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League management software scheduling and standings - Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM is a collaborative platform that helps you get your best ideas to market faster by standardizing and structuring the data and processes....

Your browser does not support JavaScript! Some features won't work as expected Run your sports organization on our modern all-in-one platform. Team App. Everything you need to run your sports club, league, tournaments, facility, association effectively. Customizable registration form fields.

Manage your league

Add specific facility and venue blockout dates e. Christmas, skipped during fixture generation. Generate excel reports for all your sports including participation, fixtures and payments. Manage multiple venues and show them on Google maps with address and contact details. Setup leagues and divisions with ease for any sport using sport preferences, including promotions and demotions. Generate flexible knockout competitions, including group stages and BYE rounds.

Simple online registration with the ability to accept payments through your selected gateway. Access fixtures and results for your specific teams and communicate with your fellow team mates. Accept payments from a list of well known and trusted payment gateways.

All the features, without the fees.

Power your registration, payments, messaging, scheduling, reporting, and website design to more effectively run your clubs, camps, tournaments, and leagues. No.

Tournament and League Soccer Scheduling

Our round robin fixture generator is free to use. For simple round robin league schedules, our LITE schedule maker is the fastest and simplest fixture generator you'll find. Get your fixture list in seconds, then customize team names and game times. Go PRO for more teams and features.

Schedule a Demo.

Schedule & Standings

Manage Your League is sports league software, and includes features such as facility management, game results tracking, online registration, scheduling, team.

League Organizer™ Sports Edition

I'm ready to talk to a specialist today. For a quick review or demo of our Webleague Manager software on how to add teams to your sports league website, fill out the form below. With an easy-to-use interface you can have your sports league website up and running in no time.

Create your first schedule in minutes for free.

Make schedules in seconds. Share them online with players and score them online too. Register your players online, gather all the info you need, and securely accept payments. Reward your members for inviting their friends, with automatic tracking and rewards. Collect signed sports waivers, liability forms, and completed documents online. Create a beautiful website that's designed for mobile. Set a custom link for your organization.

Any league with less than 25 teams is completely FREE. We don't limit you on features either, so sign up today and get your league started. Tired of manually creating a schedule?

Advertising Disclosure. Kareo offers cloud-based practice management software that is integrated with an electronic medical records EMR system and geared toward small practices. Kareo's software suite is competitively priced and relatively easy to learn and use, making it simple for small medical practices to get up and running with minimal disruption to their daily operations.

Kareo offers user-friendly, competitively priced practice management software. It is a strong option for small practices that won't break the bank or significantly disrupt existing workflows after implementation.

Kareo has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate the patient journey. This software is a cloud-based, integrated practice management and electronic medical record EMR system, so you can access both administrative and clinical tools on the same platform. The interface is neat and organized; it doesn't feel cluttered or confusing like some of the busier interfaces of practice management software we reviewed.

The scheduler is customizable, allowing users to set their own color-coding preferences to identify different appointment types on the fly, and to modify the duration of appointment time slots on a provider basis. The calendar has drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to rearrange any element in the scheduler. To set a new appointment, you simply double click on an open time slot. A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to set a new appointment. You must fill out a series of fields, including patient name, reason for visit and the provider who will handle the appointment.

You can also select a specific location or exam room. Once the appointment is set, patients can be emailed any intake and consent forms the practice might require; these forms can be fully customized and branded for your practice. If a patient fills out the forms prior to their visit, their responses will auto-populate throughout the system, eliminating the need for double entry and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Any problems and diagnoses selected by the provider can be double-checked, and a complete ICD coding library allows billers to look up the most suitable codes for the encounter before submitting claims to payers through the clearinghouse. If your medical practice partners with Kareo's revenue cycle management services for billing, the Kareo team takes over billing once the provider signs the clinical note associated with a patient encounter.

The analytics dashboard gives you a customizable overview of your practice's financial performance. Data can be filtered in a weekly, monthly, half-year, yearly or month-to-date format. Reports can pull in a wide range of data, including information about patient visits, gross charges, collections and number of days in accounts receivable. In addition to the analytics dashboard, you can set up subscribed reports, which are delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. These can be set to daily, weekly or monthly delivery and will generate automatically based on your preferences.

Kareo offers month-to-month service that you can cancel at any time, unless you commit to the optional month contract. Drug Enforcement Administration. Otherwise, Kareo does not charge additional fees for its software.

Kareo's customer service before, during and after our live demonstration was very good. The representatives we worked with were all knowledgeable and responsive, providing extensive answers to our questions. They also gave us a sample proposal upon request, even though we said we would not be making a purchase decision immediately and simply wanted to compare pricing with other vendors.

Kareo's customer support, which is included in the subscription price and fully based in the U. Kareo also maintains several online resources, including written material and videos. A benefit of Kareo for small practices is that it is specifically geared toward their needs.

Dashboard Kareo's dashboard gives a simple overview of customizable information, such as scheduled appointments, patient information and payment collection. Scheduling Kareo's scheduling tool is essentially a calendar view that you can edit to add new appointments or reschedule existing ones. Reporting The analytics dashboard gives you a customizable overview of your practice's financial performance. Implementation and Training The subscription price of Kareo covers implementation and training costs.

Kareo And Demandforce Join Forces To Help Small Medical Practices Grow And Prosper

Cliniva Healthcare Revenue Services provides comprehensive revenue cycle management to healthcare providers using Kareo billing software, the number one software for integrated EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management services. Kareo Medical Billing. Our billing experts ensure you get the most out of Kareo medical billing software. We integrate our services with the full spectrum of features that Kareo offers, guaranteeing maximized payments for your practice.

Kareo is medical practice management software that offers e-prescribing and other features that let your office go paperless.

Kareo , a cloud-based healthcare software company, is teaming up with Demandforce to create an integrated product for medical practice management. The practice management application is available to Kareo's 20, current customers and will offer services including appointment scheduling, two-way text messaging and patient engagement tools. The software is designed to give support services to small medical practices so they can provide cost-effective care and grow their patient base. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy. Linking and Reprinting Policy. Kareo also offers billing services and a free, full-featured electronic health record system.

Kareo PM and Medical Billing Solution

Kareo PM and Medical Billing Solution

GetApp offers free software discovery and selection resources for professionals like you. Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate web traffic and sales leads from GetApp users. At GetApp, our comprehensive software listings, verified user reviews, software evaluation scorecards, product comparison pages and articles will empower you to make confident and well-informed purchase decisions. Vendors bid for placement within our listings. This option sorts the directory by those bids, highest to lowest.

Kareo, Inc.

Any healthcare establishment whether new or old such as hospitals, clinics, and others requires a provision to manage and store the patient data, manage appointment schedules, medical billing, revenue cycle management, and others. All of these functions can be easily performed using the medical practice management software market. Medical practice management software market is a healthcare software which deals with daily operation in the healthcare settings. It allows to maintain patient demographics, appointment scheduling, maintain insurance payer list, medical billing, and report generation all on a single platform. Medical practice management software can be easily connected with electronic medical records, thus providing improved healthcare delivery.

The best medical practice management software for 2022

The best medical practice management software for 2022

You might be using an unsupported or outdated browser. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Kareo is a web-based patient management software for medical practitioners. Using Kareo streamlines billing for medical practitioners by automating many features, such as immediately processing billing codes when a practitioner enters patient data. Some of the billing features include appointment management, claims management, compliance tracking, confirmation and reminders of appointments and SMS messaging. Kareo is suitable for private practice, physician management, physical therapy and other specialized forms of treatment , multilocation practices and multi-provider practices. Kareo plans are customized and require a consultation to assess your plan and price.

It is fully integrated with the company's practice management software Kareo Billing, which the company estimates can increase practice revenue by as much.

Kareo, Demandforce Integrate to Improve Medical Practice Management Software

The recently released report on the global Physician Practice Management industry provides scale, position, growth prediction, various business data tables, and forecasts that are easy to understand as a global Physician Practice Management market research report, making sure that customers can get a variety of ways to increase their earnings. The Physician Practice Management study clarifies the various demand, restriction, and opportunity elements that are anticipated to have an impact on Physician Practice Management business growth over the projected term. The research study covers all the important innovations and prominent technologies that will significantly contribute to the expansion of the global Physician Practice Management market over the course of the forecast year.

Kareo Medical Practice Management Software Review

This executive report provides a comparison of the top medical practice management software based on features identified as most important by clinics and health care practitioners. Software BattleCard leverages SelectHub's technology selection management TSM platform to provide analyst-vetted criteria for requirements and vendor scores. This provides accurate and actionable information to help you make the best decision for your software acquisition. Access over 80 medical practice software evaluations.

Email: solutions altexsoft.

Practice Size 1 - 25 Physicians. Kareo is a popular web-based practice management PM and medical billing solution on the market. This system is well-suited for smaller practices and billing companies. With Kareo, practices can easily schedule patients, confirm insurance, manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, develop customized reports, and more. One great feature of Kareo is its ease of use and intuitive interface. After implementing Kareo PM and medical billing solution, the practice can be up and running within 48 hours.

A building management system BMS , or building automation system BAS , is a computerized control system, consisting of both software and hardware, that can monitor and manage a building's lighting, heating and ventilation, fire systems, and security systems.

Elevators and fire prevention and alarm systems can also be linked within the computer-based BMS for monitoring. BMS can still further include disaster-response mechanisms to save structures from natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, with solutions like seismic base isolation. BMS solutions operate with open communication protocols, allowing for system integration across various platforms. BMS systems are also web-enabled, making them readily available from any location.

Autonomous Electric Vehicles. Asset Performance Management. Artificial Intelligence AI. Application Refactoring. Augmented Reality AR. Application Modernization. Application Management. Application Development. Api Monetization. AI in Telecom.

AI in Payment Processing. AI Analytics. AI Adoption. Ad Targeting. Ad Campaign Optimization. Business Analytics. Big Data Analytics. Big Data Visualization. Biometric Recognition. Building Analytics. Building Management System. Building Technologies. Business Intelligence. Big Data. Behavioral Analytics. Banking gamification. Banking Technology Solutions.

Cognitive Computing. Capital Markets Technology. Cloud Data Council. Cloud Data Platform. Cloud Deployment. Cloud Enablement. Cloud Infrastructure. Cloud Management. Cloud Migration. Cloud Native. Cloud Workspace. Clustering Analysis. Cognitive Automation. Cognitive Science. Cognitive Technologies in Capital Markets. Commercial Analytics. Commercial Property Insurance Data Analytics. Connected Factory. Connected Places. Connected Products.

Customer Experience Strategy. Customer Intelligence. Cyber Security. Cloud Computing. Digital Therapeutics. Distributed cloud. Debt collection process.

The Difference Between Energy Management Systems (EMS) & Building Management Systems (BMS)

The Difference Between Energy Management Systems (EMS) & Building Management Systems (BMS)

The aims of building automation are safety, energy efficiency and central control of more than doors in the building management system – even.

Installing such equipment helps management ensure optimum comfort for employees across multiple locations remotely; controlling conditions while simultaneously monitoring and intelligently managing energy consumption easier and more effectively than ever before! Building Management System equipment typically includes field level controllers which are capable of remotely communicating with multiple devices responsible for various different areas of building operations. The modern building comes with sophisticated energy monitoring capabilities, allowing key stakeholders to have control over consumption like never before. Linear Control Systems have designed, installed and maintain building management systems both as part of new building projects and during key redevelopment work. A BMS will consist of both hardware and software. The latter, usually configured in a hierarchical manner, can be proprietary; using such protocols as Profibus, C-bus and so on. Linear Control Systems are approved to work with technology from some of the leading manufacturers of BMS hardware and have the technical capability to deal competently with software from a number of leading framework developers. You are more than likely to find Building Management Systems implemented in large buildings with extensive electrical, mechanical, HVAC heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and plumbing systems.

By continuing to use our site you agree to us using cookies. Please see our updated privacy policy on how we use cookies and how to turn them off. A Building Management System is an automated management control system which can monitor and control mechanical and electrical equipment in your building. Installing a Building Management System provides you with the tools to effectively monitor your energy consumption.

SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition , which composes BMS as a major software, helps owners and managers of buildings solve issues by centrally monitoring and controlling various equipment and facilities in large-scale buildings. To optimize performance and minimize energy usage, owners and facility managers can control mechanical systems according to the most optimal schedule for each individual building.

What is the Building Management System

Building automation and control

Building automation and control

Our simple and intuitive control interface allows operators to control buildings from one central control point, or remotely from any device, and manage the user access hierarchy with ease. Our smart controls can monitor building occupancy, solar gains, outside air temperatures and even room use, allowing users to find the ideal balance between user comfort and energy efficiency, and keep energy costs down. Data is uploaded to the cloud where our AI algorithms and analytics can evaluate for trends like never before and give a detailed picture of how a building lives and breathes — so that we can continually optimise the system. Fault reports are sent to engineers in real time, so they can rapidly locate the issue and begin to fix it. We build modular systems with PLC software so our systems can be adapted and expanded when needed, with little or no disruption. Data acquisition, analysis and validation helps building operators understand how the building is performing and where improvements can be made. And when required, we can help ensure that your client adheres to legislation with full data archiving — including system set points and who set or made changes to the system, even to the strictest of requirements, such as 21CRF part 2 and change logs.

Request PDF | On Feb 1, , M.G. Ippolito and others published Impact of building automation control systems and technical building management systems on. It lets you respond quickly as energy demand changes — even remotely — and reports on energy use over time. You can install a completely new BMS, or modify an existing system that monitors essential building services and security.

If you've completed A Levels or equivalent, you may be interested in a Higher Level Apprenticeship, which offers the opportunity to gain quality training and a recognised higher qualification while in paid employment. The majority are at Level 5 Foundation degree or equivalent. The length of a Higher Level Apprenticeship will vary depending on the programme you chose, but will be a minimum of two years. By taking part in a Higher Level Apprenticeship, you can gain the skills that employers need and that are relevant to the local economy, therefore improving your prospects of good earnings and sustained employment. Higher Level Apprenticeships allow employers to train staff to the level needed so they have strong technical and good employability skills.

Ou chartered manager degree

Chartered Manager Status sets you apart from other professionals with a status that is reputable and respected. It is the most influential status for any professional manager.

The Institute has played a prominent role as the professional body for management for over 65 years, firstly as the British Institute of Management and then as the Institute of Management. WhatsApp us. Chartered Manager. Chartered Manager CMgr. Apply now. Become a. Become Chartered Manager CMgr. Apply Now. How can you benefit by becoming a Chartered Manager?

Impact of becoming a Chartered Manager on individuals. Impact of becoming a Chartered Manager on Organisations. How can you become a Chartered Manager? Qualified route.

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Register Your Interest 2023 Intake – Chartered Business Management Degree Apprenticeship

We use cookies to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. See more about our use of cookies. This occupation is found in small, medium and large organisations in the public, private or third sectors and sustainability as an area of the economy including health, finance, engineering, manufacturing, business and professional services, education, retail, leisure, technology and construction. Senior Leaders are a key component of all types of business model where there is a workforce to lead, manage and support. The broad purpose of the occupation is to provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership and direction relating to their area of responsibility within an organisation.

Complete the form below to download our Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship brochure. Fields marked with * are mandatory.

For all enquiries relating to this Degree Apprenticeship programme please contact our Apprenticeships Team:. Our aim at the Institute of Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham is to support you to gain the practical knowledge and skills required to be an effective and dynamic leader across the public sector. The public sector is a changing, challenging, and rewarding environment to work in and for over 50 years the Institute of Local Government Studies INLOGOV at the University of Birmingham has been at the forefront of the provision of training and critical thinking on issues facing the sector. This programme builds on our decades of experience to provide a state-of-the-art Public Management and Leadership Apprenticeship. The programme has been designed in close collaboration with employers, and in partnership with the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives SOLACE , to ensure that learners are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to be an effective and dynamic public sector leader. At various points throughout the programme senior leaders from across the public sector will join us to share their experiences and offer case study examples allowing you to benefit from the invaluable experience gained by others. Typically, taught modules are assessed through a variety of essay-based and task-orientated assignments. Each module will include one or more assignments, equivalent to a total of words per module.

Earn a salary as an employee while you study for a degree that's related to your chosen profession. As a degree apprentice, you'll get work experience alongside industry professionals as well as regular learning support from a workplace mentor and a tutor from Middlesex University. As a school leaver you'll have the opportunity to begin an exciting new career. As an employee you'll develop skills and capabilities with your current employer. A degree apprenticeship is an affordable way to study because the government and your employer pays your tuition fees.

Our internationally recognized professional designations, Certified in Management C. They allow registrants to be identified as the most competent, knowledgeable, and insightful business leaders in their industries.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales Degree Apprenticeship

Are you already in employment and looking to develop into management level? Do you want to earn a salary as you gain your qualifications? The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship is designed to help boost your management skills, develop your skills and confidence all while working full time and putting theory into practice. This course is taught online, and your employer will ensure you have dedicated study time so you can flexibly manage your time alongside your work. At the end of this apprenticeship, you would have completed a full BSc Management degree and receive an apprenticeship completion certificate.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship

The course is four years' full-time or equivalent part-time study. July Intake is suitable for those students wishing to study this course part-time, or have sufficient credit for recognised learning. A full-time study load usually consists of credits approximately eight units per year, with credits approximately four units in each semester. Prepare for a professional career in building and construction with this management-oriented course. This course challenges students to improve their problem solving and collaboration skills, as well as understand the complexity of tasks involved in construction management. The course also guides students to acquire the technical and personal skills required for a career in the field. If you have a passion for construction, this course will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and become a competent and resilient professional within the industry.

CIM | Chartered Managers Canada: Developing Canada's Business Leaders for Generations. The association has been Canada's leader in management certification.

Benefits of membership include access to professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities, as well as numerous affinity programs. In addition, program graduates will meet the academic requirements of the Chartered Management Program CMP , allowing them to seamlessly pursue two internationally-recognized CMP professional designations — Certified in Management C. The 8-course Professional Certificate in Business Management is open to the public and is designed for people who are launching their career, considering a career change, or already working in a management role. Classes are taught online, and students have up to 36 months to complete the program. Register now to begin learning this Spring. The 8-course Professional Certificate in Public Sector Management is open to Western University staff and leaders interested in strengthening their management skills.

If you'd like to pursue degree-level study while gaining a head-start in your chosen career, degree apprenticeships enable you to get the best of both worlds. Degree apprenticeships are primarily targeted at 18 to year-old school leavers as an alternative route to gaining a degree, especially those who are unsure about university due to high tuition fees and student debt.

Apprenticeship-based training is available for existing University employees providing fully funded professional training and development opportunities. In addition to the courses outlined there is a very wide range of other courses to suit all professional areas. Information on all Apprenticeships can be found on the Find Apprenticeship training website. The courses listed below are our most popular and will suit employees in many roles and career paths. These courses require a significant commitment to training and assessment from both employees and their managers. Please make sure before enrolling on an apprenticeship, you and your manager have :. Level 3 Business Administrator.

Project Management Templates, RACI RAID log MSP MPP plan Finance Budget Tracker

Makes the information easier to store and retrieve, as the different logs are combined into a single document and is always a better option rather than keeping everything in your head! Gives confidence to key stakeholders that the project is being closely monitored, resulting from the visibility of information.

Identifying risks and issues without also identifying actions to mitigate them, or making decisions to resolve them will not be of much use. Identifying actions is as important as identifying problems!

Risk Log Template Tips about the RAID Excel Template Risks are a combination of probability and impact, which will result in a certain score for the project and related level of appropriate tolerance and escalation. Each risk should be clearly described, identifying its potential effect on the project, who is accountable for the risk and what action will be employed to mitigate it.

Thank you for your subscription Please follow the link we've just sent you to activate the subscription.


Every project comes with a whole range of risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies, which depending on their severity, can make or break a project. When you have hundreds of projects in your portfolio, managing these items can quickly become a real costly problem. With pmo you can store and update your RAID logs in a single centralised location that gives your organisation maximum visibility and control to all your projects. Even more, all this data will be ongoing and in real-time so you can make strategic interventions and revision as quickly as possible. If you want to find out how exactly we accomplish this for your organisation, keep reading on.

Track your project's progress from start to finish with a RAID log template. From every step of the project planning process to ensuring its timely.

Dependencies in Project Management – A Complete Guide

RAID Log is a project management tool that is used to store several project information in one place. It allows project managers to track risks , assumptions, issues and dependencies, making it a useful document in regular project meetings and when conducting audits. This template allows to keep track of everything happening in your project. You may use it to record relevant project information, and to regularly review and update these information at any time.

Updated: Oct 4,

Template Gallery

Luckily, there are a number of techniques that can be employed to do just that — including a RAID analysis. As with many terms in project management, RAID is an acronym that spells out a specific technique. RAID in project management stands for risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies. Using the RAID analysis framework allows project managers to be thorough and. When doing a RAID analysis, it is important to assess the risk, note a detailed description of it, and create a plan to address the risk should it become a reality. Assumptions An assumption in project management is essentially anything that you believe to be true without empirical evidence or proof. For example, a common project assumption is that you will have the resources you need to finish your project on time. Issues An issue in project management is an event or problem that must be attended to in order to avoid project disruption.

2, Risk #, Title, Description, Response Plan, Risk Response, Status 18, Defer – Defer the evaluation/response for the risk until a later project phase.

Any large migration project requires well established management processes and tools. With a large migration, there are nuances to sharing information, tracking performance metrics, identifying the correct meeting participants, and assigning tasks to owners. In this task, you document key migration tasks and owners, determine key performance indicators KPIs for the migration and decide how to measure them, track the budget, and develop tools for managing risks and tracking decisions. Many of the steps in this task are performed concurrently, unless otherwise noted.

RAID is an acronym which should be at the forefront of your mind if you are a project manager or a program manager. The RAID acronym can help you to remember to give appropriate attention to each area. In my own personal experience, I know that I have a tendency to give ample attention to risks and risk management but can overlook assumptions, so reminding myself of the RAID acronym daily, so as not to overlook any of these areas comes in very handy. A risk is any specific event which might occur and thus have a negative impact on your project or program. Each risk will have an associated probability of occurrence along with an impact on your project if it does materialize.

This is the first in a series of three articles looking at Smartsheet Control Center , a project and portfolio management solution that delivers consistent business processes in a scalable way. In this article, we start by introducing Smartsheet Control Center.

Agile project management for by mark c layton

Disruptive Thinking, by Mark C. Layton

Disruptive Thinking, by Mark C. Layton

This fully updated book covers changes to agile approaches and new information related to the methods of managing an agile project. A gile Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition gives product developers and other project leaders the tools they need for a successful project. Agile approaches are critical for achieving fast and flexible product development. Written by one of the original agile technique thought-leaders, this book guides you and your teams in discovering why agile techniques work and how to create an effective agile environment.

Users will gain the knowledge to improve various areas of project management. A gile Project Management For Dummies can help you to better manage the scope of your project as well as its time demands and costs. Layton Forfatter: Steven J. Ostermiller Forfatter: Dean J. Sendes innen virkedager. Beskrivelse This updated edition shows you how to use the agile project management framework for success! Produktinformasjon Forfatter Mark C. Layton Steven J.

Agile Project Management For Dummies

Flex your project management muscle Agile project management is a fast and flexible approach to managing Author: Mark C. Layton,Steven J. Ostermiller.

More titles may be available to you. Sign in to see the full collection. This updated edition shows you how to use the agile project management framework for success! Learn how to apply agile concepts to your projects. This fully updated book covers changes to agile approaches and new information related to the methods of managing an agile project.

Skillsoft is providing you the opportunity to earn a digital badge upon successful completion on some of our courses, which can be shared on any social network or business platform.

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Mark C. Layton Agile project management timeline. Agile History versus agile project. REQUIREMENTS. SPRINT 1: Highest Priority Features.

Agile for Project Managers

Agile for Project Managers

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Mark C.

Flex your project management muscle Agile project management is a fast and flexible approach to managing all projects, not just software development. By learning the principles and techniques in this book, you'll be able to create a product roadmap, schedule projects, and prepare for product launches with the ease of Agile software developers. You'll discover how to manage scope, time, and cost, as well as team dynamics, quality, and risk of every project. As mobile and web technologies continue to evolve rapidly, there is added pressure to develop and implement software projects in weeks instead of months and Agile Project Management For Dummies can help you do just that. Providing a simple, step-by-step guide to Agile project management approaches, tools, and techniques, it shows product and project managers how to complete and implement projects more quickly than ever. Complete projects in weeks instead of months Reduce risk and leverage core benefits for projects Turn Agile theory into practice for all industries Effectively create an Agile environment Get ready to grasp and apply Agile principles for faster, more accurate development.

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