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Project manager manhattan institute for policy research

View Vaccine information. View TB information. South Africa is an information society, that is, a society which recognizes the creation, distribution, use, integration and manipulation of information as a significant economic, political, and cultural activity. The important role played by information as an important factor in the process of government administration and management has also been recognized by Governments world-wide including the Western Cape.

At the beginning of the year, we laid out a step-by-step roadmap for what Federal agencies need to do to comply with the deadline set by the National Archives and Records Administration NARA for managing all permanent electronic records electronically by December 31, Another key question — and step 8 on our roadmap — is creating and implementing appropriate records management policies.

Policies should also define roles: who has access to what records and who is responsible for what records management activities. Thus, policies should be written to be human-readable watch the legalese and government-speak and instructive. That can help staff to be more efficient and effective in managing records and information. Users should be able to program their records management tools and technologies with their policies, so that the system can automatically enforce them.

That way, the tool itself can prevent actions that are out of line with policy requirements while ensuring users follow proper protocols. For example, the tool should be able to enforce retention and disposal policies.

We wrote about evaluating electronic records management tools here. Policies can easily fall out of date and become less useful or, worse, counterproductive. Repeat 3 above — auditing policies — on at least an annual basis to ensure they remain relevant and compliant. PSL is a global outsource provider whose mission is to provide solutions that facilitate the movement of business-critical information between and among government agencies, business enterprises, and their partners.

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MHCLG: records and information management policy

Records management , also known as records and information management , is an organizational function devoted to the management of information in an organization throughout its life cycle , from the time of creation or receipt to its eventual disposition. This includes identifying, classifying, storing, securing, retrieving, tracking and destroying or permanently preserving records. An organization's records preserve aspects of institutional memory. In determining how long to retain records, their capacity for re-use is important. Many are kept as evidence of activities, transactions, and decisions. Others document what happened and why.

Managing Federal Records for Departing Political Appointees. A Reminder to all Political Appointees and High Level officials that they are responsible for.

Records Management Regulations, Policy, and Guidance

Spotlight: Records Management Policy Issues for Government Agencies

Good recordkeeping by government supports accountability to the public and enables the preservation by the Archives of Manitoba of government records of lasting significance. Every day the government of Manitoba produces and receives large numbers of documents as it carries out its work.

Guidelines on records management in the Government

Guidelines on records management in the Government

Apr 17, Records Management. A well-executed policy will help to communicate responsibilities and expectations and foster a culture that recognises the value of recordkeeping practices. We touch on why a policy is valuable and elements of records management policy to consider when developing your own, along with PDF samples and online examples. Every organisation has recordkeeping responsibilities. Across all sectors in Australia, businesses are legally required to maintain certain records for a minimum length of time — for example tax, employment and financial records. In the public sector, these responsibilities extend farther.

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All our reading rooms are open at the Orange alert level. Remember, you'll need to show photo ID to be issued with records. Order records to view when you visit. An information and records management policy is a statement of intent for managing corporate information and records appropriately. It shows that the organisation is committed to a successful information and records management programme — one that complies and is reliable, systematic and well managed. The policy demonstrates to employees and stakeholders the value of business information: that managing information and records well is crucial to helping the organisation achieve its core objectives. It acknowledges that information and records are key assets, and that information and records management is a fundamental corporate function. It gives a clear directive from the senior management to all staff, describing acceptable information and records management behaviour.

Classification; Content management; Email management; Forms management; Government reorganization; Imaging management; Inactive records storage; Records in.

Good records management is essential for any corporate body to function effectively. Below is an introduction to records management looking at. Records management is the systematic control of an organisation's records, throughout their life cycle, in order to meet operational business needs, statutory and fiscal requirements, and community expectations.

The University is committed to creating and managing Records consistently throughout the University, and ensuring the integrity of Records for their whole life-cycle.

It is acknowledged that the development and implementation of the recordkeeping framework and program will be progressive and evolve over time. The records management program operationalizes the Records Management Framework and this policy. NOTE: The management of some records types such as research data or legal records are subject to additional policy requirements — please refer to the Policy Library or contact Corporate Information Services if you are unsure what the requirements are or what policies relate to the record types you are responsible for. A University record is defined as recorded information, in any form, created or received by JCU or any person acting on behalf of JCU, in the transaction of business or the conduct of affairs and that provides evidence of such business or affairs. A record may exist in more than one form, for example as a paper letter, as a word document and as a scanned image. It should be noted that except in limited circumstances drafts are not considered a record. The University recognizes that corporate records play a critical role in:.

The role of PRONI in providing records management and guidance to public bodies including the creation of the Northern Ireland Records Management Standard and guidance for financial records. Due to the demands of recent legislation, in particular the Data Protection Act , the Freedom of Information Act FOI , and long standing legislation such as the Public Records Act NI , the records management function in public authorities needs a large investment in time, energy and resources. Members of PRONI's records management staff provide advice and guidance to those public servants and professionals who deal with the records management function in their respective organisations.

Difference between facility management and building administration

What is Facility Management (FM)in the Construction Industry?

For companies with distributed operations—retailers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics—facilities management can represent 10 to 25 percent of total indirect spending. Several recent developments, including fears of a recession, trade conflicts, tech disruption, and rising wages, have made cost cutting a higher priority in this area. But business leaders must strike a tricky balance to reduce non-core costs without affecting the performance of core operations.

Several economic factors have made outsourcing more relevant for facilities management. Growth is slowing across several large countries as they reach the tail end of current economic cycle. Far-reaching global trade conflicts have created unexpected changes in commodity and finished product prices. Meanwhile, increased tech disruptions in a handful of industries are pushing legacy companies to free up cash for technology investments. Last, lower unemployment rates are pushing wage rates higher for the best talent.

Before they outsource facility management to third parties, however, they review the appropriate mix of insourcing and outsourcing based on capability, cost, and coverage.

Several factors are altering the equation. One large retailer was seeking to prioritize tasks that could be handled more cost-effectively by a third-party vendor. Its team compiled a list of categories that should be kept in-house as well as those to outsource. In-house categories were determined based on which ones could be handled through a shared-services model with high utilization of internal labor.

Outsourced categories were defined by current specifications and, separately, by the essential level of service for the organization. Companies are exploring the integration of facilities management and related services in an effort to streamline management and improve performance.

It pursued a range of densification initiatives, including doubling up offices for employees of specific positions, converting excess conference rooms to offices, and reducing office sizes for certain functions, such as accounting or reception. Through these approaches, it increased the number of available seats by nearly 60 percent without expanding its footprint. As important, an internal survey found that employees viewed this reconfiguration favorably. Together, these categories form options along the continuums of space and well-being Exhibit 3.

A mining company sought to increase rig uptime and reduce maintenance spending, which accounted for 25 percent of operating expenses. An analysis determined that top drive and pipe handling accounted for 40 percent of all downtime and 10 percent of all maintenance spending. To support a predictive maintenance deployment, the company focused on five building blocks:.

These capabilities enabled it to reduce maintenance spending by 27 percent while increasing revenue from services thanks to higher reliability. Executives should consider the following factors to determine if now is the right time to adopt IoT for facilities management:.

Companies are experimenting with various applications of AR to support workers in selected tasks. A remote assisted maintenance toolkit, for example, includes endoscopic and thermal cameras, a microphone, and a portable computer. With these tools, the equipment operator can connect remotely to an expert, who can guide him through the maintenance procedure.

AR maintenance also offers operators support through an integrated helmet with special glasses and software that details proper maintenance procedures. Some companies will need to adjust their strategy, organizational capabilities, and culture. And considering that a few of these trends are still in their infancy, executives should focus on laying the foundation. Several actions can help. Many industries have traditionally kept facilities management on the backburner, but this category can be a goldmine of savings.

Companies should form a team that includes the COO, CIO, a facilities management leader, a strategic sourcing leader for facilities management or innovation , and a project management office leader, among others. Without alignment, facility management initiatives face a difficult path.

At one manufacturer, a factory manager set up a regular auditing cadence to review IFM initiatives with the finance team to ensure that savings flowed to the bottom line. Companies should develop a comprehensive, long-term category strategy to incorporate all facilities management trends.

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What is Facility Management › specialties › what-is-the-difference-between-facility-.

It includes all the support services required towards the upkeep and maintenance of the physical assets under its custody. Facilities Management comprises of multiple disciplines such as housekeeping, operations, utility management, property management, repairs and maintenance, safety and compliance, security of the physical assets. It delivers the service by integrating people, process, and technology with the place. Facilities Management professionals serve a wide range of industries including Corporate offices, factories and process plants, high rise buildings, educational institutions, hotels and hospitals, apartment complexes, public utilities, malls, sports centers and stadiums and other large campuses. Like other asset custodians and service providers, the primary goals of Facilities Maintenance Management are to ensure the smooth running of operations, minimize disruptions or failures and maximize the life of the assets. They deliver their services via. Special functions provided by Facilities Maintenance Management providers include hospitality services, property management, catering services, communication infrastructure management, etc. Being the professional staff managing corporate and other public facilities, the FM professional is often trained on first aid, fire and emergency preparedness, business continuity and disaster recovery operations and in rules enforcement within the premises. Facilities management is a fast growing discipline involving a full range of activities with multiple tasks. Some of them may be repeatable tasks performed over time, across various sub-units and following a specific schedule.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Whether you own a construction site, factory, educational building, or corporate office, you are sure to encounter numerous problems regarding its maintenance and organization. This is what facility management solutions are for: help facility managers and entrepreneurs ensure that their buildings are in tiptop shape and are being maximized at all times. You may have a fixed asset management system in place already, but it is not enough for complex assets. We have compiled a list of the 20 best facility management software to help you begin your search.

For companies with distributed operations—retailers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics—facilities management can represent 10 to 25 percent of total indirect spending. Several recent developments, including fears of a recession, trade conflicts, tech disruption, and rising wages, have made cost cutting a higher priority in this area.

What Makes Integrated Facilities Management So Important?

How Does Facility Management Software Help With Mailroom Management?

From time to time clients raise the question of the difference between corporate real estate and facilities management. But the two professions have distinct differences and responsibilities. Here we explore these differences and attempt to bring clarity to the issue. Facilities management is primarily an operational role. Facilities managers have the responsibility of managing the day to day operations of enterprise facilities including maintenance, repairs, utilities, energy management, landscaping, furniture acquisition, and in some cases physical security. Facilities managers are typically members of professional organizations such as IFMA International Facilities Management Association , which offers training and certification associated with facilities management disciplines. Corporate Real Estate CRE is distinct from FM in that it is primarily a transactional responsibility with focus on leasing of facilities for the enterprise including office, warehouse, data centers, manufacturing, and research facilities. CRE professionals manage the life cycle of property, beginning with site location, building design, acquisition, disposition, and in most cases leasing versus owning company properties.

But despite what some tenants and even administrators may think, facility management doesn't exist in a vacuum. Increasingly complex buildings.

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Facility Management

Official websites use.

Property Manager vs. Facility Manager: What’s the Difference?

Facility Operations

Notable alumni include government officials, academics, business leaders, Rhodes Scholars , Gates Cambridge Scholars , and Nobel laureates. McMaster University resulted from the outgrowth of educational initiatives undertaken by Baptists as early as the s. The new university, housed in McMaster Hall in Toronto, was sponsored by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec as a sectarian undergraduate institution for its clergy and adherents. The first courses—initially limited to arts and theology leading to a BA degree—were taught in , and the first degrees were conferred in As the university grew, McMaster Hall started to become overcrowded.

Through the s increased funding advanced the place of sciences within the institution. Its property was vested to McMaster and the university became a nondenominational institution eligible for public funding. In , with the support of the Ontario government, the university established a medical school and teaching hospital, graduating its first class of physicians in The main campus is bordered to the north by Cootes Paradise , an extensive natural marshland ; to the east and west by residential neighbourhoods; and to its south by Main Street West , a major transportation artery.

The West Campus is the least developed area of the main campus, containing only a few buildings, surface parking, and undeveloped land. The university's campus has gone through continuous development since The main campus's six original buildings are of Collegiate Gothic architecture, designed by William Lyon Somerville , who also laid out the initial campus plan.

They are now flanked by over fifty structures built predominantly from the s to s. The university's library system is a member of 31 organizations, including the Association of Research Libraries.

Additionally, the IRC seeks to advocate for residence students on issues they may face, such as facilities, dining, environment, and more, and provide opportunities for residence students to gain valuable leadership opportunities. They are an integral part of the McMaster residence community. The university was voted as the country's most vegan-friendly university through People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA for a number of years.

Consideration for the new building began in , when McMaster University had announced its initial intent to construct a new arts- and technology-intensive campus in partnership with the city of Burlington.

In , the City of Burlington, Halton Region, and McMaster University signed an official agreement laying out the timelines and next steps for the university's expansion into Burlington. The four-story, 8,square-metre 90, sq ft building is called the Ron Joyce Centre.

Subsequent to an applicant's acceptance, registrants to the class are placed based on their preference and geographical background. The offers given out by McMaster are bound to the assigned site.

The governance of the university is conducted through the board of governors and the senate, both of which were established in the Act to unite Toronto Baptist College and Woodstock College in The Board also consists of 34 other governors, either appointed or elected by the various members of the university's community, including elected representatives from the student body.

The senate is responsible for the university's academics, including standards for admission into the university and qualifications for degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The senate also consists of 51 other members, appointed or elected by the various communities of the university, including elected representatives of the student body.

The college ended its affiliation with McMaster in , after Brandon College became a non-denominational institution. The university has been registered as an educational charitable organization in Canada since 1 January As of , the university is registered primarily as a post-secondary institution, with 70 per cent of the charity dedicated to the management and maintenance of the university.

The Divinity College was originally the university's Faculty of Theology, before it was reorganized into a separately chartered, affiliated college of the university in Students may apply for financial aid such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program and Canada Student Loans and Grants through the federal and provincial governments.

The financial aid provided may come in the form of loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, fellowships, debt reduction, interest relief, and work programs. The university international student exchange agreements with over 70 universities outside Canada, enabling its students to earn credits while studying abroad. The McMaster Model is the university's policy for a student-centred, problem-based, interdisciplinary approach to learning.

In , McMaster's School of Medicine adopted progress testing , developing the personal progress index PPI , a system based on progress testing invented concurrently by the University of Missouri-Kansas City 's medical school and the Maastricht University. The PPI is used as an objective method for assessing acquisition and retention of knowledge for students in the medical program. Students typically score 20 per cent on their first examination, and increase by five to seven per cent with each successive examination.

McMaster University has placed in post-secondary school rankings. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities rankings, the university ranked 92nd in the world and fourth in Canada.

McMaster has received accolades for its research strengths, particularly in the field of health sciences. A McMaster research group led by David Sackett and later Gordon Guyatt had been credited for establishing the methodologies used in evidence-based medicine.

The main McMaster campus is on hectares acres of land near the residential neighbourhoods of Ainslie Wood and Westdale , adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It is a member of the U15 , a group of research-intensive universities in Canada. It opened in Toronto in Inadequate facilities and the gift of land in Hamilton prompted its relocation in McMaster University has over 27, undergraduate and over 4, post-graduate students. Notable alumni include government officials, academics, business leaders, Rhodes Scholars , Gates Cambridge Scholars , and Nobel laureates.

One of Canada's largest and leading providers of #ContinuingEducation, inspiring people to discover and achieve through lifelong learning since

Corsi convalidati per gli studenti dei corsi di laurea triennale del DEI

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential

McMaster University Continuing Education. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

For eligibility details, students are required to consult their Faculty Academic Advisors. In particular, they have been approved for advanced credit toward McMaster undergraduate degrees. Courses are scheduled evenings and weekends and delivered online to accommodate undergraduate students and working professionals. Online classes may consist of instructor-led, self-study, live virtual sessions, or a combination thereof. To learn more, please visit mcmastercce.

Apply your cumulative knowledge through a hands-on capstone project. Program Benefits. Curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning with minimal reliance on.

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Studies have shown that those who invest in project management training deliver higher quality results using fewer resources.

McMaster University

Working with the Assistant Director, the Program Manager will coordinate the development, management, implementation, promotion, and evaluation of a portfolio of programs including both for-credit and non-credit programs. This includes: modifying existing programs based on market research and analysis, establishing and cultivating contacts, marketing programs, and evaluating all aspects of programs including instructional quality, curriculum relevance, delivery mechanisms and fiscal viability. The Program Manager will demonstrate exceptional ability to manage multiple responsibilities and projects, as well as impecable attention to detail as they lead a team of contractors through the program development process.

Studying is a hard process. Still, these problems are not so serious. The hardest thing to do is to stay organized and disciplined. Here we have collected the best homework planner apps that will help you do all the tasks in time. Here comes one of the most available and premium homework planner apps ever! Now they use the collected data to make the app better.

Homework manager get organized

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Trello is a project management tool that enables project managers to handle tasks effectively. It allows users to automate tedious tasks, communicate, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere. While most people already know that Trello can be used for both work and personal projects, not everyone knows that it could also function efficiently as a tool for academic organization and productivity. Trello is unique and can make your research and studies easier because of its very flexible features. In addition to lots of flexibility, this project management tool can collaborate with other services like GitHub.

The lists on Trello have cards on which you can attach files, tasks, and labels for multiple projects. The tool is designed around a Kanban board — a system that features boards and cards, which can be very helpful for students. These boards and cards are the primary media for entering data on Trello. A Kanban board lets students and multiple teams organize their studies, manage their time, share ideas, take notes, and write ideas on academic projects using different boards.

Another interesting feature is the automation tool known as Butler. This tool helps users effectively manage their time and workflow and also keep files and multiple lists organized. Also, Butler can help students perform automated tasks even while they are away.

For example, Trello templates can organize notes, images, and videos and make them more easily accessible. How can students use Trello to stay organized for greater academic productivity?

One of the ways the tool can help students is by giving them access to college productivity kit templates. These templates are ideal for beginners, as they can give newbie users a head start in organizing their studies.

Ideally, this should contain homework that is not yet due but can be easily forgotten. By grouping your homework this way, you will be more organized as a student, and it can enhance your productivity. While this can be a great way to stay organized, it is more applicable for middle and high school students. Using these Trello templates to manage your activity as a student is a smart thing to do. Trello templates allow you to quickly create different boards and cards with one click instead of building project boards from scratch.

You can also upload images and even videos that are relevant to your study. Moreover, they can be shared with other students, thereby encouraging group work and sharing of knowledge.

One of the best and easiest ways to stay organized is by making notes and it's never been easier than with the Notes app. This one makes it.

With Microsoft Planner, you can collaborate on a project with a team, see progress reports, and track individual assignments. Select the App launcher , All apps , then Planner. To pin Planner to the top level of the app launcher, select the three dots, then Pin to launcher. Planner works with Microsoft groups. When you select New plan to create a plan in Planner, a new group is created with the same name, unless you select Add to an existing group. Select a plan in your Planner hub in Recent plans or All plans. To make a plan a favorite, select the three dots Add a Planner tab in Teams to make it convenient to collaborate with your team on your plan, have conversations, and share files all in one place. Select or clear the checkboxes to select your notification preferences, and select Save.

Use these time management tips to stay productive and manage stress throughout the term. Book an appointment with a Peer Success Coach for personalized help figuring out how to improve your time management.

Time Management and Organization Apps for Students

Time Management and Organization Apps for Students

Do you want to find the best homework planner apps that can help keep you organized? Check out this article! Being a student is like having a full-time job, given all the things that you have to accomplish. Having homework is both a good thing and a bath thing. Luckily, there are homework planners that can help you keep organized and submit everything on time.

When I was in college and graduate school, I know managing time was not my forte. Work demands plus deadlines for school projects and exams made some times of the year beyond stressful—so stressful that I would forget whether I even did simple things like return a phone call or brush my teeth. Of course, I have to be honest and say that it is not much better today, now that I am a professor and single mother of two pre- and elementary school kids. I know that I am not alone in this; many people struggle with managing their time to get things done. One reason that time management is difficult is due to the planning fallacy —something that occurs when people underestimate how long it will take to finish a task, even if they have done the task before.

These homework apps can help keep them organized and on top of their to-do lists. Class Manager lets you set reminders of when homework is due and get.

3 Tips for Keeping a Handle on College Homework

Distractions and lack of organization. Thankfully, the technology our kids are using that distracts them, is the same technology that can make a huge difference in their ability to focus, get and stay organized and ultimately, do better in school. Being organized can also help our kids avoid wasting time, reduce their stress and, believe it or not, even help them sleep better. A great app for middle, high school and college students, myHomework Student Planner is a favorite among students.

Managing everything you have to do as a student can seem like a full-time job. With so many classes, activities, club meetings, and homework assignments thrown at you every day, it can be very overwhelming to keep track of it all.

What is Management?

What is Management?

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