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I am joined by Matt Harris, a principal associate in our commercial IT and outsourcing team, so today you are going to get the perspective of both a non-contentious lawyer and a litigator as well. So without further ado, let's get into some of those questions. So what if a customer is thinking about entering into an agile contract Matt, but they have got a fixed budget. What sort of things should they think about I am sure that happens or mitigate the risks arising?

Matt Harris : Thanks Helen. The obvious place to start really is to look at the extent to which the price can be fixed. There are lots of ways to do this for example the customer could be looking at fixed pricing for a particular iteration or development cycle or set of development cycles.

They could also be looking at fixing the price for outcomes in the project. So this might be achieving a particular functionality so, for example, the app must do X and you will pay Y for it, but as with any kind of fixed pricing, there is obviously a benefit to the customer but that is likely resisted by a supplier.

That is obviously going to rely on the customer having some strong product management and the product owner having absolute control over the prioritisation of must haves and should haves. Helen : and it might Matt be possible to fixed price in terms of specific increments in terms of the activity as well.

Helen : And perhaps in a scenario actually the supplier might be resistant to enter into a fixed price at all even for those increments so if you are looking at a time in a materials arrangement what steps can the customer take in that scenario potentially to incentivise the developer?

Well you as a customer are going to need to be pretty involved with the project to monitor the progress and spend and also rely on your team to help you achieve that so product owner. You can also be looking at perhaps considering enhanced discovery phases not necessarily to negate the creative nature of an agile development but more to kind of line the parties as to where they are going to be going and get an idea of how many sprints are going to be required and then manage the delivery against that.

I mean obviously there is always going to be some incentive for a supplier to be slower and require more sprints, but that is something that maybe perhaps you can manage though other areas of the contract. Helen : I think for me and that is sort of the range of scenarios where you might get to but for me it is really important that whatever arrangement you reach is really documented and particularly if you are a customer and you think you have got a fixed price for the project then that is actually what is reflected in the documents as it can be a really common area of dispute.

Issues for example can arise where the work started before the contract is signed so perhaps the proposal might reflect a fixed price per project arrangement but the draft contract under negotiation does not or says something different so we have seen disputes arising in that situation and seen disputes arise where work has been undertaken under a framework agreement with a number of work packages underneath it and if in that scenario the customer wants fixed price for the project, it is important to make sure that those work packages when taken together as a whole, do achieve that outcome.

Shall we move on to another one Matt having discussed that one? What if the customer is in the position that they have not documented their requirements yet but within the customer team there is a belief that they can if required? What should they do in an agile contracting scenario? Matt : Yes I think it is good to hear just to look at what you might see in a waterfall contract which would be a detailed spec up front and then your developer or your project team would be building against that spec but obviously in agile that is not going to be the way you are working.

Helen : So this is area in which I am sort of playing devil's advocate a little bit in terms of agile because obviously for agile, the benefits of the agile in terms of potential outcomes but you are accepting risk in terms of the journey as a customer in terms of what you might get as an outcome and if as a customer you are in a position where you can document your requirements then I would say it is important to think about whether you need to enter into an agile contract of other benefits in that scenario worthy of accepting some of the risks, but it may well depend there in terms of actually what is meant by requirements, what actually can you document.

Matt : Yes so once again it is good to go back and look at what we would be seeing in a waterfall agreement so in this waterfall kind of classic scenario there would be a lot investment up front in designing requirements and specs and then the supplier would be charged with getting on with things and building before testing. It is slightly different in the agile context in that what we are actually engaging here is a long term, well a collaborative and iterative project in which the customer is going to be involved and needs to be involved so therefore there is a need to make sure you have got appropriate resource in place to participate properly and also to be aware of the key pinch points where additional resource might be required so I mean your team is going to be extremely important here as a customer, you are going to need to make sure you have got a strong product owner and also think about whether they are suitably experienced and their qualifications for doing the role because it is likely that suppliers are going to want some commitments around this and also in the contract you are going to be looking at ensuring that they have got their responsibilities well defined primarily to help you retain control of the key processes.

That being said of course what you also talked about was the broader term and certainly I think what we are not saying here is that it is all on the customer side. The key point is that it is balance and from a supplier perspective, it will not want the customer to have full control but it is important that it is a mixed team and the individuals within those teams have clearly set out roles and responsibilities to mitigate the risks arising from it not being clear down the line.

Matt : Yes and also just to add to that as well from the customer's perspective it is also worth being aware as to what you are committing to contractual to what extent the processes that you are signing up to, to what extent are they contractually binding and also thinking in terms of that process which bits should and perhaps which bits should not be contractually binding and having a good awareness of those. Helen : Exactly. So another question or a frequent challenge that we encounter at the outset is where from a customer perspective again the project needs to be completely by a particular date in the future so in that next scenario, Matt let's talk about some mitigations that we might put into the contract to try and prevent issues arising where there is an important deadline to be met.

I think it is helpful also if you have got some internal contingency beyond that so that you can react to any issues that do arise along the way. Our next one is a dispute scenario and of course I have started to touch on issues that can arise along the way and answer to that question but a common dispute scenario we often see is actually at the end of project where the supplier may be waiting for payment of the final invoice but the customer may be feeling well actually I do not think I got everything I wanted to be delivered here and they will be looking at the contractual machinery to see if they can withhold payment of that invoice and that there is the potential for a stalemate and a dispute.

Matt : I think the key one is that your contract really should be trying to identify when the project is going to be deemed to have been completed typically this is when items in the product backlog have been provided in the definition of done. Obviously as a customer you need to bear in mind that the backlog at the start of the project is not likely to look similar to that one at the end because items will have been completed and they will have been a revisions and re-prioritisations throughout the course of the project and you are hoping at this point as well that the items in that backlog has been tested against the definition of done in the relevant cycles and also to kind of provide clarity here as well, it is probably worth including your definition of done as an appendix to the contracts.

Helen : So clarity over what that definition is and also how that will ultimately be measured and what needs to be done during the lifetime of the contract to be clear on what done is at the end. Matt : Yes exactly and if things do get to the end obviously and there are issues you are going to be falling back on your dispute resolution mechanism so it is worth taking some time in the contract drafting process to make that that mechanism is robust.

It is tiered appropriately and involves the right people at the right stages. Helen : And on our last issue which is relevant to both parties but can often be something that the supplier has in mind is whether actually it will just be possible to manage change through the change process along the way. What are your thoughts on change in an agile contract Matt?

Helen : I agree. I practically changed control procedures well where obviously we have got functional and technical specifications are agreed up front so you have got a clear baseline but it is much harder to apply against a higher level set of business requirements that will evolve during performance and from a supplier perspective, the case of De Beers and Atos which is a few years old now but it still acts as a warning in this area because amongst other things, that decision covered the issue where Atos sought additional payments where it considered that the solution ultimately was working on and was delivering was more complex than original envisaged.

However the judge in that case rejected most of the claims for those additional monies finding that they were not changes in breadth of the scope but in depth of the scope which was covered in the price so although Atos thought that the change mechanism would be helpful, it was not a means in that case to them recovering most of the additional monies that they were seeking through that route.

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Project Manager Job Description and Salary Information

Project Manager Job Description and Salary Information

Coordinates with Experience Owner/Agile Product Owner and technical team to re-balance and re-prioritize work within an iteration or Program.

Agile Project Manager Jobs in Uae

Top 15 Agile Project Management Certification in Dubai: 2022 [Updated]

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The community that relies on Braintrust to find work are the same people who own and build it, ensuring the network always serves the needs of its users, instead of a centrally-controlled corporation. And because the community of knowledge workers and contributors earns ownership and control of Braintrust through its native BTRST token for their contributions to the network and its growth, new Talent and jobs have participated in the network at record speeds. For more information, visit: www. Own and drive digital user experience strategy and innovation to deliver a diverse and multi-year roadmap digital vision with a targeted focus on 1 CREATING, establishing and driving the overall multi-channel strategy for design and execution while communicating effective design processes through a strong understanding of user-centered design techniques coupled with practical experience in how a design team should collaborate cross-functionally while 2 DRIVING an overall direction for design and make tough calls around priorities. Use analytics, consumer data, and behavioral insights to generate new experiments and opportunities to improve our services and products, as well as differentiate the overall customer experience; and 3 BUILDING consensus and ability to tell a compelling story, have an artistic, visual orientation, and be well versed in good, modern design aesthetics. You will build and bring to life design systems that can be successfully implemented across digital and physical touchpoints.

The report also estimates that by , only 77 million current project management professionals will remain part of the workforce due to retirement. This could mean there will be thousands of projects moving forward now that decision-makers are spending prudently and proceeding with projects cautiously. Unlike department managers who oversee particular areas of a business, project managers are responsible for all aspects of a time-limited, specific business initiative. Some examples include:. Although project manager job descriptions will reflect the specific needs of the company, the project manager will generally plan, coordinate, implement and finalize projects according to the specifications and deadlines, all while keeping the project within budget. Depending on the industry and specific initiative, project managers may put together teams of personnel from a number of departments, such as information technology, purchasing, product development, marketing or distribution.

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OK Cancel. Closed or Expired Job Posting This job posting is closed or has expired and is no longer open for applications. As an IT Project Manager you will be responsible for managing internal IT projects from inception through to delivery, dealing with stakeholders and collaborating with teams across the world to ensure your project is running efficiently and delivered on time. Must have a deep understanding of Digital Banking across all products, with a solid IT delivery background Capability to manage and coach others on their Agile journey.

Delran business administrator

Delran business administrator

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Kourtney Barber, Anti-Bullying Specialist. Verna Roberts, Anti-Bullying Specialist. Antonio Mondragon, District Testing Coordinator. Beverly, NJ Elizabeth Giacobbe, Superintendent. George Gahles, School Business Administrator. Carly Fanslau, Director of Special Education. Kerri Lawler, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Kerri Lawler, District Testing Coordinator. Trudy Atkins, Superintendent. Vanessa Bekarciak, Director of Special Education. Helen Geiger, Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

Michele Henry, District Testing Coordinator. Michael Melvin, District Testing Coordinator. John Russell, Superintendent. Ingrid Walsh, Business Administrator. Carol Kiedaisch, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Christopher Nagy, Superintendent. Andrew Willmott, Business Administrator. Ashanti Holley, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Laura Reigelsperger, District Testing Coordinator.

Coletta Graham, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Lynn Booth, District Testing Coordinator. Stephen Cappello, Superintendent. Melissa Livengood, B. Darlene Llewellyn, Director of Special Education. Franklin Goulburn, Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

Rose Wenz, District Testing Coordinator. Carol Birnbohm, Chief School Administrator. Constance Stewart, B. Patricia Piserchia, Director of Special Education.

Matthew Webb, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Chris Callinan, District Testing Coordinator. Christopher Kobik, Superintendent. Mark Leung, B. Kimberly Pease, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Mary Steinacker, District Testing Coordinator. Tiffany Moutis, Superintendent. Danielle Dolci, School Business Administrator. Jason Shainline, Supervisor of Special Services. Stacy Cullari, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Glenn Kershner, District Testing Coordinator.

Beth Norcia, Superintendent. Michael Blake, B. Dawn Monacella, Director of Special Education. Scott Arnauer, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Barbara Behnke, District Testing Coordinator. Anthony Dent, Superintendent.

Michael Colling, B. Jennifer Summerville, Supervisor of Special Services. Jennifer Summerville, Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Jennifer Summerville, District Testing Coordinator. Joseph Del Rossi, Superintendent.

Erica DeMichele, the Delran Township School District K (NJ Business Administrator of the Year) who have spearheaded energy savings.

Chestnut Hill College Athletics

Few states have so many. The cost is high, turnout poor, say consolidation advocates. The Legislature is taking notice. When residents of Delran go to the polls tomorrow for New Jersey's primary election, it will be their fifth vote of the year. Like many other New Jersey residents, they voted in the presidential primary on Feb. And the fire district elections on Feb. And the school elections on April And the municipal elections on May

Secretary Business Administrator jobs in Delran, NJ

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Delran Township School District - Administration

Lyndhurst Schools Superintendent Joseph DeCorso announced that his initial move to ban the 18 male students from the Wednesday night ceremony was rescinded. He continued, "As a result of the discussions had, an amicable resolution was reached between the parties," without going into further detail, "as it involves sensitive student information. Community members had been emailing DeCorso and more than 2, signed an online petition leading up to the decision. On Monday night, a staff member had let the 18 teenagers into the school building, where they moved some desks from classrooms into the hallways before leaving, according to parents on social media. In posts about the situation on a Lyndhurst, NJ Facebook group, the response was overwhelmingly in favor of letting the teens participate on Wednesday.

County is a top - choice destination to live or grow a business. County Commissioners approved renaming Laurel Run Park in Delran.

☷ Burlington County New Jersey - Burlington County COVID 19 Dashboard 13 May 2022

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The Delran Township School District is a comprehensive community public school district that serves students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade from Delran Township , in Burlington County , New Jersey , United States. As of the —21 school year, the district, comprised of four schools, had an enrollment of 2, students and District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts. Efforts to merge the three districts into a combined regional K system were rejected in a November referendum, leading the Delran district to pursue efforts to create its own high school. Schools in the district with —21 enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics [8] are: [9] [10] [11] [12].

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TEL: ext. Jump to City Organization Chart. For details about these Departments and their Divisions, visit Departments Directory. This department, under the supervision of the Mayor, performs all appropriate functions associated with:. As an Appointed Official, the Business Administrator daily interacts with the Administration and Governing Body, making direct public contact somewhat limited. It is the policy of the City of Burlington to treat the public, employees, prospective employees, appointees, volunteers, and contractors in a manner consistent with all applicable civil rights and regulations, including but not limited to the Federal Civil Rights Act of , as subsequently amended, the New Jersey Law against Discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Conscientious Employee Protection Act.

The Department of Business and Economics offers several programs that provide special opportunities for students who are interested in careers in business and related fields. The programs in business benefit from endowments by the estate and family of the late D. Abbott Turner who was a prominent leader in business and civic affairs in Georgia and a trustee of Wesleyan. These endowments help provide Wesleyan students with instruction, equipment, and special activities that add an important dimension to the educational process. The D.

Business of administration course

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Our degree in Business Administration is offered fully online to work around your busy life schedule! The ACBSP accreditation process requires that candidate programs demonstrate teaching excellence, exemplary student learning outcomes and a continuous improvement model. Friends University is pleased to begin offering three new competitive concentrations to their business degree programs beginning this fall.

Earn your Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration near Chicago

All students must still complete GE Area B requirements. If a General Education GE course is used to satisfy a Major or Support requirement, additional units of Free Electives may be needed to complete the total units required for the degree. Skip to Content? Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. Toggle Navigation Toggle Navigation. Program Learning Objectives Students graduating from our program will be able to: 1.

SCI Programs:Business Administration Program · Basics of managing business finances · Hands-on skills for digital communication and collaboration · Strategies to.

General Business Administration, B.S.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration choose a first and second field from the fields available and listed below, then select three courses in the first field and two courses in the second field. Six additional level or above business school credit hours are then chosen to complete the major. Courses in some fields must be taken in the proper sequence, and students must meet stated course prerequisites. AACSB-accredited schools have better programs, better faculty, better students with higher overall GPAs, more international students, more employers that recruit from them, and graduates that receive better salaries. Meinders has a ratio in most classrooms. Small class sizes and highly qualified professors ensure you get the most out of your time in the classroom. Meinders business students have enhanced opportunities from business plan and ethics competitions to internships, study abroad, live investment activities, and events with local business leaders and philanthropists. Our students have access to some of the best active learning experiences in Oklahoma and abroad. Students have outstanding opportunities to travel and study internationally. General education courses require 43 credit hours.

Online Business Degrees: BS in Business Administration

Online Business Degrees: BS in Business Administration

In HCC's business administration degree program, you have the opportunity to explore various business disciplines and skills, learn technology common in the business environment, and focus on such areas as accounting, international business, economics, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. The changing business environment is growing more global, complex, and technological.

Business Administration at Concord

Business Administration at Concord

Business Administration BS

Transfer up to semester credits and complete your degree in fewer than two years. Several start dates per year offer you the ability to enroll when it fits your schedule. Hone key business administration functions with core courses in areas such as Economics, Accounting, Marketing, and Business Law. Our experienced faculty of working experts provides insight into professional communication, leadership, ethical decision making, and critical thinking. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a degree completion program intended to create a solid academic foundation in general management principles and practices. The program culminates in a capstone course, wherein students solidify their understanding of business administration functions by developing a business plan—and with various concentrations to choose from, you can tailor your degree to meet your career and professional goals.

IACBE Accredited. Our program follows best-practice standards for business education. Personalize Your Major. Choose elective courses that align. Are you ready to launch your small business and need help getting started?

What Can I Do With a Business Administration Major?

B.S. in Business Administration

Jump to navigation. Section Menu. Through focusing on Innovation and Strategy, the Business Administration major exposes students to each of the disciplines offered by the Eller College of Management.

Audio visual project manager dubai

If interested please do share your updated Cv online at the earliest. Innovations Group was established in under the name of Innovation Commercial Brokers. The company was formed as a sole proprietorship company spearheaded by its Managing Director, Ashish Nanda. The company was set up with an objective to provide Relationship Management work within the Promotion, Distribution and Services business. The other line of business which the company was pursuing along with Promotions, Distribution and Services was Commercial Broking for clients for various financial products such as IPO, Investments and Placement of Funds.

Audio visual project manager dubai

AV Technician (Venues)

I further attest that all information I submit in my employment applicat Founded in , th The qualified person will manage a team of 15 accounting professionals and provide services to 7 legal entities.

We specialise in mobile-first strategy, content and e Found in: Talent CN - 6 days ago. Ready to lead, disrupt and reinvent the sleep industry? We are Emma — The Sleep Company.

We revolutionize sleep by pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for rest. Our aim is to awaken people's best by enhancing their sleep. We are one of Europe's fastest-growing slee Founded in , the c Mystic Ocean is a new ocean cruise company based in Portugal, that offers cruises along iconic desti I am able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis.

Photography Hostesses, Models, Hospitality and Promotional done. Repair and Technical Support Repair and technical support done. Remove filter. Less than 5 kilometers Less than 20 kilometers Less than 50 kilometers Less than kilometers No filter. All infractions Celebrity picture Tried no face picture Rotated picture Inappropiate picture Banned company job creation None.

Establish project governance, ensure clear alignment on the goal across the board and follow through execution via effective communication within taskforce and to senior leadership 2. Orchestrate business report via analytics and intelligence Work closely with cross-functions to develop concrete business analysis as needed on market dynamics, sales performance and competitive intelligence, etc.

Support senior leadership level business reports preparation to facilitate key management decision makings 3.

Fiona Kalu Lenze English Teacher. View professionals near Shanghai.

Technical Project Manager · 3+ years of experience working in venues with multiple technology partners managing complex projects in a high-tech environment with.

Jobs in Dubai UAE

OGUK medical. You have the chance to set world records and explore in regions where no one else has. We are continually looking to expand our diverse team of exceptional medical professionals, to grow our resource pool and enrich our medic-driven, patient-centered, remote site services. Qualifications to get job of offshore oil rig medic rig nurse in Middle East. Roughnecks usually work directly with the drilling crew and equipment to assist in drilling. So why not take care of it quickly and effectively with Offshore Medicals? Using our simple online service you can book a personal appointment in advance right here Technical and engineering recruitment specialists.

Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. The company expanded into the United Arab Emirates in and moved their headquarters to Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in where they. Ensure the work being To implement all aspects of the quality management systems and control site supervision activities provision related to ICT, Security… all aspects of the quality management systems and control site supervision

Candidate should have work experience as a Technical Support Engineer. Candidate should be from Audio Visual Industry.

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Audio Visual Technician Dubai UAE

Digi-Key offers millions of products from thousands of manufacturers, many in-stock quantities available to ship same day. Apple Pay, Google Pay™ & Paypal. Epic prides itself on creating a collaborative, welcoming, and creative environment.

Conference room manager software

The 21 Best Room Scheduling Softwares

More than a few discrete problems occur when a large amount of meeting space exists but a variety of stakeholders need to use it.

These frustrations are counterintuitive to a strong, functional organizational system. Countless hours are wasted by busy professionals frustrated with these common occurrences. Meeting Room Scheduling software can solve these problems and provide additional benefits such as office scheduling automation and insight into room usage — allowing you to make the best use of your space over time. Working with Crestron Enterprise Scheduling Platform allows older static signs to be replaced with a network of small external signs and touch-screen displays inside meeting rooms.

The change from non-networked signs to networked ones seems like a step up in technological needs, but the signs quickly pay for themselves as capital investments. Replacing the old and inefficient systems are instant updates that sync across meeting rooms. The interactive signage displays also show room status from afar, with a green or red meeting-room indicator, allowing ad-hoc collaborators to quickly find meeting space without hassle. When clients or guests are visiting your space, it is worthwhile to be able to gather information quickly and professionally, and clear signage delivers this option.

Crestron Fusion network room scheduling removes the guesswork and gives users flexibility in how they reserve available resources. By allowing for a synchronized calendar that ties in to popular business appointment calendars such as Microsoft and Google products, Crestron Fusion allows users to have instant access to room availability at the time of appointment scheduling.

Meetings get cancelled; room reservations do not. Crestron room scheduling has monitoring sensors that alert the system when a room is vacant. It allows the system to automatically return empty meeting rooms to the globally available reservation system if no one shows up to the meeting.

By automating this process, organizations can maximize workflow and space utilization and reduce employee frustration. Another benefit of a synchronized scheduling system is the ability to track company space use and behaviors. Retrieving datasets is possible and valuable with the help of Crestron Fusion , allowing administrators to answer key questions such as:.

Beyond simply creating great audio-visual solutions for your company, VSGi helps you operate at peak efficiency while maintaining the professionalism that will keep your reputation for quality high. Skip to content More than a few discrete problems occur when a large amount of meeting space exists but a variety of stakeholders need to use it.

Do these meeting room conflicts sound familiar? Unclear signage — is it the right room? Schedule conflicts with resource availability Room squatters without a reservation Empty meeting space due to cancelled meetings Countless hours are wasted by busy professionals frustrated with these common occurrences. In this blog, we explore 4 key benefits of Meeting Room Scheduling from Crestron.

Clear Meeting Room Signage Working with Crestron Enterprise Scheduling Platform allows older static signs to be replaced with a network of small external signs and touch-screen displays inside meeting rooms. Scheduling Software Across Interfaces Crestron Fusion network room scheduling removes the guesswork and gives users flexibility in how they reserve available resources.

Book meeting spaces easily with Room Scheduling software

These frustrations are counterintuitive to a strong, functional organizational system. Implementing a meeting room scheduling & monitoring.

Modern Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Modern Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Reduce your costs, improve utilisation and save time by scheduling all your conference and other rooms, quickly and easily, in any location, on any device, with our room scheduling software. You can schedule all your conference rooms and other resources like people, clients and equipment, all in a single secure tool with great visibility. Match and book rooms with requirement and feature matching. Automatically email and notify room managers. Schedule any type of Activity. Plan and track how your conference rooms are used as you can create your own categories to describe the activity and room statuses the way you need. Add room requirements, booking forms and other important documentation. Schedule conference rooms in blocks of time from minutes to months and include the resources, assets and tags you need. Our system ensures you have no more double or over booking issues.

Now find and book spaces, manage check-in, or cancel meetings wherever you are and from any device.

Meeting Room Booking Software UK

The modern business environment has seen the emergence of several external working spaces that give organizations more flexible options to hold meetings. As a result of this, these external meeting rooms and workplaces have seen the rise of new scheduling software that allows managers to book meeting rooms with the click of a button. DropDesk offers a unique value proposition to venue owners looking to both manage and market their inventory. DropDesk allows venue owners to seamlessly promote their locations with one click to the DropDesk network of remote professionals. You can market memberships, on-demand packages or hourly packages to attract leads and monetize space as well as keep inventory private if looking to just use the software for your staff. When thinking about room scheduling software, Skedda immediately comes to mind.

The best meeting and conference room booking system with a number of unique functions for effective meeting management and optimization of company.

Conference Room Scheduling and Booking Software

SuperSaaS helps you save precious time and manage your meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, presentation areas, tools and other office resources. From any device, anytime and anywhere.

EasyMeeting empowers your employees to book resources such as meeting rooms, equipment, cafeteria services etc. EasyMeeting Meeting Room Booking Software helps you to maximize your meeting room space, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into your workplace. Take advantage of real-time room availability, approval workflows, and reporting to empower your organization to transform into a digital work place. Eliminate paperwork, lost bookings or conflict bookings.

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