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Role of business manager at apple retail

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It helps IT administrators to automate deployment of iOS/iPadOS, macOS and tvOS devices in organizations, manage roles in organizations and.

Business Manager. Apple Valley, CA. Job Type. Job Level. Date Posted. Opens new tab. Summary:The Business Manager leads a team responsible for support of the Project Team through monitoring financial information related to projects and programs within an assigned Region or Division. The Business Manager will completely understand the business, its context, and will manage implications of construction and project accounting within the assigned Region or Division. Responsibilities:The Business Manager is actively engaged in the management of the overall project control function and provides timely reporting, accurate budget and forecast analyses to management and stakeholders.

Members and staff must go to a special, secured online portal to install apps instead of using Apple's App Store for official business which helps ensure members use licensed apps. Bloomberg -- Apple Inc. All of these roles can lead to higher up roles within Apple Retail, such as store and area manager roles. Or even Profit Centre management positions and.

I would wager a coffee that anyone can learn to appreciate it in the same amount of time it takes to drink a cup! Apple Business Manager ABM is a service provided for administrators to enable rapid, consistent, and simple deployment of Apple products. Ever suffered this inevitable issue?

If you run a company, you know how much work onboarding a new employee can be.

Select "Forgot Apple ID or password. Date of birth. In case of manual Redmine installation, default user is set as.

Enterprise content management vs web content management

Enterprise content management vs web content management

Why you need a Content Management System (CMS) for your company?

An enterprise content management ECM system can significantly improve business efficiency, reduce costs and increase employee and customer satisfaction. ECM software brings measurable value to almost any department within a company: accounting, human resources, sales, legal and more can all benefit.

Simply put, enterprise content management ECM digitizes, controls and automates the flow of unstructured information within a company, which is the messy information that exists outside structured database environments. For example:. Typically, ECM systems handle the capture, reading and indexing of information; provide opportunities to annotate, edit or improve the information; and offer robust workflow and automation tools to ensure that information gets to the right people at the right time.

Documents are available from anywhere, and security and compliance are safeguarded. Even mobile users have access to all necessary data, allowing multiple employees to access the same document in parallel. In addition, with robust audit logging and analytics capabilities, organizations have a record of who accessed, changed or removed documents and when.

These document management capabilities are enhanced by digital workflow automation. Digital workflow enables an organization to establish predictable, repeatable, measurable processes that remove the need for manual data entry and eliminate the possibility of losing information.

The easiest way to think about document management is as a subset of the broader ECM capability set. Document management covers many of the core features such as capturing, indexing, archiving, automating and controlling information, but typically only with respect to the information found in documents. A complete ECM system might manage information from web content, social media accounts, and other highly dynamic and scalable information sources that are outside the boundaries of a document.

For larger organizations, this can be immensely valuable. For many smaller organizations, document management may suffice. The value of ECM can be realized in organizations of any size , despite the leading word. Enterprise content management sounds like a complex process — and it certainly can be. But once you understand some of the terms and processes involved in ECM, it makes it less of an alien technical process and more of a business process that's somewhat familiar. Check out some of the glossary terms below to get more acquainted with ECM systems.

The goal of this step is to demonstrate the need for the ECM system with actual projections and numbers, illustrating potential ROI, as well as to confirm the suitability of your chosen solution. Once your solution is given the go ahead, you can begin to draft and deliver communication about the upcoming change to others. The goal isn't to overwhelm people with details about a change that hasn't yet arrived but to prepare them with logical reasons that the change is necessary.

Proactively communicating about any type of tech implementation helps generate future buy-in at every level, which is important to success. Start by pulling together a team of stakeholders and subject matter experts who can help you implement an enterprise content management solution. Some people you choose for the team might include:.

Documents you may want to create include:. Armed with this documentation in hand, begin training your administrators and power users. These users can put the system through all its paces during testing time. During that time, glitches and concerns can be addressed quickly and without upsetting overall productivity. If you're implementing ECM software one department at a time, you might have a small team of testers from the department you're currently implementing in.

If you plan to implement the solution across the enterprise, recruit testers from every functional unit you can. They'll all be concerned about different aspects of the system. It's tempting to choose the best and brightest to test your system. And while your top employees may certainly be likely to spot important issues and communicate them to the team, it's also a good idea to include other employees to ensure the system works well for everyone.

Not all enterprise content management software is equal. Some providers focus on the enterprise market: thousands of users with complex installations that take many months to deploy because of the necessary professional services. Other providers specialize in the small- to mid-size market with as few as five to ten users.

While analyst reports are important points of research, they are written only by a few industry experts based on established ranking criteria and updated only once per year. Equally important are reviews from actual users of the software. This provides a real-world set of pros and cons that should be taken seriously in identifying the best enterprise content management software.

Here are four key sources of user reviews. User reviews are based on a five-star system with pros and cons. Visit G2. Reviews of DocuWare at G2. User reviews are based on a five-star system with industry information. Peer Insights is owned by Gartner. Visit Peer Insights. Reviews of DocuWare at Peer Insights.

Visit Capterra. Reviews of DocuWare at Capterra. User reviews are based on a five-star system with clear pros and cons to help you evaluate the strengths of different ECM systems.

Visit Software Advice. Reviews of DocuWare at Software Advice. Enterprise content management software is an important tool for all types of businesses. It can help you achieve benefits that improve your bottom line, enhance sales, increase efficiencies and even boost employee morale. But getting to those benefits requires a strong ECM implementation. Contact us today. Document archiving: security and safety standards Get your ebook.

Digitize every invoice with intelligent indexing to securely store for instant retrieval. Automate approval notifications to expedite payments and keep your team on track. Learn more. Digitize your paper records and get rid of disorganized shared drives.

Enterprise Content Management vs. Web Content Management: What’s Right for Your Organization

Our extensive background and experiences in the service and support of world class products has taught us that off-the-shelf products often have gaps when applied to real world usage. We keep in mind client goals and objectives and collaborate with them on the best ways to implement a product for their company and their users. In order to create the best user experience and system adoption we sometimes go beyond a custom configuration and create a product that fills in a gap or bridges differing products. Sometimes we feel that these are commonly occurring business challenges and productize these solutions. Unstructured content is the life blood of our client's business. It can exist in physical formats, or electronic formats such as Word and Excel, imaged documents, email, or online content.

WCM/WCMS vs. ECM Summary · An Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) to manage your documents, “raw” data, and to ensure built-in compliance with official.

Document management and content management are closely related. On the surface, they appear to be the same thing, but when you begin to analyze document management vs content management, you begin to see the differences. If your business is looking to implement a document management system DMS or a content management system CMS , you may be left wondering which one is right for you. Document management software is specifically designed to hold business documents that multiple users can organize, create, edit and access. A content management system applies to several content types like text, video and images, all of which are published publicly through a website. Technically yes, you can use a CMS to create and store text-based documents. Microsoft SharePoint is a document management system that also includes some traditional CMS features.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Top-performing product configurator including fully automated price calculation and quote generation.

Top 10 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Systems in 2021

Enterprise content management system assists enterprises in managing their digital content by supplying the capabilities required to handle business documents from creation to disposition. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 9 best enterprise content management systems , along with my top 4 choices, so that you can pick the best one for your organization. For small to large businesses. High customer satisfaction rate. Medium to large businesses. Contact me , if you want to your product to be reviewed. An enterprise content management system is used by enterprises to manage their content.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - software to manage the scanning, storage, organization and retrieval of physical documents; Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Content management has been around for as long as the content itself. As more and more content is created, it becomes increasingly important to process and store this content in a manageable form. Over the years, the content itself has changed form from paper and physical copies to digital form. Various systems have been developed to manage content.

The information management space is pretty terminology-intensive. How else could it be?

They are a collaborative method of composing, editing, publishing, sharing and storing documentation. Documentation can be anything from word publishing and data files to web pages and multimedia presentations. Entire applications can be stored on, and executed from, a CMS.

The first: Project management is one of the most powerful tools to organize your workflow and prevent chaos from setting in. Regardless of the approach used, project management will define the criteria that will manage the flow of work within the organization. The second: Ensure an alignment between the effort undertaken and the delivery of value. It is necessary to understand the objective and benefits that the project will bring to your client and your organization. Project management defines the value chain and measures the benefits.

This is your elevator pitch. You should be able to summarize it in a minute or two — or roughly the time it takes to travel from one floor to another in an elevator. This is where you give your stakeholders a very quick history lesson. You can also talk about market opportunities here: Discuss the current industry landscape, and explain why your project is timely. Be as direct, narrow, and specific as possible.

Now you can expand upon your executive summary. Talk more about your vision and goal, your timeframes, deliverables, resources, budget including return on investment , limits, and opportunities. You may find it helpful to create a SWOT diagram at this stage to help you organize your thoughts and flesh out your proposal.

Show stakeholders you will bring clarity and organization to the project from kick-off to completion. Who gets to give your project the green light? Are there several people you need to involve in the sign-off process?

When you fill these sections with info, think about the kinds of questions your stakeholders are likely to ask. Here are some common questions to get you started:. So treat the proposal as a mini-project itself. Take the time to carefully research your market and gather data, so you can speak confidently on the subject and answer any questions not already addressed in your project proposal. Remember: Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Make the details easy to understand at a glance so you can focus on wowing stakeholders with the benefits. And once you have buy-in? Invest in flexible project management software, such as Backlog , so you can track every piece of work, create a running history of every project, and make your project as smooth and successful as your winning proposal. Please try again. Sorry…something went wrong. Please try again later.

How to create a killer project proposal. Georgina Guthrie in Project Management. A project proposal comes first. Its main goal is to convince the stakeholders or boss that your project is worth their time and money. And a project charter is a short summary of all the roles, goals, and boundaries or scope of your project.

Authorization Who gets to give your project the green light? Appendix This where you add all your supporting documents and explain any specialist terms.

Renewal : This is a project proposal you create when a project is over or resources are gone to start again or start a project similar to one that has been completed. Supplemental : This is when you figure out mid-project that you need more resources time, money, team members than initially anticipated. This proposal will give an update and justifications to your stakeholders as to why you need more.

How to anticipate tricky questions When you fill these sections with info, think about the kinds of questions your stakeholders are likely to ask. What are the benefits for your organization? What are the benefits for the end-user? What are the deliverables?

How long will the project take, what are your key milestones, and how will you meet them? How will you generate reports and show progress? Are there any risks? How will you measure success? Final thoughts Remember: Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Collaborate and bring your projects to life with Backlog Try it free! Georgina Guthrie Georgina is a displaced Brit currently working in France as a freelance copywriter. Before moving to sunnier climates, she worked as a B2B agency writer in Bristol, England, which is also where she was born.

What is an elevator pitch? You might ask. An elevator pitch is a short summary of your background and experience, i. Here are our tips for perfecting your elevator pitch:.

Imagine that you just stepped into an elevator with the hiring manager from My work has been called “project management” and “technical team leading” by.

How to Get Your Elevator Pitch for Change Right

Presenting your project with an elevator pitch

There, I said it. I mean, how many times have you heard this fantasy elevator pitch scenario? Or all three of them. So… what do you do?

After all, when you only have a few breaths to pitch your services and expertise, stumbling through your speech can make you look ill-prepared and lacking self-confidence.

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch - 5+ Pitch Examples Included

An elevator pitch is your chance to quickly describe your work and start a conversation. Although your pitch will take different forms, a successful one will:. To develop the pitch, focus on the purpose, audience, and context. Once you have a pitch for a specific situation, minor changes can help it fit many situations. Below are three common purposes and what to include in each case.

Not just for interviews, but for recruitment opportunities that are sometimes thrust upon you. An elevator pitch is typically no longer than 30 — 40 seconds, no longer than a quick conversation in a lift. It should typically include an introduction to who you are, your current or last job title and what makes you a good candidate for the role you are interviewing for. The whole point of a pitch is to make sure you have got the interviewers attention; you want them interested and ready to ask you more questions. The first thing you typically do in an interview is say hello and introduce yourself. You want to tell them why you want this role, what it will do for your career and how it will help you get where you want to be. You also want to add in a little bit about why you would be good for the job, just to finish off the introduction.

An Elevator Pitch for Project Management. Written by Kiron Bondale on August 25, Posted in Articles. If you have been involved with project.

Mike Simpson 0 Comments. The doors open and a woman in a sharp looking business suit steps in with you. She looks over and sees the top floor button is already lit. She smiles and in that instant a current of nervous energy rips through your body.

What Is an Elevator Pitch and How Do You Write One?

This elevator speech and was developed by the Knowledge Management Working Group now the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative GHKC to provide an effective and adaptable argument and pitch for the development and implementation of a knowledge management KM strategy for a project or organization in global health and development.

A good elevator pitch can be the difference between landing your next big opportunity or falling short of the competition. But the reality is, people want to have meaningful conversations without the forced sales pitch. So how do you pitch yourself during a job interview or client meeting with authenticity? You'll also learn about additional operational resources to keep your business running efficiently using team collaboration tools. An elevator pitch, also known as an elevator speech, is an opportunity to share a quick summary of yourself and your product offerings.

You never know when the opportunity of a lifetime will walk through the door… or step onto an elevator. But what exactly is an elevator pitch, and how do you make a good one? What types of elevator pitches can you choose from, and when is the best time to use each? Therefore, it is a good idea to learn how to write an elevator pitch.

Construcition project management

Construction project management processes: Everything you need to know

In any building project, efficient construction management serves as an important foundation for success. This continuing education program is ideal for those currently planning and managing construction projects as well as those who aspire to do so, including construction professionals and administrators seeking to move into project management.

Past and present students have included:. Learn more about the ins and outs of this program at this informational session, participants will be able to talk with both program advisors and the instructor leading this program.

Depending on the project, construction managers may interact with lawyers, inspectors and local government officials. A construction manager may also consult with the client during the design phase to help refine construction plans and control costs.

Students who complete the Construction Project Management Certificate program will learn the skills and strategies needed to effectively manage building projects from start to finish. The benefits of acquiring this career-building expertise through the University of San Diego include:.

The U. Our instructors, most of whom hold advanced degrees, are experienced practitioners and subject matter experts who engage each student in a stimulating and participative learning environment.

Malachi L. Walker, PMP Project Management Professional , brings a diverse background including project and product management, operations, information technology, startups, higher education, and health and wellness coaching. He provided relevant and usable information in an entertaining and engaging style.

I would recommend this class to anyone looking to expand their project management knowledge and skills.

Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management

Construction management (CM) is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design.

The leader of construction management software

The role of a Construction and Project Manager is to take responsibility for this outcome, managing all elements of the job, including contractors, materials, budgets and timelines. A complex and often high-pressure role, requiring a methodical mind and excellent coordination skills, it's also one that can be hugely satisfying. You'll graduate ready to take on major ventures, and be able to co-ordinate them efficiently and effectively. Full-time available as Part-time available as Online-learning. Join beX, our Built Environment Exchange programme that provides employability projects, internship opportunities and scholarships. You will study six taught modules. A standard module is equivalent to hours of learning and on successful completion of each module, you will achieve 20 credits towards your chosen award. You will also undertake personal research and complete a dissertation to gain 60 credits towards your masters degree. The core material is delivered through lectures and tutorials taught by professionally qualified academic staff and industrial specialists.

Construction and Project Management

Esri solutions take project construction management to a new level with the ability to monitor progress in maps, dashboards, and web apps fed from real-time location intelligence data sources. Construction teams make proactive, informed decisions from relevant data anytime and anywhere. GIS software allows office and mobile users to access survey and field data in real time, replacing inefficient and disconnected workflows. During construction, as the connected data environment is enriched, a digital twin is enabled.

With the growth of professional project management techniques, it is necessary for construction professionals to update their skills and effectively contribute to continuing the growth of the construction industry in North America. The goal of our program is to provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to manage all types of construction projects of varying sizes.

Construction Management Software

Construction management

Manage projects as required by permits, governmental codes, and established construction standards.*. The Construction Project Manager is responsible for the. Make all your decisions based on up-to-date data.

Construction Management Software for Owners

Jump to main content. The online Construction Project Management certificate program provides an all-encompassing overview of construction project management principles and best practices presented in a clear and concise format. Construction project managers have a hand in every aspect of a project — from the planning stage with architects and engineers, to the budgeting stage with cost estimators, to the production stage with laborers, and the close out and occupancy stage with the owner and occupants. Learn the principles of project management — from planning and scheduling, to the legal aspects of construction, contracts and insurance; and the principles of green construction. The Construction Project Management Certificate To earn the certificate, students must receive a passing grade in all five core construction courses and one elective course.

Construction Management involves managing, estimating, and scheduling of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional construction projects. The first two terms of the two-year Construction Project Management, Ontario College Graduate Certificate includes specific, practical education through a combination of management skills in construction with an emphasis on estimating, scheduling, procurement and cost control, combined with best practices in construction safety, quality management, legal documentation, and contracts. The third term curriculum concentrates on common skills necessary in project management.

Agility business management system

Accenture to Discontinue Business in Russia

Accenture to Discontinue Business in Russia

What does the term agility actually mean in practice and how is agility used in innovation management? We will answer these questions in this article. The concept of agility has existed since the s in the systems theory of organizations. The so-called AGIL scheme was developed by sociologist Talcott Parsons and is based on four functions that each system must fulfil in order to maintain its existence:.

The term agility is often used inconsistently in literature and in the professional context. If one focuses on current practice, three essential aspects that define agility emerge:. Fast adaptability: companies react quickly and dynamically to changes and are able to quickly adapt processes to exploit emerging market potentials without delay.

They do not act reactively, but proactively, anticipatively and proactively in order to carry out necessary adjustments. The exchange with and learning from business partners promotes rapid reaction to market changes. Customer centricity: increased collaboration with the customer enables companies to react quickly and anticipatively to customer wishes and to quickly transform customer reactions and voices into market knowledge.

Companies also rely on agile working methods such as Scrum and Design Thinking in order to arrive at innovative solutions faster. Agility can thus be understood as a high form of adaptability to market changes and customer needs, supported by a flexible agile organizational structure. Agile innovation management is particularly advantageous when, for example, less predictable phases in the innovation process, such as concept or prototype development, require special adaptability and one wants to react quickly to changing customer requirements and technological change.

Agility is particularly important in the development of business model innovations , as the complexity and degree of novelty are very high here, while the predictability is low. Agile methods are also suitable for breakthrough innovations and for conquering new markets or industries. For a consistent orientation of innovation management towards agile principles, the following aspects in particular are of high relevance:.

The German Postbank, for example, shows how agile principles can be put into practice. The " Postbank Idea Laboratory " innovation platform opens up the entire innovation process, enabling direct cooperation with external parties at various stages of the development process. In collaboration projects with customers, the company identifies needs and wishes, for example, which can then be tested as prototypes. Another example is the global Bayer Group, which has created an internal platform through which employees from all divisions and countries can easily contact each other when support is needed for innovations or research projects.

This not only strengthens the sense of community and motivation to work together, but also exploits the potential for synergies within the company.

Agility is the key to innovation and rapid adaptability - it acts as a catalyst in innovation processes. By using agile methods in innovation management, changes can be anticipated at a very early stage and successful products can be brought to market faster and with high quality.

Agility: Origin and development The concept of agility has existed since the s in the systems theory of organizations. The so-called AGIL scheme was developed by sociologist Talcott Parsons and is based on four functions that each system must fulfil in order to maintain its existence: Adaptation Adjustment : Ability to respond to changing external conditions.

However, this is only possible if employees and teams can work independently to react quickly to changes. To do this, it is necessary to communicate openly with employees in other departments, for example, and to make individual tasks transparent - instead of hiding behind secrecy. Companies can therefore implement innovations faster and more efficiently if they deal with them internally or even externally in an open, participative manner.

Nevertheless, this principle can also be used for the development of innovations in product development by creating prototypes. According to the principle "Do it.

The path to market success req Best Practice Open I Open Innovation is the openi Subscribe to newsletter. You want to work with us?

Satisfy your organization’s need for speed with IT agility solutions.

Find the top-ranking alternatives to Agility System based on verified user risk and audit management through a common enterprise-wide platform.

Enterprise Systems and Organizational Agility: A Review of the Literature and Conceptual Framework

Enterprise Systems and Organizational Agility: A Review of the Literature and Conceptual Framework

The success of the new manufacturing network hinges on the agility of information technology IT systems. Coforge can help you reshape your technology landscape to help accelerate the path from strategy to outcomes. From enhancing manufacturing processes to enabling greater enterprise collaboration to speeding up time-to-market, from ERP to dealer management to mobility, we deliver the agility you seek—with new ideas and more value. Manufacturing has evolved to a state where systems are more networked than ever, development lifecycles are shrinking, and digital technologies are shaping smarter products. Customers want to be awed across the lifecycle—from consideration to after-sales—with rich experiences on every channel.

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The demands for businesses and IT to be quicker in responding to the ever-evolving customer and operating environment do not seem to be slowing anytime soon. Among the leading forces of change in the tech space McKinsey lists:. And then COVID joined the game and massively disrupted operations while accelerating the digitization journey for almost all organizations. This of course forced laggards who had never considered remote working, cloud, apps and social media to immediately get on the bandwagon or risk oblivion from the unexpected pandemic risk materializing. In the ever-evolving world of information technology, being able to speedily, yet effectively, respond to market changes is a difficult but critical task.

Online Management System

Online Management System

The lack of a focus on business agility, an unclear role for management, Lean Thinking provides an holistic view, focuses on the eco-system within which.

In a perfect world, all businesses would have stability all the time. No matter what was going on in the world or how markets were changing, all businesses would be able to withstand the ebb and flow of operations. Those that have been able to weather the storm have had to make adjustments to their business processes to accommodate business needs alongside the changing environment.

BPM software helps organizations define the steps required to carry out a business task, map definitions to existing processes, and then streamline or improve the processes to make them more efficient.

While waterfall techniques and manual spreadsheet management have been effective in the past, the disruptive state of business is forcing companies of all sizes to consider more accelerated methodologies. Not being agile when competing companies are coined on what seems like a daily basis is a sure way of running out of business. Customers are consistently looking for faster and better products. A situation that means your company has to be upgrading and delivering on a continual growth path. Expect a walk-through of the reasons why you should use the agile methodology throughout your business processes.

Visualize — Track Agile transformation progress using the Path to Agility Map to correlate your current progress with your desired business outcome s. Analyze — Use the advanced drill-downs to add notes, flag impediments, and report on transformation progress to stakeholders. Prioritize — Create an ordered transformation backlog to drive transformation progress.

Choosing the right project management software is crucial if you want to stay on top of your projects. From successful team collaboration to effective scheduling and keeping your projects organized and on track, the best project management software can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 17 best project management software , along with my top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Get Started Free. With a clean interface and color-coded features, this platform is pretty straightforward to use and set up great for project managers and either big or small teams. They also offer a user-friendly mobile app. Whether you want to hit various KPIs or deliverables, or want to focus on a more agile process, Monday. Get started for free with Monday. If you want to bring your team together, I advise you to check out ClickUp as the potential project management tool for you.

Apart from the Freemium plan, ClickUp offers three other paid plans. Get started with ClickUp for free. Want to see how ClickUp compares to Monday. Check out my ClickUp vs Monday comparison post. If you have a creative team that likes to brainstorm and come up with new ideas, you need to have a good system for managing them.

One way to do this is to use a tool like Teamwork, which takes project management and steps it up a notch by adding features that help teams collaborate more effectively.

Get started with Teamwork. Project management and large teams are usually not a good mix. Too many cooks in the kitchen can easily lead to disaster. This is why Wrike is a great project management tool. In addition, the commenting system ensures that everyone has input into the project and can easily track changes. Start Free Trial. Wrike is a SaaS team collaboration and project management tool that boasts of a multi-pane UI, and also aids in team collaboration and project management.

The tool provides easy access to some of the most commonly used features such as spaces, shared items, recycling bin, and more from the left-hand side menu. Moreover, you can use projects and folders to organize your work the way that makes the most sense for you. Wrike provides five plans that are great for marketers, enterprise companies, and small businesses.

If hitting all your deadlines is essential to you, then Asana would be my recommendation. You can create tasks, to-do lists, and track deadlines. Named after a yoga pose, Asana is a highly popular SaaS-based project management system. Moreover, it boasts of multi-language capability, including French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The interface is very clean and easy to use, and you can divide your work into various projects to keep everything organized.

You can track metrics like project completion, work done by an individual, most productive day of the week, overdue actions, etc. You can even automate the workflows and perform actions like moving cards, adding labels, changing assignees, etc. The Hive Chatbox enables you to transfer files, flag any potential issue, and attach necessary documents. It also helps you chat and alert your teammates with the drag-and-drop action. Plus, integration with Gmail or Outlook inbox allows you to see all your emails in Hive Mail itself.

Not only this, but you can also attach your emails to new or existing tasks. Besides, Hive integrates with over marketing and communication apps to avoid switching from one platform to another. Use the app to access information readily, attach files, send messages, add tasks, etc.

The Base plan offers all the basic features like project layouts, summary views, chat, Hive Mail, etc. You can add extra features for different prices. However, the Enterprise plan comes with all the basic as well as advanced features. Get started with a day free trial of Hive. TimeCamp is an easy-to-use, powerful time tracking software for teams and freelancers.

By combining project management with version control and bug tracking, Backlog brings together code management and project management into one tool. Plus, Backlog features push notifications, comment history threads, and drag-and-drop file management to organize everything in one place.

ProProfs is a simple project management tool that aims to keep every team in a company on the same page. Moreover, it allows you to collaborate with your team members while keeping feedback, milestones, and the latest developments in the loop. It provides a freemium plan for necessary functions. The paid plans offer a day free trial period. Workzone is a cloud-based project management software.

One of its most prominent features is that it allows custom branding for businesses, allowing them to display their logos or signatures. Other than that, its focus is on enabling collaboration between different business units. Workzone does not display its pricing on the website.

42 Best Project Management Software and Tools (2022 Update)

If you're looking for simple, easy-to-use project management software, Asana and Trello should be at the top of your list. Asana and Trello both.

Best 6 Free Project Management Software – 2022

Best 6 Free Project Management Software – 2022

Is project management giving you a hard-time even today? Are you as a project manager finding it challenging to complete small to big-scale projects within the set deadlines? Are repeated spreadsheets updates, and long, ineffective meetings eating away all your efforts and time? Project management software can revolutionize the way you work; the only challenge you need to take is finding the right PM tools for your organization. You can now plan, manage, organize, generate invoices and reports, and conduct meetings using a single platform, which is the best project management software. With this system, you can stay on top of every timeline, project task work, team overview, training schedules, and more, again in a hassle-free manner. In a simple definition, project management is planning, executing, and overseeing every minor activity and detail related to a project of your organization from the start to the end.

59 Best Project Management Software To Work Faster In 2022

Today, we will understand what is a project management application and how it can help your organization. Also, we will have a look at a few of the best project management apps available.

10 Best Free Project Management Tools – 2022 Comparison

The following is a comparison of project management software. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 13 May Archived from the original on 5 February Retrieved 16 July

Wrike is free for up to 5 users with a few other versions, but crazyegg recommends the business plan at $/month per user. It is definitely.

Best Project Management Software – 2022 Reviews


As projects became more and more complicated over the years, various project management tools have emerged to address the needs of project managers. Among the hundreds of project management software products in the market, two have emerged as leaders: Asana and Monday. Both of these software tools are web-based services that use cloud-based storage. In addition, the platform has its Project Management suite that allows the users to integrate every project management step in a single space. In a nutshell, Monday is a space where teams can collectively track tasks, collaborate over every step of the project, visualize progress through stats, scheduling options, performance options, and store everything on a single platform. The program also offers integrations that make apps like Monday an absolute necessity for teams collaborating in a dynamic environment.

A task manager tool is a software or app that is used by an individual or team to help them plan, schedule, prioritize, and visualize tasks effectively.

Asana vs Monday: 2022 In-depth Expert Review

Asana vs Monday: 2022 In-depth Expert Review

Each action that contributes for each task can be considered sub-task as well. No matter how big your project is, if you want to keep everything on track, a productivity tool is a must-have. Task management software can help you organize your to-do list and prioritize what needs to be done first. On the other hand, project management software aims to help you coordinate and collaborate with your teammates and plan ahead. The intuitive and simple user interface is always a dealbreaker for anyone who comes across a new project management tool. Quire developer team has spent years of effort to strive for a delicate balance between simplicity and the powerful features. The elegant and intuitive interface is one of the aspects that Quire users appreciate the most.

Go Up to Installation. You can find the most recent version of this page here. Follow the link below for instructions on how to install the latest version of. NET Framework on your computer:.

Firstly, the Android Device Manager needs to be installed on the device and connected to the respective Google account of the owner. Once this is accomplished, it becomes easy to track the device by signing in from any system.

The device owner can locate and view the map even if it is being taken around. The Android Device Manager supports adding up multiple devices, and it is easy to view them in a drop-down list view. When the device goes missing, the device owner can either choose to lock the device or ring it to protect the data inside.

The user might also choose to set or change a PIN or password. A message is shown on the locked screen to help the device possessor contact the device owner.

Ringing the device will start the smartphone to ring at its maximum volume even if the ringer is turned down or off. The phone will ring at full volume for the next five minutes. Android Device Manager website can be accessed by the device owner from any computer or by just signing in as a guest on the Android Device Manager app. Obviously, when there are clear indicators that the device is unrecoverable, the user can wipe the device using the Android Device Manager.

After the wipe command is executed, it will restore the phone to factory settings. The device owner will not be able to connect with the instrument forever using the Android Device Manager. This option works even when the power is off! Once you're sure that there are absolutely no chances to recover your lost Android device, you can use Android Device Manager to remotely wipe your device clean.

As an administrator, many a time you would have felt mundane routines spill over crucial attention-seeking jobs of your network. It is recommended to have a common Super Admin for all the Zoho services, used across the organization. If the added user is a part of another Zoho service, you cannot exercise Super Admin privileges on this user. Some of the most commonly used Roles are specified under Pre-defined Roles. However, you also have the flexibility to define roles that best suit your requirements under the User-defined Roles and grant appropriate permissions.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android asks for mandatory permissions Phone (required only for Android –9.X) Device administrator (mandatory).

Device Admin, introduced with Android 2. These permissions could be locally implemented within the app, or remotely pushed from an external server. One such well-known example of an application leveraging Device Admin is the native email client, this is because this and many other email clients must accommodate basic security and control in order to enforce Exchange policies; an example requirement of an Exchange policy is the ability to wipe a lost or stolen device, and Device Admin APIs offered this capability. Another API, long-since deprecated, included the ability for a DA application to change the passcode of the device. Something that would prove troublesome as Android grew in popularity. The capabilities of DA grew as adoption increased, though the reason I refer to it as a limited offering in the opening paragraph is due to the fact it was never intended to be used in the way it has been, particularly for enterprise, and ramifications today can still be seen. Below are a collection of challenges associated with device administrator, or legacy Android management generally. Organisations leveraging purely Samsung devices today may not necessarily have experienced some of these, but this is broadly speaking across the ecosystem as a whole.

Apps that want to get deep functionality into the system on the Oppo-Smartphone have to be identified as device administrators device managers. A classic example is the "Find my device" feature from Google, which is installed by default on an Android device. To remotely reset the Oppo-Smartphone to factory defaults, the app has to be a device administrator. Note: Any app cannot be defined as a device manager. The app must request access itself.

Sometimes when you install certain apps on the Android phone, you may be prompted to allow it device administration privileges.

Windows User Account Control UAC prevents unauthorized users from making changes to the system without the administrator's permission. Access to certain administrative applications over AnyDesk is only permitted when AnyDesk is running with elevated rights. If the connecting AnyDesk user does not have the permissions to view or interact with the UAC prompt, it is usually indicated by the screen turning black and the pointer arrow being crossed out. However, functionality will return to normal once the remote AnyDesk user accepts or rejects the UAC prompts. Elevating the AnyDesk session will not change the windows session from standard user to administrator. Every UAC action will still require administrator credentials.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android asks for mandatory permissions Phone (required only for Android –9.X) Device administrator (mandatory).

“Android Studio : Device Manager not opening after Bumblebee update.” Code Answer

Android Device Manager is a security feature that helps you locate, and if needed, remotely lock or wipe your Android device if you happen to lose it or it gets stolen. Device Manager works to protect your Android device. All you need to do is connect the device with your Google account.

However, when you start deleting launch agents and daemons, it's possible you might remove something you actually need. Re: Windows 10 hyper-v default switch problems when VPN turned on. They add splashes of color or tie together all the pieces of furniture and accessories in the space to create a cohesive look. Download GlobalProtect for Windows 10 for Windows to extend protection to your mobile workforce, no matter where they are. This opens the location where the shortcut to the app is saved. And the Windows BSOD troubleshooter will start troubleshoot errors that cause Windows to stop or restart unexpectedly.

Xiaomi Inc. Please carefully read and fully understand all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, especially those about governing laws, dispute resolution, and the exemption of Xiaomi from liabilities or restrictions to its liabilities.

Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Our company just started deploying Windows 10 workstations replacing Windows 7.

In , 3, degrees were awarded across all undergraduate and graduate programs at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. This chart compares the tuition costs of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in red with those of other similar universities. Between and , the average net price of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville grew by 1. This chart compares the average net price of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in red with that of other similar universities. Average net price is calculated from full-time beginning undergraduate students who were awarded a grant or scholarship from federal, state or local governments, or the institution. The cost of room and board increased by 1.

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Many faculty members are well-known nationally and internationally for their varied research contributions. In the fields of agriculture, applied sciences and arts, architecture, aviation, business, administration, education, engineering, liberal arts, fine arts, mass communication and media arts, science, and professional degrees in law. SIU offers more than:. Application deadlines and requirements are set by each department and can be found by contacting the department directly. Our classes are small, averaging just 15 students, and feature a cross-cultural and academic skills focus. We accept applications year-round, and CESL students may live on campus and have access for all campus facilities. CESL also offers customized programs for schools, businesses and government agencies.

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Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning

Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning

Konrad Siu has over 40 years of engineering leadership and asset management experience in both the public and private sectors. Kennedy School of Government. Prior to his retirement from the City of Edmonton, he was the Transformation Manager responsible for leading and coordinating the establishment of a new Integrated Infrastructure Services department, Executive Director of a drainage tunneling and open cut team and Director of the Office of Infrastructure and Funding Strategy. Konrad Siu has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and institutes, including to the World Bank in and also as the keynote speaker at the Governmental Asset Management Congress in Dubai in Before his appointment with UBC, Konrad has been invited as a guest lecturer for several under-graduate and graduate courses at the University of Alberta and also at UBC since ,.

CARBONDALE, Ill. (WTVO) – Students can now get a degree from another Illinois Teachers, business leaders meet to build stronger .

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Program Information. News ranks the program 36th in online MBA programs and number one in the state of Illinois. The course curriculum includes 10 core courses and six additional soft skills courses baked in. Students take two core classes per semester at eight weeks per class.

DACC Offers Six New Bachelor’s Degrees with SIU

DACC Offers Six New Bachelor’s Degrees with SIU

Select an article from the attached MIS Quarterly. Post a summary of the 1. APA format. Journal of Information Systems Education, Vol. The purpose was to determine whether IT students level of ethical reasoning provided information about the degree of their ethical decision making. The findings did reveal a correlation between ethical reasoning scores as measured by the DIT-2 and the level of ethical decision making related to an IT setting as measured by the Ethics in IT survey.

International students can add diversity to the university, enriching the experience of other students on campus. Schools with a strong global presence often have a wealth of cultural groups and events.

This school offers training in 5 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Associate's Degree, Bachelor's degree in Administration of Justice and Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Time to complete this education training ranges from 10 hours to 2 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 2 years. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, "I paid for it myself". Course Length: 10 hours - 2 years. View school website. Message the school.

Train control and management systems 2016

Time-sensitive network TSN , as one of the latest real-time Ethernet techniques, has achieved great success in several scenarios that require strict communication latency and packet loss. This paper reviews the state-of-the-art in time-sensitive networks and investigates the drawbacks of current vehicle networks. This paper also analyzes the priority of the vehicle data and calculates the time-aware shaper slot to ensure that the control data is not affected by the multimedia data.

Using the proposed structure, experimental results suggest that the network efficiency can be improved in the rail transit systems. With the increasing demand for intelligent, comfortable, and high-speed rail trains, the high bandwidth, high transmission rate, and high real-time performance of vehicle network communication remain key issues [ 1 ].

In traditional, the CAN bus and MVB bus have the problem of low bandwidth and low transmission rate, while the Ethernet bus faces the difficulty of uncertain transmission delay. At present, there have been several studies on vehicle networks. For example, Jie and Zongyao studied the reliability and comprehensive load design of the LTE-M system and describe that with the continuous increase of rail transit mileage, the problem of lagging network speed has become increasingly prominent.

However, the existing researches mainly focused on the fusion of train control data and do not integrate the vehicle subsystems. To solve these problems, it is urgent to realize a real-time control method based on intelligent vehicle network transmission. Firstly, this paper describes the introduced motivation and the background theories of TSN technology. Secondly, the network structure and the designed methodologies are detailed. The rail transit configuration of TSN is also carefully designed, including an algorithm for the time-aware shaper.

After that, we perform comprehensive experiments to demonstrate the performance of the proposed structure. The experimental environments include indoor testing, the prototype development rail transit train line test, and the project demonstration. Train control and monitoring system TCMS includes all the control and monitoring functions of the train, taking into account both safety-related and nonsafety-related functions.

All functions and equipment requiring certification shall be placed in the TCMS network. Communication between terminal devices of TCMS service is mission-critical communication. The prominent feature in TCMS networks is safe and secure communication between terminal devices to ensure the safety functions of trains or groups, such as safe train start and door control.

As COS mainly serve passengers and have little impact on trains, they have the lowest requirements for communication, network data transmission priority, and real-time requirements and have a high tolerance for data transmission interruption.

Therefore, they are more suitable for the background data service of the TSN network. TSN is a new communication technology, which has become an industrial research hotspot in recent years. It has the characteristics of supporting the aperiodic and periodic data transmission to meet deterministic communication. The TSN-based backbone network uses Gigabit Ethernet to comprehensively integrate the control, maintenance, and video surveillance networks. To solve the uncertainty of Ethernet data transmission, the TSN technology, which is currently used in the industrial field, is introduced into the rail transit system.

Also, the TSN technology is appended on the Ethernet backbone network. Therefore, the structure can reduce a certain number of vehicle circuits and also reduce the number of vehicle-through lines and the internal communication cables of the vehicle subsystem, resulting in a lower weight of the vehicle.

Based on the advantages of the TSN technology, the backbone network can ensure that the data transmission delay in the switching network meets the system requirements. Thus, the tolerance of network transmission delay and the accuracy of vehicle control are improved in the TCMS.

The TSN-based backbone network mainly uses the two key technologies. The IEEE The backbone network employs the IEEE After powering on the vehicle, each TSN switch and each end device in the backbone network automatically vote a TSN switch or an end device as the clock master through the protocol algorithm. The rest of the TSN switches and end devices in the network communicate with the clock master, respectively.

Other clocks establish a synchronization relationship, which is called clock slaves. The data frame is transmitted from the network to each node, and a clock synchronization relationship is finally built [ 8 ]. Based on the time synchronization of the entire network, deterministic communication is realized. The backbone network uses IEEE According to the preconfigured gating period, the data of each traditional network in the integrated backbone network is assigned with different priorities.

The data is restricted to be transmitted only in the allocated time period. The time period defined by IEEE The TSN switches in the backbone network periodically scan the time slot and open different transmission queues according to the predefined slot size and sequence, thereby forming a time-aware shaping function [ 8 ]. After shaping the traffic, the bandwidth occupied by IEEE Applying this structure, the transmission and traffic of multiple traditional subsystems under the same backbone network can be comprehensively integrated, leading to the improvement of network efficiency.

Through the time-sensitive network TSN technology, the backbone network of the next-generation of intelligent vehicles is reconstructed into the structure in Figure 2. By building a redundant vehicle ring network, safety equipment can be connected to the switch through dual physical ports, and nonsafety equipment can be connected to the switch through a single physical port.

For streaming data, corresponding calculations need to be performed according to the statistical data rate. The time slot required for a single data packet transmission is as follows: where is the maximum data length for single packet. For the above two types of data, the number of data packets transmitted in each time period must be considered. For the response time of different systems, refer to the following formula: where is the time period, is the response time for subsystems, is the number of subsystems in each priority, and is a corrected parameter used to adjust the acceptable range.

For example, some of the time slot sizes involved in the test are shown in Table 2. The indoor test stage is divided into two parts. The second part mainly consists of testing the network functions. Based on the experimental results of the real critical subsystems and the noncritical simulation subsystems, the network performance is further verified. This stage tests the network through fully vehicle subsystems and also focuses on testing the redundancy scheme and the network performance.

Experiments in this part include the dual redundancy scheme in compliance with the IEC standard, the optimization scheme of the IEEE The TSN-based backbone network architecture adopted in the test phase adopts the physical redundant double ring network topology, which is connected to the vehicle subsystems. The network topology is shown in Figure 6.

Based on the 4-consist vehicle, the network adopts 8 TSN switch nodes as the train backbone network switches, forming two physical ring network structures. Two TSN switches are deployed in each carriage and connected to different ring networks, respectively. According to different test scenarios, vehicle subsystems are connected to the TSN backbone network in different ways i.

Control data related to TCMS and audio and video data related to multimedia are jointly transmitted in the same backbone network. The vehicle subsystem includes all subsystems required by rail transit train operation. In the indoor test scenario, some vehicle subsystems are simulated and tested.

In the scene of the rail transit test line, the vehicle subsystem supporting driving safety is not connected to the test temporarily to ensure driving safety. In the demonstration engineering scenario, all vehicle subsystems are tested. According to different business requirements and equipment maturity, the vehicle subsystems in the demonstration project employ different methods to connect to the TSN backbone network.

Table 3 shows the access method defined in this test.

Study on a New Train Control System in the IoT Era: From the Viewpoint of Safety2.0

Study on a New Train Control System in the IoT Era: From the Viewpoint of Safety2.0

Kenneth Research added a report on Train Control and Management Systems $4 billion by ; growing at a CAGR of % from to

CBTC system demand is estimated to surge at the rate of However, the above-mentioned facts are evident to understand the sensitivity of traditional train control systems. Communication-based train control systems are smart enough to reduce accidents by almost Rapidly growing population, rising need for fast and safe commute, requirement of accident-free rail transportation, etc. Communication-based train control systems for passengers and freight rail systems are widely used to reduce human error and protect cargo and goods from theft. Demand for CBTC systems for subways is continuously increasing, owing to high adoption across developed countries to make their rail lines safe. European countries such as Germany and the U. For improving passenger experience and reducing the risk of train mishaps in the rail transportation sector, automation technologies have witnessed a strong growth rate over the past few years. Due to the introduction of sensor-based technology, communication between two radio stations is possible. Sensor-based technology is anticipated to eliminate human errors associated with data interpretation and accurately respond to signals coming from wayside systems.

Train Control and Management Systems Market

Search results for: automatic train control in category "Knowledge Base topics". As we move towards GOA4 Grade of Automation 4 unmanned operation railways need greater control over the speed, timing and location of trains

Hitachi Group Corporate Information. Whereas the primary function of TCMSs when they were initially introduced was to transmit and display fault information of onboard equipment, the systems have since undergone progressive functional enhancements including not only powering and braking commands during train operation, but also commands for passenger information, air conditioning, and other service equipment. Hitachi was an early adopter of broadband communication standards and developed the Synaptra series as a TCMS capable of satisfying a wide range of requirements, incorporating the system into a variety of trains supplied in both Japan and other countries over recent years. This article describes the history of TCMS development and where the systems have been used, also summarizing their current specifications and functions and reviewing directions for future development. PDF Download.

Positive Train Control (PTC): Overview and Policy Issues

A control and monitoring system can be viewed as l system capable of measuring, processing and acting upon an input or combination of input signals to bring the output to a suitable defined state in order to fulfill a functional requirement. A TCMS Train Control and Monitoring System is an on-board system built with the purpose to control and monitor a list of train equipment and functional processes. The physical functions to be controlled or monitored may range from saloon temperature to the share of tractive effort between motor cars in a multiple unit. The functions to be carried out by a TCMS can be classified into one of the following broad categories:. Did you like this post? Would you like to be informed about the last railway signalling technical and commercial news? Join us on LinkedIn and stay updated!

Global Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) Market is forecasted to reach $4 billion by ; growing at a CAGR of % from to.

Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. These systems also enhance the speed of the trains and offer improved consistency with short trip times and excellent comfort in passenger traffic. Provided by: snehakumar.

Official websites use.

The book is organized like the standard itself, the table of contents is identical to the ISO Standards table of contents making it. This part is relatively easy, and it involves the inclusion of the list of all the procedures within the quality system of the organization. The updates to ISO reflect this reality. Changes to clause numbering and clause titles are in Italics and underlined. The primary international version is ISO The ISO requirements encompass 8 clauses with supporting subclauses.

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