia offers bachelors', masters', and doctoral degrees in a beautiful Southern California location, with online and regional cohort options. Faith Alone. Who do you want to be?

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Business and management school in tampa

No matter where you are, you can count on the same quality curriculum and academic rigor as University Campus classes. AA: Business Administration.

AA: Criminal Justice. AA: Information Technology. BA: Business Administration - Logistics. BA: Business Administration - Management. BA: Business Administration - Marketing. BA: Elementary Education.

BA: Human Resource Management. BS: Computer Information Systems. BS: Healthcare Administration. MBA: Accounting. MBA: Business Administration. MBA: Data Analytics. MBA: Marketing. MBA: Project Management. MBA: Sport Business. Skip to main content. SaintLeo Alumni. Talk to us today: Tampa Education Center. The Tampa Education Center Experience. Join Us on Social Media. Education Center Events. Request More Information.

Business Schools Ranking in U.S.A.

Begin your application today by entering the Graduate Admissions Portal. Submit your application by:. March 1 for summer entry for part-time programs online or on campus. October 1 for spring entry for part-time programs online or on campus. Applications completed after March 1 will be considered on a space available basis. June 1 is the final deadline for completing applications. This program admits only once a year, and admission decisions are expected to begin no earlier than Feb.

The Sykes College of Business at The University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida accredited MBA. Get rankings, tuition, GMAT.

Best Business And Management Colleges & Universities in Florida

Best Business And Management Colleges & Universities in Florida

Business Education. We're transforming business education for educators, businesses, and learners. Who We Are. Browse All Schools.

The Sykes College of Business draws together talented faculty, sophisticated technology and cutting-edge curriculum to provide students with the tools to succeed in a changing world. With small class sizes, close faculty-student relationships and abundant industry connections, the Sykes College of Business encourages real-world learning.

Business - M.B.A.

A degree in Business and Marketing Education BME prepares you for a variety of careers, from positions in Fortune companies, entrepreneurial startups, and international organizations, to nonprofit management. You will take courses in sales and marketing to gain a broad set of business skills. Transfer to OLPD. Apply as a first-year student. This major's flexibility gives you the option to add an additional area of expertise. In CEHD, earn a minor or certificate in areas such as adult education, leadership, or sport management.

After graduating from California State University with a degree in business management, he took his first broadcast position as a voice-talent and.

Earn an Associate Degree in Management

Earn an Associate Degree in Management

Embry-Riddle Worldwide will help you get started — or get ahead — in your career, and you can earn your degree right here at our Tampa Campus. However, our dynamic, hands-on programs will prepare you for a career in many industries, not just ones in the skies. A degree from Embry-Riddle Worldwide will give you the skills you need for success in many of the top industries in Tampa and St. This campus is a member of the St.

Many international students choose to go to the United States to do their Master's in Management studies or pursue other specialized business master's programs, such as MSc's, MAs, and more.

Colleges near Tampa, Florida

The Oregon MBA

Sheffield University Management School is nationally and internationally ranked as a leading institution, as well as being accredited by numerous professional bodies. Our impact submission is rated 8th nationally, showing our research is instrumental in tackling the greatest challenges of our time and making a real-world difference to organisations and societies around the world. Find out where the University ranks nationally and globally on the Rankings page. It is a mark of quality for the excellent teaching, outstanding research, support for students and alumni, and links with industry that we deliver at Sheffield University Management School.

The highest-paying bachelor's degrees include majors in STEM, social science, and business. Learn more about degrees leading to high-paying careers. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. How much can you earn with a bachelor's degree? But what are the highest-paying bachelor's degrees?

Career Resources

First things first—you need to find a good business school and get your degree before you can really dive into the career search.

When it comes to potential advanced classes, Trent-Gurbuz provided a list that speaks to the complexity of business management and how it reaches into many other areas. Possible course subjects include:. Possible concentrations within a business management major are also varied, including:.

Combining the benefits of a business degree and a management degree with training in diverse areas such as administration and organizational behavior as well as knowledge in specialized fields like healthcare administration, sports management, international business, and human resource management, a degree in business management makes a wealth of careers accessible. Broadly speaking, it is a good time to be entering this industry.

Mary White in LovetoKnow. They include:. Kowarski got into more specific job titles within those larger areas. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as opposed to the most common landing spots for those with a degree in business management. There are, of course, also important professional steps to take on the way to some of these careers. That should for sure include internships during a bachelor of business management degree program or MBA program , where business students gain valuable experience and develop management skills.

You should also expect to spend time in entry-level jobs, such as an administrative assistant or office manager, gaining further experience for your resume and practicing leadership. Employers will value the added expertise and focused instruction you will receive from a graduate degree program from a business school. Standifer noted that employers often value these skills so much they will contribute to your efforts to get an advanced degree.

Business management degree programs give students the chance to make an immediate impact. Employers really value people who can do the job effectively without a lot of additional training or hand holding, and business management graduates tend to embody that trait. Later in her U. Standifer also pointed out how business management teaches overarching skills that apply to any working environment and make students universally marketable.

Find out more about the business management degree program at North Central and get your career started today. He has 11 years of collegiate communications experience and has worked with hundreds of college students. Mary Gormandy White. Pay Your Deposit Have you been admitted and need to lock in your decision? Deposit Today. Jacob Imm Sep 24, What is a business management degree? Courses to expect First things first—you need to find a good business school and get your degree before you can really dive into the career search.

8 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Administration Degree

Construction manager · Costs lawyer · Environmental engineer · External auditor · Human resources officer · Logistics and distribution manager · Marketing executive.

30 Best College Majors for the Future

The Highest Paying Business Majors

With a degree in business administration, there is a very good chance of employment immediately after graduation. However, you should consider certain details very carefully. Even though business administration is a generalist course, during your studies you will specialize in one thematic focus area — and this will usually determine your later career choice. The following areas are usually relevant for career entry:. These areas are found in both small and large enterprises.

Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

What Can I Do With a Business Management Degree?

10 Highest Paying Business Jobs You Might Not Know

Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. If you are searching for the highest paying business management positions , you may have a hard time seeing the big picture. You must start somewhere…and that somewhere is to achieve your degree in business management and have the drive to reach for the stars! Keeping your eye on the prize ensures a nice transition from struggling students to hitting the big time! Without a doubt, earning a lucrative business management salary will help you reach your goals! These jobs listed and detailed below will not only make your time in front of an open textbook or a computer screen for hours worthwhile but will also place you in the top highest paying business management positions.

If you have an MBA degree with a specialization in IT management, this is the right field for you. According to the BLS, the annual salary of IT directors is.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Business Administration?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics , Business continues to be one of the most popular degrees for undergraduate students. In , out of the 2 million degrees conferred upon undergraduate students, , degrees were in Business. This should come as no surprise. But what can you do with an associate degree in Business Administration?

Top 10 Highest Paying Business Degrees

Top 10 Highest Paying Business Degrees

A career in business can be very rewarding.

The Best Careers in Business

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The Role Of Technologies In Event Management

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It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience , devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. The events industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to business breakfast meetings. Many industries, celebrities, charitable organizations , and interest groups hold events in order to market their label, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievement. The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning and which can include budgeting , scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits , coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering , coordinating with third-party vendors, and emergency plans. Each event is different in its nature so process of planning and execution of each event differs on basis of the type of event.

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Project managers have project teams working under them who help to achieve all of the objectives of the project; however, if something goes astray with the project, the project manager is always ultimately accountable. This online course consists of handful of topics. Each topic will have their own block below. Keep in mind that this is a Self-Study online course, hence, going through these materials and gathering a comprehensive understanding of the topic is your responsibility.

Once you complete this you will be able to download and print your own certificate. Remember you will still have access to this course for 1 year from the date of registration.

Please contact the office on admin1 cmaaustralia. Course Information Course needs to be completed within 12 months of enrollment. This is an online self-study course, all study material is be provided online. In order to aid you in this process, we have provided the following recommendations.

Book Review This booklet provides an overview of the Automotive and Auto parts Industry in Pakistan; regulatory environment and tax structure of the industry; auto vendor industry and localization; new entrants in the auto sector; impact of COVID on the production and sales of vehicles and other implications of the pandemic on the industry and finally the way forward and recommendations for the consideration of policymakers. Book Review This booklet provides an overview of the Housing and Construction Industry in Pakistan, regulatory environment and tax structure of the industry; Incentive Package, including exemptions and reliefs granted for the Construction industry; Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme; impact of COVID on housing and construction projects, and finally the way forward and recommendations for the consideration of the policymakers. The main reason behind the failure is the piecemeal approach towards the solution without clear vision of the ultimate objective. Book Review This book provides a brief assessment of the current major issues facing the national economy and the industrial sector and their possible solutions. The Book further proposes a three-pronged strategy for achieving sustained economic growth, which includes accelerating industrialization process; encouraging SME development and promoting savings and capital formation. The main objective of the book is to provide a useful reference to the government, policy makers and the trade and industry about the current economic scenario. The book also includes taxations proposals for Federal Budget , and ICMA Pakistan's suggestions for days plan of the new government.

ICMA Benchmarking Project. FY Overview Human Resources and Risk Management to Areas of Strength Compared to ICMA. Benchmark.

Share Job. Suggest Revision. Apply Now. Headquartered in Washington, DC, MissionSquare Retirement was founded to provide portable retirement benefits for city and county managers, enabling accumulated retirement assets to be transferred between employers. Today, MissionSquare Retirement serves more than 1. We have an extraordinary talent base and invite you to consider joining MissionSquare Retirement's Client Experience Team. The Project Manager will manage and coordinate different fund lineup changes for the Client Experience team. MissionSquare has a large portfolio of projects and activities focused on fund related changes for recordkeeping clients. The Project Manager FLS has a specific focus on management of the team's fund related projects and a general focus on coordination and timely delivery of these projects.

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Leadership Development Programs

Projects by Focus Area

TFIC will develop a financial and program/project management model to present to the City, by not later than June 30,

How to help staff bridge generational divides N. How to help staff bridge generational divides Employees may retreat into age-based tribalism by believing stereotypes about other generations, says Phyllis Weiss Haserot. Leaders can break down barriers by modeling respectful behavior, being clear about the organizational mission and creating comfortable settings for staff to get to know each other, she says. Residents say they need the money to maintain the road, which is used heavily as a shortcut to Surf City, N.

Register Today. Department of Housing and Urban Development effort to partner with cities that are rounding the corner from major economic challenges to help them identify and implement practical solutions to facilitate their paths to economic recovery and growth. The Network provides technical assistance, access to peer networks, and online, on-demand access to expertise. EPA, attracting over 6, participants and featuring over dynamic educational sessions, networking and business development opportunities, mobile workshops, walking tours, and volunteer activities to see redevelopment at ground level Choice Neighborhoods : Evaluating the role of local government and project stakeholder engagement in choice neighborhood transformation planning.

Ensures that programs employ a data-driven focus, align with established strategic imperatives, and emphasize the improvement of operational effectiveness. Drives and ensures continuous performance improvement in organizational processes and services.

The program is designed to build the management and leadership skills of analysts, mid-managers and other members who have at least three years experience in a government organization and prepare them, through coursework and coaching, to become government leaders. MMANC and MMASC members applying for the credentialing program will gain an unbiased assessment of their current skills, knowledge and interests through an assessment survey. The credential requires completion of eight 8 pre-approved training opportunities — five core areas and at least three electives that you select with your mentor based on your career goals. A short word write-up is required for each course you take and we recommend that you complete your short write-up for the course as you go. In addition to coursework, each participant will select a coach that will assist you in developing a professional development plan. Alternatively, if you are able to find your own coach, please let us know at cgl mmanc. Once you choose your coach, you can reach out and request their help.

Check out CLUB events Preparing passionate leaders driving change in sustainability and stewardship of the environment. Please visit our website for our Virtual Drop-In Advising hours. Email cafesadvising calpoly.

Click the link above to learn more and enroll today! Benji is a first-of-its kind chatbot, specifically designed to help senior students, parents, and educators get quick answers to a wide variety of questions about the FAFSA.

Observers can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course. DVUSD Pathways is an after school program for students who desire to accelerate their learning, require flexibility in their school schedule, or want to recover credit.

Visit www. This multi-page publication is packed with hundreds of local, state, and national honors celebrating academic, fine arts, and athletic achievements, as well as recognition for extraordinary teaching and community involvement. Learn more about her and the impact she has had on the district and her peers by clicking the link above. Learn more about our students, Bryce Bustamante and Eden Sapien. From Curtis Finch Jr. The enrollment surge mirrors state numbers and is recording a positive trend after a statewide drop in Maricopa County is now one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.

Despite the lack of revenue, DVUSD stayed committed to offering a full-time kindergarten option for parents. Quality preparation in early learning supplies proper socialization, learning enthusiasm, cooperation, team-work, patience, and personal confidence for students to be successful. Daily art, physical education, music and before and after-school programs are also available.

Kindergarten is important! Students need to be 5 years old by August , or 5 years old between September 1 and December 31, to qualify for Early Entry Testing. Preparation is key, the sooner you sign up, the better the chance to secure a seat. Visit our Kindergarten Events Page to learn more. Come learn with the best and receive a great educational start! Read Dr. Finch's latest article Learn More About Dr.

Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Registration open all Summer! Comments Register Today for the School Year!

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Apartments in AZ

The information gathered here is meant to help potential students decide what school is best for them. The compilation also provides general information about each school tuition costs, enrollment requirements, contact details, etc. The institutions presented in this list offer high-quality training in various educational departments, such as:. The American Institute of Dental Assisting is offering a week dental assisting training program in a real clinic.

Our facility will be on your right just after Paradise Valley High School. Directions from the West. Drive east on E Bell Rd. Pass AZ and continue east. Our.

Arizona’s Premier Pain Management

Directory Search - Glendale Chamber of Commerce. Return to Home Mobile Visitor? Try our mobile app! Glendale Community College Deborah Dee. Hensley Beverage Company Nellie Gonzales. Arizona Broadway Theatre Kiel Klaphake. Bravo Productions Jason Bravo. Pacific Office Automation Matt Happe. Sunlight Medical Services Vicky Dramaretska.

Photos of the site show several police vehicles blocking off the 's westbound lanes in between McClintock Drive and the Loop exit. Normally, it is supposed to take 29 minutes. Traffic Loop lane in Mesa closed for police incident. Petitcodiac River Bridge 6 P 1.

It connects Interstate 10 just outside Downtown Phoenix with Loop on the north side of Phoenix, making it one of the area's major freeways. It is a largely north—south route and is known for traversing the Piestewa Peak Recreation Area.

Deer Valley Unified School District

InfoWorld subscriber services may be reached at this same address or from Bell and Howell Information and Learning, N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor.

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The Drought Pipeline Project is essential to the economic health and vitality of Phoenix.

Some of Phoenix's most iconic businesses are Black-owned, and have been ingrained in the city's fabric for decades. Take the Black Theatre Troupe, which has been creating a space for Black-focused performances since the 70s; or the restaurant dynasty of the White family: it spans generations, between Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe which opened in ! In every pocket of Greater Phoenix, you can find a Black-owned business to support.

Sandra E. She was selected as a First Movers Fellow of the Aspen Institute for her work to develop innovations in sustainable supply chains. In addition to her expertise in corporate responsibility, she brings to APCO a strong background in corporate governance, human rights, issues management, public policy and international trade. While at Starbucks, from until , Ms. She also led social investment programs for education, health, income generation, skills training and access to water in Central America, India and Africa.

Civic Council

A distinct feature of the Master of Arts in Applied International Studies is the Civic Council, which is made up of corporate, nongovernmental, political and security sector figures from companies and organizations actively influencing global policy and decision-making. Civic Council members bring their expertise and diverse perspectives to the MAAIS program through special lectures, field visits, simulations, and group projects.

MAAIS students meet regularly with Civic Council members to engage in conversations around international affairs, learn more about the work of our partner companies and organizations, and explore future employment opportunities. These activities offer significant networking opportunities and help MAAIS students stay relevant and current.

Collin has considerable global experience and perspective, having lived on four continents and traveled on work- related assignments to over 50 countries. Director of Corporate Sustainability Services, Resonance.

Prior to joining Resonance, Bernard was Senior Director of Global Strategic Partnerships for the Education group at Microsoft, where he led a team that was responsible for building partnerships with publishers, education technology companies, non-governmental organizations NGOs and international organizations such as the UN and World Bank. Between and Bernard served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for World Learning, an international NGO focused on educational exchange and international development.

Bishop is a human rights advocate and global health leader with professional experience in more than 20 countries around the world. Until August , she worked for PATH, a Seattle-based, non-profit international health organization, where she was employed for more than 25 years in a variety of leadership and technical capacities.

As a volunteer, she served on the board of directors for EarthCorps and Global Visionaries. Tembo was recently acquired by APCO Worldwide , a global advisory and advocacy communications consultancy. She is leading west coast business development and also working on strategy and planning around the integration of the two firms.

Dailey has over 19 years of experience in international development including advocacy, issue campaigns, microcredit, and building partnerships among NGOs, businesses, and government. Nirav Desai is a Senior Partner at Moonbeam, a startup focused on rapid prototyping of solutions that address barriers to spatial and immersive computing technology adoption.

He has more than 15 years of consulting experience in strategic decision support and information technology strategy and has supported a diverse array of clients, including international nongovernment organizations, Fortune companies and various governments.

Executive Director, World Relief Seattle. Chitra recently returned from India, where she spent the last year consulting for Justice Ventures International, working on anti-human trafficking campaigns, strategic planning and fund development. Prior to that, she was a Philanthropic Advisor for Seattle Foundation and also managed their scholarship program. While her career started in corporate advertising, public relations and intercultural communications, she has spent most of the last twenty years working for local and international non-profits.

In Seattle, she has lived in, worked with and organized the community in the Rainier Valley of Seattle. Tim Hanstad leads the Chandler Foundation, a global philanthropic organization with over 20 years experience in granting, social entrepreneurship, and program management in diverse countries around the world, as CEO.

In his previous role, Hanstad served as a global ambassador for the organization and helped guide conversations about how global efforts on extreme poverty, gender equality, food security, and environmental stewardship can benefit from incorporating a land rights lens.

Tim is the proud spouse of Chitra and a father to four wonderful and inspiring children. Professor Emeritus, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. He has taken the lead in the creation of a region-wide consortium of universities and research centers devoted to cooperative research and practical initiatives regarding regional policy, technology, and development issues in the Pacific Rim.

He teaches courses on Japanese government and politics, American foreign policy as well as the international relations of Northeast Asia. Director of Strategy Integration, Boeing. Adam Kohorn is the director of strategy integration for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, where he leads a team that covers a wide range of strategic and business development activities. He has previously held leadership positions in engineering, production engineering, manufacturing operations and program management at Boeing, Honeywell and United Technologies, and has been heavily involved in the application of Lean methods to business design and operations.

Lieutenant General Stephen R. Lanza retired from the U. During his most recent command, LTG Lanza spearheaded historic projects that ensured a Corps of more than 53, Soldiers remained globally responsive and regionally aligned. He focused the headquarters on supporting counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations in Iraq and Afghanistan while simultaneously serving as a Combined Joint Task Force ready to conduct expeditionary operations in the Pacific Command Area of Responsibility.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Simon worked at public affairs firms in Berlin and Brussels. Prior to joining the foundation in , he served in the Obama administration as chief of staff to the National Economic Council. He spent more than four years at the global advocacy organization ONE, where his roles included global policy director and chief of staff. Lozman has also worked at various development policy organizations including the Global Health Council and the Center for Global Development.

Jacqueline Miller joined the World Affairs Council as president and chief executive officer in Prior to joining WAC, she served as director of external relations at Independent Diplomat, an organization that works with marginalized democratic political actors to help them navigate the United Nations, European Union and other international diplomatic forums.

She has also served as the deputy director of Washington, D. Miller has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University.

Matt Morrison is chief executive officer of the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region, a public-private partnership established in to enhance the economy of the region while maintaining its natural environment.

Morrison has been a leader in promoting innovation in the Canada—U. Coast Guard and Transport Canada that focused on protocols for rapidly responding to and recovering from disasters and emergencies on either side of the border. He has been instrumental in building economic resilience over the past decade by hosting a series of critical infrastructure interdependency exercises focusing on the regional economy. She serves on the board of directors for the Washington Global Health Alliance.

Prior to AI2 Ted has spent over 13 years leading efforts to bring fit-for-purpose technology for good solutions to a range of terrestrial and marine Conservation issues at Vulcan Inc. Allen Family Foundation. He has worked extensively in Africa with field organizations applying technology to securing and managing protected areas. He served as Business Development Director at several technology start-ups in Germany, Sweden, and the United States, leading the application of technology for impact on a range of issues.

Sachin provides hydrologic science leadership both in the U. Sachin holds a M. Executive Director, International Rescue Committee. IRC in Seattle provides opportunities for refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture, and other immigrants to thrive in America.

He also served as a consultant to the U. At the Trade Development Alliance, he organized 17 international leadership missions and nine domestic trips.

He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being selected by the Hong Kong government for its VIP program; serving as economic adviser to the mayor of Chongqing, China; and receiving the Order of the Lion from the president of Finland. Senior Port Counsel, Port of Seattle. Tom Tanaka is senior port counsel at the Port of Seattle. His experience covers a wide range of subject areas, including transportation, the environment, real estate, aquatic lands and government affairs.

Tanaka also serves on the Bellevue Transportation Commission, on the board of directors for the nonprofit Hopelink and with the Western Washington Harvard Schools Committee. Michael Truong is a Government Partnership Manager at Coursera, an education and training organization that works with businesses and government agencies to upskill and reskill their employees through access to courses taught by elite academic institutions and professional certificates from leading companies.

This position contributes to the success of the public policy team by leading organizational support and supporting strategy, execution, events.

New York State Top 50 Lobbyists 2021

Our Executive Team develops and delivers our strategy and makes day-to-day financial, operational and regulatory decisions. You can read more about their roles and responsibilities in our Annual Report and Sustainability Report. Sarah graduated from the University of Kent with a first-class honours degree in Management Science and Computing BSc Hons and is married with five children. Caroline has extensive experience in asset management within both the airport and railways industries and joins us from TfL where she originally held the position of Renewals and Enhancements Director before taking over and TfL engineering and asset strategy. Caroline believes that people are at the heart of change and encourages collaboration by aligning everyone around a clear strategy as well as making the most of the experts in the business, she will be looking to raise the bar on how we better understand our assets. Cathryn was most recently Group Regulatory Affairs Director at BT Group, responsible for developing and implementing regulatory strategy. Previously, she was Chief Executive of Ofwat, where she successfully oversaw the delivery of a new strategy, focused on a vision for the sector of trust and confidence in water and wastewater services.

Our People

Our People

These include Channel 5 in the U. Robert M.

Senior Executives

We are known for developing extraordinary leaders who share this passion and are guided by their service to others. This position contributes to Starbucks success by supporting global public policy in the development of initiatives, policies, and programs, related to public policy and government affairs. This position contributes to the success of the public policy team by leading organizational support and supporting strategy, execution, events, and special projects. Models and acts in accordance with Starbucks guiding principles. Starbucks and its brands are an equal opportunity employer of all qualified individuals.

Senior Manager, Government Affairs, Global Public Policy

Mayorkas, convened a conversation with CEOs and other senior executives from 28 companies engaged in private sector efforts to welcome Afghan allies and at-risk Afghans in the United States. The White House hosted the roundtable along with Welcome. US, a new hub working to channel the outpouring of support from Americans and institutions eager to get involved in welcoming and resettling Afghans across the United States. During the meeting, Biden Administration officials shared updates on the historic effort to resettle our Afghan allies. Participants shared private sector efforts underway to support resettlement by bringing their resources, networks, and expertise to bear. The participants discussed opportunities to equip Afghans for success by accelerating resettlement and reducing barriers to employment, affordable housing, education, health care, and other needs. Administration officials highlighted the widespread national support for welcoming Afghans as part of a long proud American tradition of offering a safe haven to newcomers. OAW aims to marshal a whole-of-America response to resettlement, serving as a strong partner to every American and every organization that wants to help.

Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Toronto. Read Bio. Toronto Senior Vice-President and National Lead, Public Affairs + Advocacy. Read Bio.

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We call our corporate office a "support center" for a good reason- everything we do there is to support our retail store partners and in turn, make an impact on the communities we serve. Our focus is on delivering the Starbucks Experience and delighting customers beyond our retail stores through a broad and diverse portfolio of products in consumer packaged goods and channels in foodservice. We are an entrepreneurial group that takes pride in providing innovative, quality ready-to-drink and packaged coffee offerings, as well as foodservice solutions that meet our customers wherever they are in the world. Our focus it to nurture, elevate and inspire all partners through coffee by deepening expertise, celebrating our heritage and equipping partners to tell our coffee story. We collaborate closely with our Regional Coffee Leadership Team to build a deep bench of coffee leaders and grow expertise. We are about planning, reviewing, forecasting and identifying opportunities for growth.

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