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Plans that identify costs and expenses under each managers control

Agile vs plan driven project management

All agile software projects have goals: what the project needs to deliver, when it needs to be delivered by and within what budget. However, managing these three constraints can be a complex juggling act. So let's take a cue from the decades-old iron triangle of planning and learn how balancing different variables can help agile software teams achieve agile project management nirvana. The iron triangle models constraints of project management and these constraints are considered "iron" because you can't change one constraint without impacting the others. The original iron triangle, proposed by Dr.

Agile vs plan driven project management

This blog post unlocks the fundamental difference between plan-driven development and agile development. A plan-driven development is a process where all the activities are planned in advance, and we measure the progress in advance against that plan. While in agile development , planning is always incremental, where you can change the plan according to your customer requirements. Well, both have different approaches. They are used with the feasibility and requirements of the project, and implementation is based on what the project needs.

It is a software development method. When a user wants to develop all the features that should be developed in a final product, this plan plays its role. It also determines how all those features should be developed. It is basically an attitude to software engineering where it locates how the developmental procedure will occur. This process handles mega project engineering and administers the old style of methodology to tackle the software development ventures.

Also, management planning is unfolded to measure progress and make project decisions. In software engineering, you can say that it is an attitude of software engineering to feature the development process and where it is taking place.

An initial project plan has been made with the requirement of rough estimations of time and resources. Risks are defined and handled in the elaboration phase. Elaboration phase — This phase analyzes the problem domain and defines a technically reasonable architecture.

Lessen the most significant risks to the projects. Make a comprehensive project plan with highlighted activities. Transition phase — Deliver the product to the customers and sustain it. In agile software development, software development methodologies centers around the iterative developmental idea, in which needs and solutions revolve through an alliance between self-organizing cross-functional teams. It is also crucial to note that agile development enables teams to deliver value faster with excellent quality, prediction, and aptitude to respond to change.

Therefore, the design and requirements are prepared side-by-side instead of separated. While in plan-driven software process is not a waterfall model — a plan-driven model is usually incremental development where delivery is possible. In addition, in a plan-driven method, if a user wants to anticipate all of the features in the end product, he can well comprehend how best to build those features. So, the work plan is based on executing a sequential set of work-specific phases. I am in fact happy to glance at this website posts which includes plenty of helpful data, thanks for providing these statistics.

Which one is the best? Plan-Driven Development: It is a software development method. Planning of Projects In software engineering, you can say that it is an attitude of software engineering to feature the development process and where it is taking place. To organize the team and the roles or team members.

Agile development denotes any development method associated with the ideas of the Agile Manifesto. Fourteen leading figures in the software industry developed this Manifesto and revealed their experience of what approaches should and should not work for software development.

What is Scrum? What are the benefits of agile development? More responsive to requests High-value features Delivered more quickly with short cycles Development team Enjoy development work is valued and used Reduced non-productive work Scrum Master Planning tracking in daily meetings Tremendous awareness of the project state Catching and addressing issues quickly Vendor Focused development on high-value features Increased efficiently Reduce wastage and decrease overhead Product Owner Development work aligns with customer needs Frequent opportunities to re-prioritize work Maximum delivery value Role of a Product Owner vs Business Analyst PMOS and C-Level Executives High visibility of daily project development Adjust strategies based on complex information Plan effectively with less speculation Wind-Up: To summarize the above discussion, one can conclude that the agile approach focuses on iteration across activities.

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Written by: Joe Towner. Agile and waterfall are two distinctive methodologies of processes to complete projects or work items. Agile is an iterative methodology that incorporates a cyclic and collaborative process. Waterfall is a sequential methodology that can also be collaborative, but tasks are generally handled in a more linear process. Following the agile methodology, your project will move through a series of cycles throughout the lifetime of the project. The development phase, review, feedback, and then approval of the work item — either yes or no. If yes, implement and complete the task.

Traditional vs Agile Project Plans One of the biggest differences between agile and other project planning methodologies is the way project plans are.

How to Determine Projects Fit for Agile

Agile refers to the methods and best practices for organizing projects based on the values and principles documented in the Agile Manifesto. Here are some of the most common Agile frameworks. Scrum is similar to Kanban in many ways. Scrum typically uses a Scrum board, similar to a Kanban board, and groups tasks into columns based on progress.

By Mike MacIsaac. On February 13,

Agile project management glossary

It is true that agile methods insist that up-front planning be held accountable for the resources it consumes. Agile planning is also based as much as possible.

What Is Agile Methodology In Project Management?

Agile project management is shifting away from traditional plan-driven project management to a more experimental and adaptive approach. Under this approach, projects evolve, rather than are executed. The table below shows some differences between traditional project management and Agile PM. As implied by the table the project process are iterative and evolutionary under the agile methodology.

Popularized in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development , [5] these values and principles were derived from and underpin a broad range of software development frameworks , including Scrum and Kanban. While there is much anecdotal evidence that adopting agile practices and values improves the effectiveness of software professionals, teams and organizations, the empirical evidence is mixed and hard to find. Iterative and incremental software development methods can be traced back as early as , [10] with evolutionary project management [11] [12] and adaptive software development [13] emerging in the early s. During the s, a number of lightweight software development methods evolved in reaction to the prevailing heavyweight methods often referred to collectively as waterfall that critics described as overly regulated, planned, and micromanaged.

Dwight D.

Agile vs. Waterfall: Which Project Management Methodology Is Best For You?

Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Agile is a set of values and frameworks geared to shift efforts toward efficiency and continuous value delivery. So, what drives the decision to go with one or the other? What are the factors to consider when selecting the approach that best meets the needs of the organization? A good starting place is to examine the three important aspects of a project: Scope, schedule and cost.

This topic gets a lot of discussions and hot debates as every software development project start with the selection of implementation methods. There are two basic and most popular methods of managing projects in the modern software development industry: Agile and Waterfall. What is the difference between both methodologies? They both are usable and mature.

Review business management concepts chapter 6

Open access peer-reviewed chapter. This chapter covers fundamentals of project management. It introduces project management concepts and provides a system view of project management plan and processes with which they are implemented. The knowledge areas include scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. The chapter will also emphasize on the interrelated nature of these knowledge areas. In addition to introducing these knowledge areas, the chapter will attempt to develop an understanding of these concepts and the important role of project teams in managing projects successfully.

And projects are the instruments by which an enterprise accomplishes its strategic objectives [ 2 ]. Organizations design and execute projects that can be classified as internally and externally funded projects based on the nature of their business.

Value can be tangible e. However, value is always associated with benefit. A project must provide value to all its stakeholders; if not, project will not receive adequate support [ 5 ]. As it is a new effort, often, we do not have complete knowledge or experience about planning and executing the project.

It is important understand the distinction between a project and process. Process is repetitive in nature with clearly defined procedures and outcomes. A process will yield the same result be it a product or a service.

Projects are conceived, created, and managed because an individual or organization other than the project manager or project team identifies a need [ 6 ]. A project is time-bound, i. However, it does not mean that project is of a short duration, which may vary from 10 days to 10years. Progressive elaboration is another characteristic of a project.

As requirements are not clear at the initiation stage. Developing the project scope in steps and continuing by increments is a common aspect of a project and it goes through stages such as: scope — scope definition — project plan — detailed WBS. All these project characteristics present a challenge to manage projects successfully.

Managing a project includes identifying requirements, establishing clear and achievable objectives, balancing competing demands of quality, scope, cost, and time, adapting specifications, plans, and approach to meet expectations of all key stakeholders including the client and the end-user. We define project management as the art and science of using experience, knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques efficiently and effectively to meet stakeholder expectations. Current trends in the project suggest that organizations manage several projects simultaneously.

PM tools increasing in complexity and usefulness. Managing project involves:. Thus, project management is an approach to accomplish project objectives within organizational structural and resource constraints for internal projects.

Obviously, integration, coordination, and accountability assume greater importance. Project Management tools and techniques will help to accomplish these integration and management functions. Uncertainties and unknowns affect requirements to change dynamically and the project manager has to meet these requirements while meeting the expectations of all the project stakeholders. Managing project is fast becoming a standard way of executing business strategies. Some of the reasons for deploying project management practices are:.

Nature and frequency of projects determine whether an organization requires an informal or formal project management practices. Some of the following questions will help determine the requirement of a formal project management in organizations.

Thus, working in teams, integrating, learning, and collaborating are essential characteristics of the project teams. Consequently, effective communication assumes great importance for its success. As a general rule, with the increase in project size, the number of people involved in the project will also increase. Consequently, effective communication becomes complex with the increase in project size.

PM maturity ultimately should lead to developing best PM practices. However, you should remember that project success factors are different for different stakeholders. For example, a project, in spite of experiencing time and cost overruns, may still be considered successful by the client. The distinction between project success and project management success must be understood. Project success is measured against the overall project objectives whereas project management success is a measure of managing project within time, cost, and meeting the scope requirements [ 8 ].

Projects are means to accomplish strategic objectives and goals of organizations. Project Management PM is an integration of several academic disciplines such as accountancy, decision sciences, economics, finance, and management. It uses systems approach in integrating these disciplines. PM will continue to grow in its importance because it is how business is done, in the present global economy. Project selection should be based on the corporate strategic plan and investment strategies [ 1 ].

Thus, each project must have a business objective that is aligned with the strategic plan; it will serve as the foundation for the project investment proposal.

In addition, a project must conform to a broader purpose than a set of internally derived objectives. It must support overarching strategies of their parent company or its clients. To be successful, the project manager and the team should clearly understand the vision and mission of their clients; such understanding is more likely to deliver products and services that meet demanding customer requirements, which eventually results in customer satisfaction.

Project Scope must include all the work required, and only the work required by the client [ 6 ]. Scope management is concerned with defining and controlling the scope. It assumes greater importance than all other knowledge areas of project management. The scope should define the project by what should and should not be planned, budgeted, staffed and executed.

Project scope also identifies the boundaries separating excluded activities or resources from those, which must be included for the project execution. As stated earlier, projects are characterized by unknown factors and ambiguity, which delay the detailed development of scope and specifications to later stage of the project.

Consequently, the scope of the project continually changes throughout the project. Sometimes, the original objective of the project may also change as the project progresses and we learn more about what is needed, what is possible, and what the costs are going to be.

CPPM Policy Chapter 6: Procurement

Description; Contents; Resources; Reviews; Features; Preview. Now with SAGE Publishing, Timothy S. Hatten's Seventh Edition of Small Business Management.


Human Resource Management: Scope, Analysis, and Significance

Human Resource Management: Scope, Analysis, and Significance

Underperforming supply chains — those exhibiting poor service, unproductive assets, or high variable operating costs. In the s and s the integration of logistics with other functions in an organization became important. In the early to mids the importance of the integration of logistics not just within the organization but also across organizations became important. Importantly, it also includes coordination and with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers.

Over the past century, breakthroughs such as brand management and the divisionalized organization structure have created more sustained competitive advantage than anything that came out of a lab or focus group. By perfecting the industrial research laboratory, for example, General Electric won more patents than any other U.

Learning Objectives

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Enhanced teaching strategies include real-life case studies, challenging critical thinking questions, learning games, key terms in each chapter, and an. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Jump to navigation. Chapter 1: Basic concepts of marketing Chapter 2: Strategic marketing partners Chapter 3: The marketing environment Chapter 4: Customer insights Chapter 5: Consumer buyer behaviour Chapter 6: Business markets Chapter 7: Customer-driven strategy Chapter 8: Building customer value Chapter 9: The product life cycle Chapter Pricing strategies Chapter Pricing considerations Chapter Marketing channels Chapter Retailing and wholesaling Chapter Communications strategy Chapter Advertising and PR Chapter Personal selling Chapter Direct customer relationships Chapter Competitive advantage Chapter Global marketplace Chapter Sustainable marketing Back to top Chapter 1: Basic concepts of marketing Simply put, marketing is managing profitable relationships, by attracting new customers by superior value and keeping current customers by delivering satisfaction. Marketing must be understood in the sense of satisfying customer needs. Marketing can be defined as the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. A five-step model of the marketing process will provide the structure of this chapter. Marketing management is the art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relationships with them.

Human resource management HRM , the management of work and people towards desired ends, is a fundamental activity in any organization in which human beings are employed. It is not something whose existence needs to be elaborately justified: HRM is an inevitable consequence of starting and growing an organization. This article focuses on the scope of HRM and its major subfields. While there are a myriad of variations in the ideologies, styles, and managerial resources engaged, HRM happens in some form or other.

Definition: The IMP comprises a hierarchy of program events, in which each event is supported by specific accomplishments, and each accomplishment is based on satisfying specific criteria to be considered complete.

An IMS is an integrated and networked multilayered schedule of program tasks required to complete the work effort captured in a related IMP. The term "integrated master plan" is a DoD term and has no standard definition in the civil agency environment. If used in a civil agency environment, the term "IMP" must be a mutually agreed definition.

Together, the IMP and IMS should clearly demonstrate that the program is adequately structured, realistic, and executable and that the planned tasks are achievable within schedule and cost constraints with an acceptable level of risk.

Note that the IMS is a scheduling tool for management control of program progression, not primarily for cost collection purposes. Consider interrelationships. To build a reasonable IMP and IMS, you need to estimate the attributes of work products and work packages, determine the resources needed, estimate schedule durations, and identify and analyze program risks.

A good WBS includes key work efforts partitioned into discrete elements that result in a product i. The IMS should not be placed on contract; it is often a contract deliverable. Evaluate a contractor's IMS carefully. For evaluating a contractor's proposed IMS, the evaluator must be knowledgeable in and familiar with the contractor's technical proposal in the area of evaluation.

These relationships sometimes drive "ripple effects" across the delivery orders and work packages. Insight into these relationships can be an extremely valuable factor when analyzing a critical path or estimating a "what if" or total cost for a modification. Involve stakeholders.

Relevant stakeholders including user organizations, financial managers, and sustainment organizations should be involved in the planning process from all life-cycle phases to ensure that all technical and support activities are adequately addressed in program plans such as the IMP and IMS. Communicate via IMS. The IMS can be used to communicate with stakeholders on a regular basis. For enterprise systems with large numbers of external interfaces and programs, the IMS can be used as the integration tool to indicate and track milestones relevant to the other programs.

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An agency can obtain best value in negotiated acquisitions by using any one or a combination of source selection approaches. In different types of acquisitions.

CPPM Policy Chapter 6: Procurement

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Engagement on critical infrastructure reforms

Engagement on critical infrastructure reforms

Get your booster dose Rapid antigen testing kits are free at pharmacies. This comprehensive Core Policy and Procedures Manual chapter includes policy for all aspects of procurement of goods, services and construction. This policy applies to the Procurement of goods, services, or construction. Unless otherwise provided under Chapter 21, Government Transfers , this policy does not apply to Government Transfers. This chapter does not apply to disposals of government assets, which are covered under Chapter 8, Asset Management. The Procurement Practice Standard government access only provides supplemental policy guidance on the Procurement obligations specified within this chapter. The Capital Asset Management Framework provides guidelines and tools to support procurement activities related to capital asset management. The objective of this chapter is to establish Procurement policies that support the Procurement principles identified in the Procurement Services Act and applicable Trade Agreements including:.

not Reportable Securities: (1) direct obligations of the U.S. Government; Requirements for the Provision of Investment Management Services.

When running for election in , McGuinty promised to continue the Ontario electricity rate freeze that Tory premier Ernie Eves had introduced in November of The Eves rate freeze had a superficial appeal to some voters, but was weakening the power system. Once elected, McGuinty quickly reversed his electoral promise and cancelled the rate freeze. Dwight Duncan explained simply, clearly and honestly that consumers had to pay the real cost of energy, that deficit financing electricity was irresponsible.

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Cost proposal preparation for a government contract can be divided into three stages: pre-proposal, proposal, and post-proposal.

Subpart This part prescribes policies and procedures governing competitive and noncompetitive negotiated acquisitions. A contract awarded using other than sealed bidding procedures is a negotiated contract see Deficiency is a material failure of a proposal to meet a Government requirement or a combination of significant weaknesses in a proposal that increases the risk of unsuccessful contract performance to an unacceptable level. Proposal modification is a change made to a proposal before the solicitation closing date and time, or made in response to an amendment, or made to correct a mistake at any time before award.

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)/Integrated Master Plan (IMP) Application

He also holds a Ph. GEU is a fructification of his cherished dream. Joshi Former Prof. Read More. Graphic Era has a track record of a high number of quality research publications year on year, with students and faculty both driving cutting edge research in all domains.

Education Organisations details - Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd (Ashburton)

Education Organisations details - Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd (Ashburton)

Ara was created in when education providers CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic combined, bringing together two well-established organisations and over years of combined experience and success. We are a government owned institution with a reputation for providing high quality degree, diploma, certificate and English language programmes.

Each year we have two semesters: Semester one runs from late January or early February to June, while semester two runs from July through to late November or December. Ara offers a range of applied learning opportunities and qualifications from certificates and diplomas up to bachelor degrees and graduate diplomas. Subjects available to study at ARA include:.

With the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Southern Alps to the west, our environment is one of extraordinary natural beauty. Christchurch city is vibrant, friendly, cosmopolitan, clean and safe and offers its almost , inhabitants a unique lifestyle. In , Lonely Planet ranked Christchurch ranked one of the top ten cities in the world to visit.

In short, Canterbury is a great place to study, live and play! Powered by Drupal. Skip to main content. The Rakaia Centre at Ara. Photo credit: Ara International Students at Ara. Photo credit: Ara.

More Information Facilities and student support There are two campus sites for international students in the cities of Christchurch and Timaru.

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Project Management Cookbook Part 3 (ARA) Feb16 I've taught many workshops on basic problem solving over the years at various companies. This 3 part.

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With over 2, staff and over years' experience, Ara Institute of Canterbury is one of New Zealand's largest tertiary institutions. We are a government guaranteed institution with a reputation for providing high quality degree, diploma, certificate and English programmes. Ara provides a personalised learning experience; one that is flexible and respectful of our students' educational needs and career goals. We help you to succeed with your studies and make the most of the time you spend living in New Zealand.

We have immediate need for a Project Lead for an exciting new support project. This position is full-time 35 hours per week.

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Operations & Production Management (Graduate Diploma)

Operations & Production Management (Graduate Diploma)

Te Reo Māori · Te Ara Oranga · Cultural competency - Te Tiriti o Waitangi in human resources, operations and production, or project management.

Please consider supporting us on Paypal. Ara Institute of Canterbury is a vibrant and progressive tertiary institute providing world-class, tertiary-level education throughout the Canterbury and Waitaki region. Ara was created in when education providers CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic merged, bringing together two well-established organisations and over years of collective experience and success. Ara Institute of Canterbury have five campuses throughout the South Island. We offer nationally recognised and highly regarded certificates, diplomas, degrees and graduate qualifications.

In software developer Braeden Dillon began working part-time for Entuitive to complete his final year project for Ara Institute of Canterbur y. Datanest cofounder, Tom Davies, pitched Braeden a project where he would work with software that could automatically compare site soil sample results to various national and international environmental standards.

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Learn how to deliver your projects within budget, on time, with high quality results. Participants will learn to define, plan and manage projects using approaches that allow flexibility whilst retaining rigorous control of cost, budget and schedule. Introduces the widely used critical path project management methodology.

Lorcaserin is the first approved serotonin 5-HT 2C receptor agonist. The phentermine and topiramate extended-release combination is thought to work by suppressing appetite, reducing caloric intake and energetic efficiency, and increasing energy expenditure. The pathophysiology of obesity is complex and multifactorial, involving physiological, genetic, and behavioral components. A certain amount of stored fat is required for survival during times of malnutrition or starvation.

Multicenter placebo controlled trial of lorcaserin for weight management

BLOOM: Behavioral Modification and Lorcaserin for Overweight and Obesity Management

The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has approved three anti-obesity drugs for long-term management in the past decade.

The mean weight loss was calculated for the full analysis set, which comprised all randomized individuals exposed to trial drug with at least one post-randomization weight assessment. Review Article. Korean Journal of Family Medicine ;40 2 Published online: March 20, Abstract The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has approved three anti-obesity drugs for long-term management in the past decade.

Very few patients with obesity can resist hunger and select low-energy-density foods when facing the excess availability of high-energy-density foods. Moreover, very few patients with obesity can maintain an active daily life given the present social prevalence of sedentary lifestyles. Thus, obesity specialists are constantly seeking passive methods of weight reduction.

Serotonergic Satiety in Brain Serotonin 5-hydroxytryptophan, 5-HT is a monoamine neurotransmitter that is been well conserved across species throughout evolution [ 5 ]. The 5-HT system and receptors are quite varied and the 5-HT receptors have been grouped into seven families, 5-HT 1 to 5-HT 7 , which include 14 known subtypes [ 5 ]. Although 5-HT has been conserved well throughout evolution, 5-HT systems are different in invertebrate animals and mammals. Although 5-HT neurons are broadly distributed throughout the CNS in lophotrochozoan invertebrates, they are concentrated largely in the raphe nucleus in mammals [ 6 ].

GLP-1 can activate the hepatic vagal nerve and the vagal afferent fibers of nodose ganglion neurons [ 16 , 17 ]. Similarly, the hypophagic effect of liraglutide was sustained in rats with subdiaphragmatic vagal deafferentation[ 19 ]. According to these findings, putatively, the neural pathway through the vagus nerve is responsible for a large part of the influence of endogenous gut-derived GLP-1 on the brain, whereas peripherally administered long-acting GLP-1 RAs act directly on brain GLP-1 RAs through the humoral pathway.

However, the weight loss effect of liraglutide does not appear to depend on the delay in gastric emptying, at least in rats. This is the reason for stepwise up-titration in the administration of liraglutide to the patients. The hypophagic effect of liraglutide does not rely on the neural pathway through the vagus nerve, and it is independent of GLP-1 receptors in the area postrema and the paraventricular nucleus [ 19 ].

In addition, the activation of GLP-1 receptors suppressed the reward system activity of mesolimbic dopamine neurons to highly palatable food intake, which may be a mechanism through which liraglutide demonstrates its hypophagic effect [ 21 ]. GLP-1 can induce direct thermogenesis. It was demonstrated that GLP-1 increased thermogenesis in rats, mediated by the lower brainstem and the sympathoadrenal system, with a larger increase observed from intravenous administration than from intracerebroventricular administration [ 22 ].

Consequently, naltrexone was administered to patients with obesity in several clinical trials in the s to induce weight loss in humans, but the results were unsuccessful [ 38 , 39 ]. Although the weight loss effects of bupropion and naltrexone in humans were not satisfactory, in vivo electrophysiology studies by Greenway et al. Animal studies, preclinical, and clinical trials of NB showed that this combination had a greater weight loss effect compared with previous results for the monotherapy of each drug [ 40 - 44 ].

The molecular size and structure of albiglutide and dulaglutide are completely different from endogenous GLP-1; therefore, it is difficult for them to cross BBB and act on the hypothalamic neurons through the humoral pathway. Of the six GLP-1 RAs, only liraglutide and semaglutide were researched for long-term weight management; liraglutide is currently available in Korea. There have been several large phase 2 and 3 clinical trials for these drugs in the treatment of obesity and the participants and mean weight loss results are summarized in Table 3 [ 28 - 32 ].

As shown in the clinical trials, the weight reduction effect of liraglutide was modest mean weight loss from Unlike liraglutide, semaglutide can be administered orally. Oral semaglutide in a tablet form is co-formulated with the absorption enhancer sodium N-[8 2-hydroxybenzoyl amino] caprylate. In a clinical trial of daily administered oral semaglutide 2.

Putatively, in some areas, bariatric surgery can be replaced with semaglutide. Beyond obesity treatment, liraglutide has some other potential clinical uses. Patients with schizophrenia have high mortality rate; one of the primary causes of their death is cardiovascular disease [ 50 ]. Although anti-psychotic drugs are effective for the treatment of schizophrenia, they induce weight gain and adverse metabolic effects in patients with schizophrenia [ 51 ].

In a small clinical trial, liraglutide improved glucose tolerance and reduced body weight in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders on clozapine or olanzapine [ 52 ]. Bariatric surgery induces a large weight reduction in patients with morbid obesity and substantial remission of T2DM.

It is certain that obesity increases cardiovascular risk and that weight reduction can ameliorate risk. However, similar to the glycemic control achieved with anti-diabetic drugs, there is little evidence on whether the weight reduction induced by anti-obesity drugs can decrease or postpone cardiovascular events in patients with obesity.

Conversely, several anti-obesity drugs, including fenfluramine and sibutramine, were banned from market owing to their deleterious effects on the cardiovascular system [ 2 ]. The results of the trials are summarized in Table 4. In the lorcaserin group, there was no increase in the risk of cardiovascular events during the trial. The liraglutide group administered up to 1. However, the safety of NB for cardiovascular events was not confirmed, because trial was terminated prematurely owing to early data release.

In addition, the cardiovascular safety or efficacy of the higher dosage of liraglutide 3. Of these three trials, the major cardiovascular events and all-cause death rates were clearly higher in the liraglutide trial LEADER ; this may have been because the proportion of patients with diabetes, the proportion of established cardiovascular disease, and the level of glycated hemoglobin were higher.

The purpose of this study is to assess the safety and weight loss effect of lorcaserin at the end of the first year of treatment Week 48 in overweight and Chinese adult obese patients compared to placebo. For untreated co-morbid conditions, the condition must be considered by the Investigator as clinically stable. This content was sourced from clinicaltrials. Trial Information. Status: Terminated. Location: See all 9 locations

Eligible patients were assigned randomly to either lorcaserin 10 mg BID or placebo. Approximately 96% of patients completed the study, and 62%.

New Treatment Modalities for Obesity

Obesity is a complex disease influenced by many neurohormonal pathways which regulate body weight toward homeostasis. Presently, the disease of obesity effects over a billion individuals worldwide with scalable treatment options in dire need. Pharmacologic interventions for obesity have been developed to help promote weight loss in individuals with obesity. This area is rapidly developing and will only exponentially increase to serve the demand for persons with obesity seeking biologically orientated solutions to treat their disease. Therefore, understanding the cardiovascular risks and benefits of these weight loss medications is of particularly importance due to obesities strong association with cardiovascular CV disease risk. Moreover, past experiences with pharmacotherapy agents with weight loss properties have demonstrated an association with adverse CV outcomes, leading to market removal, in most cases and concerns over using similar medications. To better understand the CV risks and benefits pharmacotherapy agents used for weight loss, this review will discuss medications which are FDA-approved for weight loss, as well as medications commonly used off-label for this indication. The goal is to provide an overview of the risks and benefits many of these medications can offer to help guide clinical decision making and patient education. It is estimated that obesity afflicts million adults and million children worldwide 1. The leading cause of death and contributor to disability-adjusted life-years among adults with obesity remains cardiovascular CV disease 2.

Obesity is a serious, chronic, relapsing disease of energy regulation with strong genetic and early-life environmental determinants. Pharmacotherapy currently plays a major role in managing diseases of dysregulation, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM , dyslipidaemia and cancer.

Novel Oral Anti-Obesity Agents: New Perspectives with Lorcaserin?

lorcaserin for Weight Gain

Corresponding author: Cheol-Young Park. Type 2 diabetes and obesity have a complex relationship; obesity is linked to insulin resistance, the precursor to type 2 diabetes. The management of obesity is an important method to delay onset of diabetes and improve the glycemic durability of antidiabetic agents. However, insulin and some of the oral hypoglycemic agents used to treat diabetes cause significant weight gain, and it is difficult for patients with diabetes to reduce and maintain their weight by life-style changes alone. Thus, antiobesity medications or bariatric surgery may be a necessary adjunct for certain obese patients with diabetes.

placebo) [47] clinical trials. Meta-analysis suggests kg additional weight loss and an OR of for achieving 5% weight loss with lorcaserin relative.

Multicenter, placebo-controlled trial of lorcaserin for weight management.

Obesity is a serious and growing worldwide health challenge associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, some cancers, sleep apnea, asthma, and nonalcoholic fatty liver. Long-term medications for obesity have traditionally fallen into two major categories: centrally acting anorexiant medications and peripherally acting medications, such as orlistat. In this paper, we provide an overview of the anti-obesity medications currently available for the long-term and individualized treatment of obesity. Obesity is a serious and growing worldwide health challenge associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM , cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, certain types of cancers, sleep apnea, asthma, and nonalcoholic fatty liver.

This trial is evaluating whether lorcaserin will improve 1 primary outcome and 12 secondary outcomes in patients with Weight Gain. Measurement will happen over the course of At initial visit and at week 12 of the study.

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During his time in Freehold Borough he oversaw the construction of major additions and renovations at the Park Avenue Complex and Freehold Learning Center. As the financial leader of our schools he worked with the community to double the amount of state aid Freehold Borough receives to ensure all of our students receive a thorough and efficient education. Before coming to Freehold Borough he worked as the Assistant Business Administrator for a large school district in Middlesex County overseeing operations and finance. Prior to his career in education he was a certified public accountant working with the state and federal government.

Eric Burnside Business Administrator / Board Secretary. e: [email protected] p: () f: () Andrea Del Guerico.

School Business Administrator

We remain true to these words, and we live them every day. But these are more than words to Middle Township Public Schools. This mission is our living guide for the way we approach educating our students. Yes, we strive to give our students an excellent education, but even more, we work to encourage them to be their authentic selves and to have the skills to think and reason within an ever evolving and changing world. Educating students goes beyond academics. Our students must be equipped not just with 21st century skills, but with the ability to expand and enhance them. We want our students to be able to leverage the education they receive at MTPS to benefit the community, region, state, nation, and world. Our curriculum and the opportunities offered to our students at Middle Township Public Schools are designed to help them see beyond the boundaries of traditional education.

Duties of School Business Administrator-Board Secretary

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Ensure that all district fiscal, insurance, custodial-maintenance, food, and transportation services comply with the policies of the Board and the regulations of the district;.

We prefer someone who may be interested in attaining their School Business Administrator certification, but it is not a requirement. No phone calls or emails, please. Use this site to attach any items. County Bergen. Knowledge of accepted business practices, laws and regulations governing school districts related to budget preparation and administration, risk management, purchasing, transportation, food services, school plant operations and facility planning, or is willing and able to study and attend training to gain this knowledge Minimum experience as determined by the board Required criminal history background check and proof of U. Demonstrated organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.


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EMPLOYMENT OF SCHOOL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR/BOARD SECRETARY. The Board of Education training and/or experience in the fields of: economics; law;.

Hillsborough School Business Administrator Abruptly Resigns

The Hillsborough Board of Education held a special meeting on Dec. However, since the meeting was announced the Board has become aware of matters "and has determined that these matters are of such urgency and importance that a delay for providing adequate notice would be likely to result in substantial harm to the public interest," read Board President Jean Trujillo at the meeting. The board voted and accepted Mahmoud's resignation effective immediately.

NJSBA offers a wide variety of training and professional development opportunities. View the list of upcoming programs and register today. NJSBA is designated as the official provider of this training. Courses cover a range of topics including governance, leadership, finance, labor, policy, school law, sustainability and iSTEAM. Workshop is the largest professional development event for school leaders in New Jersey.

Candidates are reminded to check their email for information to access classes. Thank you for your flexibility.

Community Relations Committee:. The Education Committee reviews matters related to existing or new curricula and educational programs. Some of the functions of the Committee are:. The Finance Committee works with the Business Administrator and Superintendent with regard to district finances. Some of the functions of the Finance Committee are:. The function of the Liaison Chairperson is to work with the Superintendent and meet with the Kinnelon Education Association and the Kinnelon Administrators Association. The Liaison Chair can then act as a communication link between district staff and the Board of Education.

All candidates for administrative and supervisory certification, except as indicated in N. The following administrative endorsements are available:. Specific details on the coursework and requirements for obtaining New Jersey administrative certification are available in the New Jersey Licensing Code starting on page

A point of view outside your network is absolutely essential, seeing what others see is a useful thing with a variety of network problems. A great example would be to launch a traceroute from 80 servers in different networks and quickly get the results instead of waiting till somebody has the time to run some tests for you. Admission to the project is discretionary and judged by perceived value for the RING as a whole. If your application is for an additional machine in a covered ASN, please contact us first. If you would like to join, please fill out the application form. You may choose to deploy the server directly on physical hardware or as a VM.

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You can also learn a lot about their approach to troubleshooting and analysis of data, whether they can turn it into useful information and communicate that. Skip to content. This entry was posted in Network and tagged internet , nanog , python , rancid. Bookmark the permalink. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Operating Instructions This site best viewed with a high blood caffeine level and your monitor upside down.

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Cancer Res 15 September ; 77 18 : — Cancer immunoediting drives the adaptation of tumor cells to host immune surveillance. Immunoediting driven by antigen Ag -specific T cells enriches NANOG expression in tumor cells, resulting in a stem-like phenotype and immune resistance. Importantly, HDAC inhibition synergized with Ag-specific adoptive T-cell therapy to control immune refractory cancers. Cancer Res; 77 18 ; —

The tests reported at NANOG were over a single IP hop between just two routers SpeechWorks and Nuance Communications are developing hands-free software.

Managing IP Networks with Free Software - NANOG Archive · PDF file –List of routers,...

Embryonic stem cells ES cells have been a fundamental resource in gene engineering and regenerative medicine. It has been known that various transcription factors play crucial roles in the regulation of pluripotency of ES cells. Time lapse analysis in live cells has provided essential information regarding the temporal regulation of such pluripotency regulators. It has been considered that the interactions between a cell and its surrounding neighbors are also an important determinant to regulate the expression of pluripotency regulators. Therefore, analyzing the cellular behaviors in three-dimensional 3D culture systems, which can mimic the actual in vivo environment more closely than traditional monolayer cell cultures, is an indispensable strategy to assess the regulatory functions in ES cells. Time lapse movie : Play. Four colonies at the beginning of the experiment arrows gradually fused each other and became a large colony. B Z stack images of this colony at 48 hour in culture. Bars with different colors represent different colonies in A.

I was reminded by dritans tweet that there a lot of great NANOG presentations which tend to get buried amongst the archives. This is a terrific primer for those who have never dug deep into traceroute tools, how they work and what they can show you. You can also learn a lot about their approach to troubleshooting and analysis of data, whether they can turn it into useful information and communicate that. Skip to content.

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Getting Started and Basics. Sample YAML documents describing common data structures. A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. JavaScript JS is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions. A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients. Machine learning is a way of modeling and interpreting data that allows a piece of software to respond intelligently.

The other presentation I was reminded of is Managing IP Networks with Free Software [KB PDF] by Joe Abley and Stephen Stuart. It's getting on a bit.

Micetro overlay - No risk. Only rewards. No need to reinvent the wheel, use those same constructs in Micetro. Overlay DDI management lets you orchestrate your entire DDI environment from one place with no learning curve, built-in layered redundancy, and air-tight self-service processess.

Network Automation is a cross between the discipline of Network Infrastructure and the discipline of Programming. This list was created to serve as a one-stop shop for information related to Network Automation. A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. JavaScript JS is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions.

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