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Best project management institute in world

5+ Best Knowledge Management Software for Customer Support

A knowledge base software can help businesses meet this customer expectation and create an excellent self-service experience. A knowledge base software can help small and large businesses alike. Startups and small businesses can focus on developing their product, services and customer experience by publishing a well-stocked knowledge base that customers can use to find answers whenever they run into issues.

On the other hand, having an extensive self-service portal can help enterprises cater to customers across countries and languages without hiring more agents. A good knowledge base management software will stop you from answering the same questions again and again and just direct the customers automatically to the right tutorial or guide.

In addition to deflecting customer questions, a comprehensive knowledge management system can also be used to offer assistance to your customer support team. An internal wiki or private knowledge base can come in handy when agents need to check product information, policies or troubleshooting workflows. It is also an excellent resource for training and onboarding new support agents who join your support team. Pro tip: You can create an internal knowledge base on Freshdesk by setting the visibility of solution article folders to agents alone.

User experience is an important aspect of a good cloud-powered knowledge base software. Alternatively, you can use an on-premise or an open source knowledge base software, but that means you will also be responsible for maintenance, site performance, uptimes, and so on.

Check what you need and choose the right knowledge base system accordingly. See what others in your field are using, compare features and then decide which knowledge base software will help you deliver a good self-service experience. As with most other software, higher prices do not automatically mean a better knowledge base and a complicated UI does not necessarily imply feature-rich. Freshdesk combines the functionalities of a ticketing system, a knowledge management solution, and more, to boost agent productivity and improve customer experience.

Freshdesk streamlines the process of creating a knowledge base solution article by enabling technical writers and agents to:. Not all customers will use the same version of your product. And some customers might prefer accessing your information in a different language. Good knowledge base software, such as the one in Freshdesk, allow you to maintain different versions of a solution article and host the same article in multiple languages so customers can access the one they want.

With Freshdesk, you can effortlessly update knowledge base articles across multiple products and languages. You can save time by making changes to multiple categories, folders, or articles at one go using automations instead of repeating the same processes over and over again.

Freshdesk also enables you to monitor your overall knowledge base performance, drill down on each article, improve the content based on customer feedback, and gauge each writer's performance. Make sure the knowledge base software you use is optimized for SEO.

The knowledge base software you use should have the capability to embed meta tags and titles that improve search engine discoverability. This will help you rank better when people search for answers and drive traffic to your knowledge base.

Freshdesk enables you to personalize your knowledge base portal to match your branding by adding your logo, favicon, and brand colors. Freshdesk also offers free themes that you can use to design your customer portal.

Launch AI-enabled bots that can engage in real-time conversations, recommend the best articles, and offer automated resolutions. Freshdesk is a cloud-based knowledge base helpdesk software which helps small sized businesses build relationships with their customers easily.

Our Cookie Policy provides information about managing cookie settings. The best knowledge base software Launch an exhaustive, customized knowledge base in no time using Freshdesk, an intuitive knowledge base software that enables swift creation and management of solution content.

What is a knowledge base software? How can a knowledge base software help my business? Deflect repetitive questions A good knowledge base management software will stop you from answering the same questions again and again and just direct the customers automatically to the right tutorial or guide. Reduce average resolution times With support tickets being instantly deflected to the right answers in your knowledge base, agents will have more time to answer a fewer number of requests, thus bringing down resolution times.

Increase customer happiness With wait times vastly reduced thanks to a comprehensive knowledge base, your customers will be happier that they get answers so quickly. Improve your search engine discoverability A good knowledge base software will have extensive search engine optimization capabilities, so people googling questions related to your field will automatically discover you. Internal knowledge base: The best way to enable agent self-help In addition to deflecting customer questions, a comprehensive knowledge management system can also be used to offer assistance to your customer support team.

How do you choose the right knowledge base software? Style of Support How do customers try to reach you? Usability User experience is an important aspect of a good cloud-powered knowledge base software. Price See what others in your field are using, compare features and then decide which knowledge base software will help you deliver a good self-service experience.

The 15 Best Knowledge Base Software Platforms & Tips for Selecting the Right One

The software must work with your accounting system, your billing system, and other systems that support project completion. Another big factor is visibility.

Compare PHPKB vs Competitors

Compare PHPKB vs Competitors

Accordingly, more and more businesses are looking to transition from information management to knowledge management systems. But what exactly are the differences between knowledge management and information management? Are there any concepts and terms from information management that you can use to help your organization implement knowledge management effectively? This article answers these and other key questions you might have about data management and knowledge management. Information management is the practice of collecting, managing and distributing information. Data can be acquired from a wide range of sources, and can come in a variety of formats. Then it must be stored securely in an organized and structured way that both meets relevant regulations and policies and ensures it is accessible to authorized employees. Strong information governance is essential to effective information management. In other words, the bits and bytes must be turned into information in order to be useful intellectual capital. Enter knowledge management: the process of capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge.

When thinking about content management vs.

15 best knowledge management software and tools for 2022

We are living in an information age, with instant access to information and knowledge available at the click of a button. Yet, many spend a large majority of their time combing through a cluttered market of content, as there is just so much out there. On the customer support front, customer preference for self-service is growing we see this with online banking, or customers choosing self-serve baggage drop-off kiosks at airports. Finding ways of providing options for customers to easily assist themselves will continue to be critical, and one of the primary ways that companies offer self-service is with online help centers, or knowledge bases. Here, we provide some tips on how to select the right knowledge base software for your needs, and key features to watch out for.

Free Trial Contact Us. Copied URL! Reading a piece of article or watching videos on a particular topic can be the means of gaining knowledge. A business environment with evolving work culture increases the masses of knowledge. Knowledge management has become a key to drive sales and bring innovation in all industry sectors. Knowledge management products are ones that aid organizations to collect, share and manage information within the organization.

Knowledge base management software for enterprises of all sizes to support it in compiling, using, and installing makes a difference.

Knowledge Base vs Enterprise Wiki: Which Is Better?

Ever since Ancient Egyptians invented writing 4, years ago, people have felt the irresistible urge to collect and store stories, thoughts, and all the invaluable information they came across for future generations. For centuries, it was the manuscripts and books that helped us keep up with our past, present and future, access the minds of greatest doers, movers, and shakers, and open our minds to new inspiring ideas that helped us shape the world. But, above all, they helped us master the organizational knowledge flow.

IT Knowledge Base

A knowledge base plugin allows you to easily publish documentation, tutorials, and how-to articles. You can organize these resources efficiently while keeping them apart from your blog and landing pages.

Governing body of ethics in sports management

Shaila-Ann Rao, former CEO of Sportfive International introduced the debate with an outline of the reasons why governance is failing in sport. Sporting ideals of team spirit, fair play and participation govern our perception of sport and those who participate in it.

Sports personalities: a number of reasons were given why the preponderance of former sporting champions in governing bodies can be problematic:. Purpose and mission: The principle mission of governing bodies is to develop their sport and encourage participation.

Success needs to embrace the following:. The governance structures of the sport need to be clearly established and properly constituted, supported by a code of ethics and with a compliance team to ensure enforcement.

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Goals and Objectives for Sport Management

Goals and Objectives for Sport Management

Practical Ethics in Sport Management SKU: Categories: Business, Social Sciences, Sports Tags: ethics, leadership, textbook.

Ethical Issues in Sports and How Athletic Leaders Can Address Them

This code has replaced the original BISC code, as stated in the revised standards

Concussion in professional football is a topic that has generated a significant amount of interest for many years, partly due in recent times to the filing of the class-action litigation and the uncapped compensation injury fund and settlement involving 4, retired professional players and the National Football League NFL. The NFL litigation sharpened the focus on the fundamental regulatory, governance and ethical considerations for football governing bodies, as self-regulated organisations, when governing the delicate balance between the dynamics of contact and collision sports, entertainment and player-health considerations. It also raised questions about public accountability and responsibilities to all levels of the sport through a framework of public health ethics. A case study of the NFL responses to concussion in the sport of American football can provide insight into concussion regulation. Australian football governing bodies can align their regulatory and governance responses to concussion within their sports with the aim to avoid similar accusations, and circumvent a more coercive form of intervention.

The AIS Ethics Committee (EC) assesses the ethical implications of research projects undertaken in the National High Performance Sports System (NHPSS). The same ethical principles that apply to the practice of medicine shall apply to sports medicine.

The Athletics Integrity Unit represents a new era in the management of threats to the integrity of sport. Through the formation of the Athletics Integrity Unit, athletics has become the first sport internationally to delegate complete authority for the management of its integrity programs to an independent body. The Athletics Integrity Unit works fully independent of World Athletics, the international governing body for track and field athletics, race walking, road, cross country, mountain, trail and ultra-running. The Board has a critical governance role rather than a management function, similar in style to that of a corporate board. Supporting the Head of the Unit is a dedicated team of staff that delivers on the key activities: Testing, Compliance, Investigations, Intelligence, Case Management, Communications and Education.

Consider a hypothetical scenario in which the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA embraces various radical reforms in pursuit of its stated goals of providing college athletes robust academic services; unique educational opportunities and experiences; financial assistance; wellness and health insurance; and personal and professional development. At a time of increased scrutiny of college athletics and ascendant revenues, calls for reform are getting louder. Athletes have filed numerous lawsuits against the NCAA, which have met with varying degrees of success.

Device manager storage controller cannot start code 10

The Code 10 error code is generated when Device Manager has insufficient information or the error that is bubbled up by the device drivers is not recognized by Device Manager. Additionally, this error may occur when one of the drivers that the device needs does not start. You may refer the manufacturers and try updating the latest version chipset drivers and check. Modifications of the settings are at your own risk.

Device manager storage controller cannot start code 10

The Device Cannot Start, Code 10 Error

When I double click on it, the error code is: This device cannot start. Code Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available. I have uninstalled the device several times. The device in question is the card reader that came installed in the PC. The USB port on the card reader seems to work when I plug things into it.

I noticed this problem when I tried to connect my brand new camera to the machine. It also is getting the same error code. I'm guessing that the two are being caused by the same problem, so if I solve one, hopefully the other one will be solved too. It is also required for ReadyBoost to work. It may possible be becuase you are using a mircosoft driver instead of the manufactures driver. Microsoft would have written the driver for generic devices so would work 9 times out of 10 looks like your the unlucky one, I would always recommend using the manufactures drivers as they are ….

But make sure you try rolling back the driver first. Properties status shows "This device cannot start. The issue is the same although i noticed one of the card readers were missing under computer folder. Instructions are as follows:. Right click computer under the start tab and select manage 2.

Go back to the Computer Management window. On the left side is a folder called Disk Management under the Storage folder. Select Disk Management. At the bottom is a list of disks. Right click the disk number you populated for the problem drive and select "Change drive letter and paths.. Assign the drive letter and go back to the Device Manager.

I followed the abovementioned steps and disabled it many times but it didn't help. Now, when i check it has completely disappeared from the device manager list. Actually, it was listed under portable devices.

I followed the above mentioned steps and disabled it many times but it didn't help. First of all. Find out from you specs of the pc which sound card you have installed, then go to the manufacturers site and download the latest drivers for that sound card. You are properly trying to install a driver that is old or not compatible.

As for the WPD, I have windows 7 and did the actions below which fixed my problem. This takes you into the system properties like in XP. Set this to a value of 1.

Now try plugging your device in and see if it now detects. You should be ok now, even after a reboot. For some reason the device manager filled up all 26 drive letters with bogus ports!! I Have the same problem but mine is with the SD card reader. Im sorry im pretty much a complete idiot at computers or well atleast the technical side of it. I would like some information on how to fix the problem.

It has the! Then it gives me the choices to click Driver details Update Driver the rollback driver button is unavaliable Disable Uninstall. Thats as far as i know. If Someone can please give me information on how to fix this problem. I have read many say that they just changed the driver letter or asigned a letter or something like that but i dont really get what that means or even how to do it.

You're trying to visit a URL that doesn't currently exist on the web. Most likely, a member posted a link a long time ago to a web page that has since been removed.

Here is the info you requested. Let me know if there is anything else you need Code 10 " symptoms: install WPD FileSystem Volume driver software after every login The issue is the same although i noticed one of the card readers were missing under computer folder.

How did it fix it? The device cannot start.

How to Fix “Windows Cannot Load Device Driver” Code 38 Error on Windows 10

SCRAMBLE CONTROL SIGNAL SCRAMBLE KEY -CODE DETECTOR37 47 c. a quantum channel 72 50 Operating System ZQ Communications Manager 74 76 Device Driver Bus.

Please wait while your request is being verified...

But in order to verify this is the case here, you need to first test the USB device on another PC to confirm they are working on that system. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers and right-click on the device which has a yellow exclamation mark next to it and select Properties. In the properties following error description will appear:. Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. Code Now the error code 39 means the device drivers are corrupted, outdated or incompatible which in turn is caused due to corrupt registry entries. This can happen in case you have upgraded your Windows or you have installed or uninstall some USB software or drivers. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Type regedit in the Run dialogue box, then press Enter.

How to Fix High Definition Audio Controller Code 10 [6 Ways] [Partition Manager]

Note: use the fixed VHD subformat for Azure, the conversion will automatically take care of the required 1MB virtual size alignment. Code Select the Driver tab, click Update Driver, then select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and manually select the correct.

When opening the Device Manager, a screen similar to the example picture should appear. However, when problems occur, you may have one or more of the errors below. If you receive an error when trying to open the Device Manager, this may indicate there are corrupt files in Windows. When a device has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark under Other devices , this indicates that the device is conflicting with other hardware.

When I charge it completely I can work for 3 to 4 hours straight. Quickly charge and sync your USB-C devices simultaneously with this convenient cable.

This is true for my HP laptop and my Toshiba laptop. The following instructions are for Windows 7, Vista and Format Seagate hard drive. Sometimes Blancco Drive Eraser might not detect connected hard drives even though the drives are fully functional and detected on the machine BIOS level. Despite that original ide was also referred to as ata, this term is now used to indicate the later versions of ide drives. Sometime older drives may take as longer as 45 seconds to be detected 8. It is designed to be usable as everyday quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool integrating many advanced features Python AHCI and IDE are two modes in which a hard drive communicates with the rest of the computer system using a SATA storage controller.

Free Standard Professional Premium. Summary: When a specific device driver fails to load, the system may generate this error. This error may make you lose access to your data.

Direct link to set-up a business manager account

Deposit, withdraw, or transfer money Log In Required. Ways to deposit money. Deposit a paper check. Contribute to an IRA.

Apple Business Support

Apple Business Support

Multi-channel, Multi-mode Payments Experience. Seamlessly accept, manage and disburse money! Solve unique challenges across lending, wealth management, and insurance sectors. The easiest way for businesses to calculate their GST. Accept payments from customers. Never run out of working capital. Share payment link via an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc.

Take your store online instantly with zero coding. Subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes. Easily split incoming payments to individual accounts, and manage marketplace money flow. Current accounts for fast-growing businesses, supported by the best-in-class technology.

Accept payments on your website, in less than 5 minutes. No developer needed. Empower your business with all the right tools to accept online payments and provide the best customer experience. Get activated and transact within 2 minutes. Completely online onboarding with minimum documentation. With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with Razorpay in less than an hour. Build your business for scale with our complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention.

Our innovative payment solutions with competitive pricing make payments simpler. Always available email, phone and chat based support to help you in your every step. Real-time data and insights on your Razorpay Dashboard to make informed business decisions. We make it easier for you to focus on building great products while we work on simplifying your payments. Become one of us by joining thousands of our happy users and simplify the online payment experience for your customers.

Focus on your business while we handle the complexities of payments for you. Creating No Cost EMI offers through the Razorpay dashboard was surprisingly easy and it has proved to be an important driver in making our subscriptions affordable to a wider audience.

Instant Settlements helps us capture last-minute EMI payments and let us make deposits with our financing partners within the requisite period. It leads to better money flow management and customer experience. We were looking for a closed wallet solution for one-step checkout once the money is loaded in the wallet. This improved customer loyalty and the trust in our brand.

Razorpay has been an important partner for our business. We are currently using Smart collect and Route marketplace for collecting payments from users. Their innovative products and quick support has helped us scale our offering to our users.

From onboarding documentation to technical integration, Razorpay has been a boon for Indian tech startups. Reconciliation of payments was a tedious and cumbersome process.

With increased liquidity, we were able to bounce back to normality in no time. By using the card tokenization feature on Razorpay Subscriptions, we were able to eliminate up-front deposits for a majority of our customers. Sign up now to experience the future of payments and offer your customers the best checkout experience. Skip to content Payments. Payment Gateway.

Explore Razorpay Business Banking. Current Account Current accounts for fast-growing businesses, supported by the best-in-class technology. Check out the demo. New in the Razorpay Product Suite. Instant Settlements. UPI AutoPay. Payment Button. Magic Checkout. Instant Activation Get activated and transact within 2 minutes. Easy Integration With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with Razorpay in less than an hour. Simple Pricing Our innovative payment solutions with competitive pricing make payments simpler.

Managing your accounts

The quickest way to stop a cheque is via Online Banking or the mobile app. Log in to Online Banking or the mobile app and click 'Help'. You can sign up for Online Banking here. You'll need your account number and sort code. The quickest way to create, amend and cancel standing orders is via Online Banking or the mobile app. Please note, this form is for business banking customers only.

Go to · Click Create account. · Enter a name for your business, select the primary Page and enter your name and work email address.

Privacy settings

Privacy settings

Before you leave our site, we want you to know your app store has its own privacy practices and level of security which may be different from ours, so please review their policies.

Facebook Page Owner: All You Need to Know!

How to get your Facebook Business Manager Account Verified?

How to get your Facebook Business Manager Account Verified?

What is Meta Business Suite? How to Discover Your Audience Activity. Leverage more tools to manage your Facebook pages. Wrapping up. Meta Business Suite formerly Facebook Business Suite is a free platform for small and medium-sized businesses. From here, you can manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. Meta Business Suite is available on desktop and mobile.

Under your page name on the left-hand side, tap Create Page @Username. This unique username will give you a custom URL (ex: and help.

Mutual Funds Simplified!

Distributor Business Manager - Greater Jakarta

Do you have a Facebook Page for your business? Or one that you use relating to your products, services, or other things you sell? It is aimed at Pages running ads on topics such as politics. This is different from the blue verified page.

Facebook offers both major brands and SMBs unparalleled advertising opportunities across its platform and Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram Ads: Steps to take before you start your first campaign

Enterprise performance management applications

Home All Categories Solution list. Solution list. Refine Results. Launch search. HR Analytics Data Analysis Database Spreadsheet Aerospace Equipment 7. Agriculture and Forestry 7. Chemical Products 7. Computer, IT, and Software 7. Construction 7. Education 3. Electronics and High-tech Components 7.

Engineering and Architecture 7. Finance and Banking 7. Food and Beverage Products 7. Health Care and Social Work 7. Hotels and Restaurants 7. Industry Independent 7. Insurance 7. Life and Natural Sciences 7. Manufacturing 7. Motor Vehicles and Other Transport Equipment 7.

Non Profit Organization 7. Oil and Gas Extraction 7. Pharmaceutical and Botanical Products 7. Public Administration and Defense 7. Publishing and Media 7. Real Estate 7. Recreational, Cultural, and Sporting Activities 3. Telecommunications 7. Transportation 7. Utilities 7. Warehousing 7. Wholesale and Retail Trade 7. Business size. Large Enterprises 8. Medium Businesses 8. Small Businesses 8.

Its coding-free, drag-and-drop interface enables users to build self-service analytics and planning applications with ease to meet the ongoing decision-making.

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise performance management EPM is one of the most widely used management tools for global group enterprises, and it is also an effective means to assist corporate strategy execution. Companies have increasing demand for optimised enterprise performance management tools which cover strategic objectives analysis, comprehensive budget management, business analysis and management reporting, control strategy implementation, and performance evaluation system, as well as the improvement of corporate culture, management control mechanism, data governance, system architecture, financial processes and other supporting systems. Bill Kong. Jazz Yung. All rights reserved.

Enterprises need budgeting and planning tools adapted to dynamic structures to speed up decision-making without compromising on accurate interpretation. Innova has developed the Oracle Hyperion product family into a highly workable solution that offers strategic improvements to the quality of management and business processes and brings them in sync.

Drive your business performance by removing manual finance processes to focus on understanding your data, to make smarter, timely business decisions. Move away from error-prone and time-consuming manual work such as data manipulation and reconciliations and enable your teams to spend more time on value-creating tasks such as analysis and business partnering. Respond to disruptions in real-time by connecting your goals, strategies, plans and execution. Intelligent EPM will enable you to predict future outcomes so you can quickly react to maximize performance. The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management cloud facilitates the modelling, analysis and management of your critical operational and financial processes and data. The result is greater visibility into understanding what is driving or impacting performance.

See all FORsights for the most up-to-date articles, webinars, and videos. Enterprise performance management EPM is a platform meant to improve overall operations of an organization, seeking to enhance overall data and infrastructure in order to improve performance through the use of analytics. The use of such analytics has the potential to increase speed of identifying business issues and drivers, as well as develop better change-agility. In this article, we summarize what EPM actually is and how it can similarly help your organization improve its operational functions. EPM is a unique business management process, which utilizes an enterprise software application category that may be purchased and customized by organizations to improve processes within their finance departments. EPM helps organizations have consistent, accurate, scalable and reportable metadata within one consolidated source.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management is a suite of performance management applications, a suite of business intelligence (BI) applications. With these competitive pressures and market demands, companies are constantly seeking to differentiate themselves by developing effective strategies and directives. One such way of differentiating is improving budgeting and reporting processes for better decision making.

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