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3 types of project management - National American University offers an affordable online MBA program for working professionals who want to advance their business careers. (Business electives i...

Every project requires resources to contribute to its implementation and ultimately its success. The successful management of a project translates into efficient steering of the various project resources. These must be determined as early as possible, ideally before the project is even launched. You have to make sure that you use the resources that are essential to the smooth running of the project and make sure that you optimize its management.

3 types of project management

6 Popular Types of Project Management Methodologies

When it comes to time constraints, proper scheduling is essential. A Gantt chart can help to visualize the project timeline and whether they are tracking to the proper constraints. To keep the scope in check, you can:. A few of the ways to estimate the cost of a project include:. Effective cost control is paramount to the success of the project.

Guide overview 1. Project Management Basics 2. Project Management Methodologies 3. Project Lifecycle 4. Project Management Software 5. Team Collaboration Tips 6.

Agile Methodology Basics 7. Popular Agile PM Frameworks 9. Resources Glossary Scope constraint: The scope of a project defines its specific goals, deliverables, features, and functions, in addition to the tasks required to complete the project. Keep in mind that cost does not just mean money for materials — it encompasses costs for labor, vendors, quality control, and other factors, as well. Let's look at each of the three constraints in detail.

Communicate the scope clearly and frequently with stakeholders. A few of the ways to estimate the cost of a project include: Historical data: Looking at what similar projects cost in the recent past Resources: Estimating the rate of cost for goods and labor.

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12 Types of Project Management Methodologies · The Agile-Based Scrum Method · Kanban Method in the Agile Framework · Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban · Extreme Programming.

8 project management techniques project managers should know

Project Online Essentials 1. Try now with a partner. Execute projects with ease with familiar scheduling tools through your choice of the web browser or desktop client. Optimize your project portfolio to prioritize initiatives and get the results you want through your choice of the web browser or desktop client. Starting in a centralized view, create new projects easily, quickly access important, top-of-mind projects, or open projects most recently worked on. Visually track project tasks for better workflow and status, using out-of-box and custom task boards. Track and understand dates, assignments and the relationships of project tasks in visual timeline view. Work together with stakeholders and team members to edit and update task lists, project schedules, and more simultaneously. Includes familiar scheduling tools to assign project tasks to team members and use different views like Grid, Board, and Timeline Gantt chart to oversee the schedule. Build visual, interactive roadmaps by aggregating different project types across your organization for visibility.

10 types of risk in project management?

The beginning of a project is the most important phase.

Essential Project Management Methodologies and When To Use Them

Essential Project Management Methodologies and When To Use Them

Different organizational structure types will affect various aspects of your project and will require you to adjust your management approach accordingly. Module 2 of the PM PrepCast is all about the environment in which projects operate including organizational structure types. Organizational structure refers to the way a company or organization is setup. It is usually defined using a hierarchy chart that shows how groups or functions report within the organization. For Project Managers, a company's organizational structure type will affect how resources are allocated to the project and will be a factor in how much influence the Project Manager will have within the organization.

Understanding Different Types of Risk in Project Management

Steps of Project Management · The initiation phase. The project manager will assign—or ask for team members to volunteer—to complete specific.

3 Types of Project Management Software

External links may not function and information on the site may be out of date. Visit digital. Project management focuses on planning and organizing a project and its resources. This includes identifying and managing the lifecycle to be used, applying it to the user-centered design process, formulating the project team, and efficiently guiding the team through all phases until project completion. Additionally, you avoid risks and effectively and efficiently use your available resources. It also helps the team members to understand their responsibilities, the deliverables expected, and the schedule everyone needs to follow to complete the project on time and within budget.

Every one of us feels very excited to work on his first project, but when he gets assigned to tasks from other projects then he will get bored and will not be interested in handling any further tasks. PMO is responsible for all these challenges and finding a way to solve them.

Contracts are legally binding agreements between at least 2 different legal entities named a buyer and a seller. The buyer wishes to buy certain goods or services from a seller. The seller, in return for the goods or services provided, expects monetary or other values to be paid to them.

Brand Management Software – A must-have for marketers

There are many document management systems with various features. New technologies come up every day and offer plenty of possibilities for the users. With so many choices, the decision-makers are baffled and often overlook the essence of the Document Management Software Solutions. Document Management Software is a system that is used to store, manage and organize documents.

The main objective of document management software is to reduce the risk of misplacing or losing a document because it can contain important information that may be needed for future reference. This gives you a higher level of security if something goes wrong with your physical storage space. There are many document management software available in the marketplace that can address a wide range of needs.

Document management software can be used to address the following needs:. In this time when the internet is so prevalent, users must have access to their documents from anywhere. A web-based document management system provides fast and easy access to files and folders which is important in this era of the internet. There is a number of Document Management Software features that help with web access to these documents thanks.

These include:. Document Management Software helps in storing documents in an organized way so that they can be easily retrieved when needed. Document Search is a feature of Document Management Software that allows users to search through the stored content. The document search feature can be used for finding content by name, date, author, or other metadata like tags.

Versioning allows users to store previous file versions, have access to all versions of the document, compare them, and revert to an older version if needed. Versioning is a powerful Document Management Software feature that can help you to keep track of changes in your documents over time. File locking is an important feature for Document Management Software. It prevents users from making changes to a locked file until the user who had locked it, unlocks it.

Sharing documents is a great way to collaborate with teams, but it can also be a source of frustration if not done correctly. Good Document Management Software should allow users to share documents easily and securely.

In addition, Document Management Software also can have a rating system where users can rate each document on a predefined scale. This rating system helps in keeping track of which documents are popular among employees and which ones need improvement.

This way, documents can be more easily searched for and accessed later on. Inform mechanism is a Document Management Software feature that provides users with the ability to send a notification when new documents are created or modified in the system. Users can notify about any file or folder update with direct notification messages through the Document Management system.

Comidor DMS makes it easy to share creative ideas and knowledge within your company. Plus, you can make your team more productive by uploading files and sharing content with them in real-time, thus saving them valuable time.

Engage your team in brainstorming sessions, and create meaningful connections with your team members. Share and manage content with your team. Document Management Software Definition Document Management Software is a type of enterprise content management software that helps organizations manage documents, emails, and other types of information.

Web access In this time when the internet is so prevalent, users must have access to their documents from anywhere. These include: Mobile access — to view or edit documents on mobile devices Cloud storage — to store documents in the cloud File sharing — to share folders or individual files with others 2.

Drag and drop Features Drag and drop — this feature is a must-have Document Management Software feature. Embedded viewer and editor The Document Management Software provides an embedded viewer and editor which allows the user to view, edit and save the document from within the software. Versioning Another important functionality of a Document Management System is versioning. The software locks the file when it detects that someone else is working on it and unlocks it once they are done with the edits, 7.

Sharing and rating A great Document Management System should give users the ability to share any folder or file with their team, or specific users and be able to rate its value. Files and folders rights File and folder rights are a vital part of any Document Management Software. Document linking Document linking is the process of connecting documents, files, or other data sources that are stored in different locations so that you can access them from one central location.

Inform mechanism Inform mechanism is a Document Management Software feature that provides users with the ability to send a notification when new documents are created or modified in the system. You might also like. Collaboration Technologies to Watch in What is a Digital Workplace? Definition, Aspects and Benefits. Enter your text here. Login to Comidor Low-code Automation Platform. Login Lost Password? Reset Password. Get new password.

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How Effective Managers Use Information Systems

Being a creative is not for the faint of heart. Requests are many and resources too few. Tight deadlines and tighter budgets stretch your team paper-thin. Communication is haphazard, status updates go missing, and feedback loops never end. Just ask the creative team at the San Francisco Chronicle.

This download manager is accessible for all the versions of windows that are accessible for use. It offers you to download your file.

How to Choose the Right Asset Management Software

6 PM Software Features That Will Skyrocket Your Project Performance

In this day and age, many non-profits have started to use or have looked into Case Management Software to automate tasks and to boost the efficiency of their organizations. Though what does the software exactly do? Case management software provides a safe and secure platform that case managers can take with them anywhere. The ability to upload documents, organize notes, reference previous documentation, and manage the specific needs of a wide variety of clients is a game-changer.

Choosing the right construction project management tools can mean the difference between completing your project with minimal headaches and stumbling to the finish line with major cost overruns.

The 13 Must-Have Features of a Learning Management System

Enterprises are dealing with more complexity and scale in their datacenter infrastructures than ever before. Significant heterogeneity; increasingly stringent service-level objectives SLOs in the areas of performance, availability, and recovery; and shrinking budgets have CIOs looking to more broadly implement automation solutions that can improve operational efficiencies, increase administrative span of control, ensure that IT governance is consistently and reliably applied across the entire infrastructure, and improve the level of satisfaction customers enjoy with their services. This complexity has become too costly and too difficult to reliably manage with purely manual operations. At the same time, server, storage, and network management tasks are migrating away from dedicated administration groups to IT generalists in enterprises of all sizes in response to budget issues and the mainstream use of virtual infrastructure. Rapid data growth is at the core of many of the most pressing storage management challenges. In the very near future, even medium-sized enterprises will be managing hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of information, and the storage solutions that enterprises have deployed to meet performance, availability, and manageability requirements will only be put under more pressure as data growth continues at current rates.

Brand Management Software: What It Is & Must-Have Features

Computer hardware is virtually useless without computer software. Software is the programs that are needed to accomplish the input, processing, output, storage, and control activities of information systems. Computer software is typically classified into two major types of programs: system software and application software. Systems software are programs that manage the resources of the computer system and simplify applications programming. They include software such as the operating system, database management systems, networking software, translators, and software utilities. Application software are programs that direct the performance of a particular use, or application, of computers to meet the information processing needs of end users. They include A off-the-shelf software such as word processing and spreadsheet packages, as well as internally or externally developed software that is designed to meet the specific needs of an organization.

Talent Management Software: 10 Must-Have Features For The days of traditional organizational designs supporting static business models.

Employee and meeting scheduling, event planning, travel booking, and inventory management might all be on your plate — making you one seriously busy individual. With so many tasks to handle, the right office management system and tools can make all the difference. A major part of your role as the office manager is to lead or be involved with company communications. These office communication tools can make your life easier by giving you better ways to stay in touch with internal teams, clients, and contractors.

Organizations execute strategies through a combination of programs and projects.

Whether you are a small business owner or heading multiple businesses, there would always be a number of activities going on every time. It could be a challenge to handle too many things at once and not let work become chaotic. This is why it makes sense for businesses to start using business management software to stay on top of things. These days more and more organizations or companies are investing in business management software to get things done, predict risks, and improve overall efficiency. ProofHub is an all-in-one business management software that helps businesses manage work in a way that everything can be kept organized in one place. It is a central platform that allows teams to sort through the clutter and visualize their everyday tasks seamlessly. The software is based on the concept of centralizing all of your project requirements for simple access.

For users, this means access to the technology they need, when they need it, on whichever device they prefer to use. In a nutshell, IT management involves keeping track of a wide range of assets like software, hardware, and networks. It makes sure information systems function efficiently and helps people maximize their potential at work.

Student attendance management software

With approximately 4. A suitable attendance system not only allows for the student success, but also school success, however in contrast, poor attendance can affect the quality of education and deter student performance. But how can attendance data be effectively measured, in order to make necessary adjustments for change? By implementing a software solution, such as Edsembli—that includes a modern student management system that can simplify data collection, provide actionable data, and report in real-time. Enhanced Student Performance — With an automated classroom attendance management system, students and their parents can get a real-time notification via SMS or Email if a student is absent.

Are you facing the problem of proxy student attendance management system? Do you want to track the students attendance record and report it to their guardians?


A proactive, mobile-centric approach to student attendance monitoring with a variety of graphs, data sorting, insights for smart decision-making.

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In today's competitive world, with increasing working hours and less classroom time, teachers need edTech tools which help them manage precious class time efficiently. Instead of focusing on teaching, faculty members are often stuck with completing formal duties, for e. To overcome such inefficient work processes, there are various school software systems available to speed up the attendance process and reduce manual work. An online attendance management system or digital attendance platform is one of them, which is developed to automate the daily attendance in schools. Additionally, it helps to maintain accurate records and generate summarized student attendance reports.

Student Management System is the applications of the school management software, which is designed for maintaining accurate status of the student every day.

With SchoolBic student and employee attendance management system institutions can use biometric device, QR attendance or location-based attendance and enable real-time attendance taking to increase the productivity of their teachers and eliminate fake attendance taking. Become an affiliate Affiliate login Affiliate Account. Contact Us.

Attendance Management System

Student attendance trackers only work if students check-in. While student swipe card attendance systems rely on cards and readers for students to check in, all campusM Attendance asks is for students to have a smartphone and wi-fi access — a flexible attendance solution for the hyflex campus.

Not able to achieve the best school award due to lack of dedicated software for attendance management? Or your staff is tangled in the other activities rather than investing themselves in the educational activities. Increase the level of trust and transparency with contactless attendance management.

Shayona institute of business management

shayona institute of business management

shayona institute of business management

If you wish to see the site, please fill out the form on the right. Apply Today! International Accreditation Organization. All other company names, brand names, trademarks and logos mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners and do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by IAO and do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of IAO by the respective trademark owner. Email Address:. Phone No. Select Your Country.

Teachers engage students in practical and project activities in order to provide them with an understanding of professionalism. A proper guideline is provided to the individuals about how to pursue their careers ahead. Their teaching criteria are based on international standards so that an individual is made eligible to meet global challenges. Shayona Institute of Business Management strives to contribute effectively in the field of education for the betterment of the society.

Find nearby facilities

All information is up to date as per our study although We highly suggested to check university details on the official website of the college to get additional informations about courses and admission process. The primary campus of shayona institute of business management - [sibm], ahmedabad has located in ahmedabad of gujarat in second-most populous country India. Delivering the best education solution to students to crack all technical and industrial demands. Here you can browse among all the top management colleges in gujarat , we constantly investigating to provide the list of best colleges in India, , We possess a valuable database of several private and government management colleges in India, We also provide a list of colleges in gujarat , Choose the most suitable university.

Shayona Institute of Business Management in Ahmedabad, Complete Addresses, Contact Person with Phone No. and More Business Information of Shayona Institute.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Companies with different backgrounds like retail, banking, media come to the campus to provide job placements. The college has partnered with companies like Coca-Cola inc. The college offers an MBA program for aspiring students. Admissions to which are granted based on CMAT examinations. Cut Off. The college provides scholarships to the deserving students. Students can avail of relaxation in fees based on their entrance scores.

Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Get Latest Price. View Complete Details.

The state of the art infrastructure of the institute has been set up exclusively to enhance the skills of the management students.

Phone: Not Claimed. City: Kachchh. State: gujarat. Country: India. Shayona Institute of Business Management. Shayona Institute of Business Management found under: architecture colleges. Related Places.

Get insights about Shayona Institute of Business Management, courses offered, placement & admission cell details, brochure, faculty, complete address and.


If you wish to see the site, please fill out the form on the right. Apply Today! International Accreditation Organization. All other company names, brand names, trademarks and logos mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners and do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by IAO and do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of IAO by the respective trademark owner.

Shayona Study campus, R. Daily Download limit reached! Find your city. Login Using Facebook.

The institute offers a wide array of academic cour.

Select Degree :. Select Stream :. Application Date - Eligibility -. Cut off - Ranking No Ranking Found. Prashanti Kothari Assistant Professor. Rahul Dwivedi Assistant Professor. Rakesh Sarvaiya Assistant Professor.

Information technology management final project sample resume

Ecommerce Capstone Project UpgradThe institute trains college students to be industry-ready by filling the gap between college academics and corporate requirements. The support managers undergo scenario-based training before day one on the job. E Commerce Capstone Project Upgrad Github I do recommend this website to everyone who wants to receive perfect papers. Thank you very much for the professional job you do. In a city 'Y', which is a significant revenue base for the company, due to heavy marketing and promotion schemes by other companies, your company is losing customers i.

Information technology management final project sample resume

Share this with immense pride and blissful love, NU Community! We celebrate our college of Allied Health for enabling our students with top notch programs and delivery.

This year, another Nationalian gem, Engr. Robert Jacob Tolentino, garnered the second highest score with an average of A native of Batangas, Engr. Tolentino said that he decided to enroll in National University because of its topnotch record in […].

Shaunn Remzzo T. Blanco, led the out of board passers, taking the top spot with an overall rating of Kaya ko, kaya mo. Education that works.

Application for Admission for AY Ongoing. Jose Ricardo S. He worked on his further studies in the same university, taking Master of Science in Psychology, major in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is an experienced Business and Training consultant and was part of Next Step […]. Learn from globally exceptional experts and be equipped with competencies for flourishing well-being. Together, let us be Mental Health Agents towards a holistically developed community!

This conference is made possible through the participation of the following: 1. University of Auckland, New Zealand 2. Psychological Association of the Philippines […]. National University Baliwag was represented by Prof.

Rufino Oliva, Executive Director, Prof. Arnel Diego, Academic Director, and Prof. Jobelle Resuello, Psychology Program Chair. This international partnership will promote collaboration on fundamental academic research in Indonesia and the Philippines as well as opportunities for student and faculty exchanges with the goal of sharing and furthering scientific knowledge and experiences.

Bernie S. Hence, it is not a surprise that he […]. We are most proud to say that National University will work with Adamson University to take the lead in an ASEAN research that will bring in impactful results for the future of higher education.

Leonora R. She consistently expanded her impact on our […]. Political Science Batch Owner of R. Lapid is a homegrown nationalian, she spent her elementary to college days at the National University. She graduated with a degree in Political Science but chose to pursue a business career. In , she and her husband, […]. AB Political Science is a three-year and one-term degree program that will provide students with a wide variety of courses to introduce the political structure of the Philippines, the neighboring countries, and the world.

This degree program opens the world of careers leading to becoming a lawyer, a public administrator, a diplomat, a teacher, and a legislator. Sir Joseph Marvin R. Sir Joseph graduated […]. Renato Carlos Ermita Jr. Noel Dumaguit and Mr. Winston R. Ermita mentioned that one […]. In case you missed it, here are all the dates you need to take note for 1st Term AY enrollment!

He is a sought-after speaker who has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops all over the country and abroad. He is also a prolific writer with 20 textbooks and over 50 scholarly articles in his name. In his five years […]. Maria Louella P. Jonel Lunario C. Enverga Academy Foundation, Inc. Jonel Lunario graduated with a degree in Accountancy in He earned his Certificates in Financial […].

Strategically located just in front of National University. Rooms are with the capacity of 2, 3, or 4 persons in a room. Can be arranged for a long-term or short-term occupancy. Available linens and appliances but on a first-come-first-served basis. Strict health protocols are implemented. Learn more Address M. Jhocson St. Sampaloc Manila, Philippines Contact fb.

Located meters away from the National University campus near the U-Belt area. Walking distance to LRT2 Legarda station. Aircon and non-aircon room. The male and female areas are separated properly. Located meters away from the National University campus with convenience stores around it. There are choices of aircon and non-aircon rooms with a capacity of 2, 3, 4, or 5 persons in a room.

Hans Sy. In attendance are, Dr. Freddie Bulauan, Chief […]. Abriam is now a Drill Sergeant in the Philippine Air Force who dauntlessly succeeded in the men-dominated industry.

Find your perfect role.

The global economy will need 25 million new project professionals by Employers want leadership and cultural fit. In addition to proving that you possess the knowledge and ability to execute the duties and responsibilities that span the five phases of a project life cycle initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing there are some other intangible qualities that hiring managers will be looking for. These are absolutely essential to include in your profile and work history sections:. Examples of personal impact: While team success is important, hiring managers want to know how you made a significant and meaningful impact on the outcome of a project. How did you influence the team such as convincing someone to change an opinion, or overcome problems?

Admission Requirements · A bachelor's degree with an acceptable grade point average ( overall or last 60 hours) from a regionally accredited four-year.

Top 10 Final Year Project Ideas for 2022

Sample IT Project Manager Resume

If given the choice, most people would rather do their taxes than work on their resume. It's a painful, time-consuming process. If you're a freelance contractor in the tech industry, you already know that a one-size-fits-all resume just won't cut it today. Your resume needs to be tweaked to fit each possible position, highlighting your most relevant experience for the project at hand. Most full-time employees use a chronological resume, showing each company in reverse-chronological order, specifying "Company," "Position," "Years," and "Duties.

Here are the keywords and skills that appear most frequently on recent Information Technology Project Management Consultant job postings. Chronological Resume Sample: Sophomore highlighting relevant academic courses, Produced 24”X 48” final project in charcoal of still life setting with.

Information Technology Project Manager Resume Samples

No need to start from the beginning. Edit this resume sample with your information and keywords from the job posting. Check whether your template contains the following features.

Final Year Project Tips That Will Save the Day

The program is classified as a STEM program. The goal of the program is to equip students with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to reach their potential in the ITM field.

BS Résumé Templates

Start your path to a career in project management. No degree or experience is required. Financial aid available. Gain an immersive understanding of the practices and skills needed to succeed in an entry-level project management role. Learn how to create effective project documentation and artifacts throughout the various phases of a project. Learn the foundations of Agile project management, with a focus on implementing Scrum events, building Scrum artifacts, and understanding Scrum roles.

Technology Project Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2022

Technology Project Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2022

Diploma in project management level 4 higher apprenticeship

BSc Project Manager (Integrated Degree) Apprenticeship

BSc Project Manager (Integrated Degree) Apprenticeship

Our dedicated team can help you find the right apprenticeship and provide advice on which programme to choose and guidance with applying for vacancies.

We run apprenticeship drop-in sessions every week in both Brighton and Worthing where our team can tell you more. If you have a BTEC or A-levels or equivalent diploma you may wish to apply for a Level 3 apprenticeship and enter the world of work to develop your work-based skills and embark on a specific career instead of continuing to study.

You may be required to have previous industry experience, apprentices working towards Level 3 will usually be in a relevant role already or have worked in the sector before. What an employer is looking for will differ depending on the job to be done, the level of responsibility, your skill set and the apprenticeship standards or framework the programme is following.

Traineeships can lead to a Level 1 qualification and offer high quality placements with local employers to. We currently run a Football Traineeship and plan to run more in future. Courses will start throughout the year. To find out more, email us apprenticeship-brighton gbmc.

Apprenticeship levels. Apprenticeship levels There are different levels of apprenticeship from intermediate to higher and a variety of subjects you can choose from.

Project Management Consultancy (Associate Project Manager Higher Apprenticeship)

Our Degree and Higher Apprenticeships offer an alternative route into many professions. These apprenticeships combine college study with workplace learning. They can lead to a career in, for example, building services engineering, civil engineering, construction management, maintenance, planning, and surveying. Before you apply, you need to be employed or have secured future employment in your chosen route first. Find out more. This degree apprenticeship is designed to enable apprentices to gain an in-depth understanding of civil engineering and meet the key attributes required to be a civil engineer.

I will get a L4 Associate Project Management Qualification as well as APM Accreditation. I'm really happy with the programme so far but one thing is worrying me.

Level 6 Project Management Apprentice

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The construction industry is both varied and exciting.

Queens University Belfast

You develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours in project management, learning how to create defined objectives, manage stakeholder expectations, and lead multi-skilled and cross-disciplinary teams to deliver the projects to time, cost and quality requirements. You also learn how to apply skills and leadership behaviours to manage the social, legal and environmental implications of your project. You begin with an introduction to key business and management concepts before moving onto exploring your own interests and deepening your insights, taking more responsibility for your own learning. Finishing with an exploration of more advanced project management topics and developing an awareness of your own responsibility as a business leader, you put your knowledge into action by undertaking a final-year self-managed independent project. Download pdf Order prospectus.

Project Management Level V. Apprenticeship and traineeship details per week over each 4 week period throughout duration of apprenticeship/traineeship.

If you've completed A Levels or equivalent, you may be interested in a Higher Level Apprenticeship, which offers the opportunity to gain quality training and a recognised higher qualification while in paid employment. The majority are at Level 5 Foundation degree or equivalent. The length of a Higher Level Apprenticeship will vary depending on the programme you chose, but will be a minimum of two years. By taking part in a Higher Level Apprenticeship, you can gain the skills that employers need and that are relevant to the local economy, therefore improving your prospects of good earnings and sustained employment.

This Level 6 degree apprenticeship will provide the practical and theoretical training for developing project managers who want to gain new skills and a formal degree qualification.

For those with a building or construction background who are aspiring to project and site management roles in their workplace. Equipping you to manage construction projects and deliver outcomes that meet client needs and safety standards. Project management is critical to the development of large or small construction and infrastructure schemes, ensuring managers are equipped to create safe working systems for all staff. Our degree apprenticeship will offer you the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed in your workplace, as required by the Construction Site Management apprenticeship standard. Develop your skills in project management, digital planning and building information modelling BIM , using the latest industry standard software. This three-year, part-time programme is suited to construction employees who are interested in developing their career in this industry.

Duration Multiple - see below. Start Date Multiple - see below. Venue Norfolk House, Exchange Street. Apprentices focus on management areas that are applicable to their specific roles, improving their resource management, leadership and decision making skills.

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