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Executive master of business administration uitm

Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School

The Covid outbreak is a 21st-century global crisis for humankind that has led to catastrophic outcomes across the globe. The situation has caused governments worldwide to take on mitigation measures and strategies to battle the COVID pandemic.

They were asked to share their views and experiences on how both governments are managing the ongoing crisis. The intellectual discussion focused on the ongoing policy implementation by the Malaysian and Indonesian governments to curb the COVID transmission. Interestingly, the main highlight of the webinar was the presentation by the Deputy Director of EPU, Malaysia, on the recent Malaysian Economic Strategic Action plan formulated to cushion the impact of the pandemic.

The webinar was impactful and provided knowledge to the UiTM students and members of the public on the importance of policy response to break the chain of COVID Sign in Join.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Sunday, June 5, Thammasat University TU is ranked as the Chula has achieved high scores for Academic The University of London UoL is to launch a new online marketing degree in partnership with global online learning platform Coursera, but one which will Global Trends in global education fisherqqa - April 5, 0.

The futurists diverge in their vision of tomorrow. Popular opinions vary from online education conquering the market, humanities ceasing to exist to IT specializations People from the public and private sectors, civil society, artists, academics, and The next big thing in design is not going to be a new style of font or a penchant for primary colors.

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Anyone is capable of going into business, but it takes a whole team of professionals to make it grow. If you're interested in knowing more about business studies, then this guide is perfect for you. Here, you will find out about the branches of business and management studies and other important information that can help you decide on whether to study this course or not. Curtin University Malaysia. Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak. University of Nottingham Malaysia. Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

'EMBA' simply stands for 'Executive Master of Business Administration', which is commonly misconstrued to be a superior form of MBA study.

FSPPP UiTM explores policy responses to the COVID-19

Duration: 24 months. Medium of Instruction: English or Chinese. Programme Overview. This DBA is a practical programme of strong academic content coupled with advanced business strategies and solutions. On successful completion of the DBA programme students will be able to:.

International business, generally used to describe the interaction between and among global businesses, is used in various applications to convey a strategy of operating your business distinctly in each global market. When companies use an international business approach, they treat each country as a unique marketplace and adjust business operations, marketing, advertising, sales, service and other business functions to more appropriately fit each country.

Chonga Zangpo, HoD/Lecturer

Through a combination of lectures, case studies, written assignments, group projects, presentations and class discussions, each student is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to analyse and evaluate issues for better solutions. Each student is required to complete a minimum of 46 credit hours of learning and research project that cover various business concentrations. NOTE: Before you begin the online application process, please ensure that you meet ALL of the entry requirements for your preferred degree. You are required to upload ALL original evidence in the online application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

All these Programs aim at developing the key leadership skills and integrating an entrepreneurial mind-set into corporate culture, making technology-enhanced strategic decisions, and helping the students in building collaborative organizations and managing key assignments across all markets. International Institute of Management Sciences IIMS , a non-profit management institution situated in Kolkata, is a pioneer institution in India to offer Management Education in the private sector since Besides offering world class management education and training since its inception, IIMS is also actively engaged in research on socio-economic development. The University has clocked about learners till Date. The minimum duration of study for full-time students is three years for Doctoral Program. For part-time students, the duration may be extended to a maximus of six years.

Can you tell me in detail about the Master of Business Administration or MBA course offered by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) as my friend.

Master vs Slave ~ Opss! Master Degree lor!

Advance with experiential learning at Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School

Connecting with the community, engaging with industry and advancing student knowledge, Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School AAGBS in Malaysia is for agile talent to prosper, professionally and personally. Classroom learning is elevated by small class sizes, advocating the development of leadership quality and the advancement of analytical, critical thinking and communication skills with heightened teacher-student interaction. Valuing student diversity and integration, the school mixes both modern and traditional learning approaches to give you the greatest MBA experience. Through out-of-the-classroom lessons and deep dives into business industry, students enhance their knowledge with a range of practical projects. The main objective of this activity was to provide exposure to the global economic situation between Indonesia and Malaysia. While completing the race, all participants plant trees to preserve nature, drawing attention to the destruction of natural resources and defending the rights of the environment, striving to save the rainforest and its biodiversity from extinction.

The mission of Universiti Teknologi MARA UiTM is to enhance the knowledge and expertise of Bumiputeras in all departments of study through professional programmes, research work and community service based on moral values and professional ethics. The full-time mode is for those who want to continuously engage into life-long learning after their first degree.

Incorporated on 5 June , UiTM Holdings presently manages 8 active subsidiaries with operations spanning across four business divisions namely, Energy, Healthcare, Technology and Creative. UiTM Holdings acts as a link committed to transforming ideas into action, and income generation into wealth creation. UiTM Holdings is the gap-bridging entity mandated to fulfil the wealth creation for UiTM, to create investment opportunities and enhance the strategic positioning of our core businesses. Our investment philosophy is to create an efficient way to achieve results and to guide the assessment and evaluation of any investment opportunities. To seek and facilitate the commercialisation of niche areas within UiTM system into highly profitable businesses. He is presently the Group Managing Director of Siaz Holding Berhad and director of a few other companies which venture in various businesses and industries.

Master General Management

Meaning of capital structure management

Meaning of capital structure management

A meta-analysis: capital structure and firm performance

The WACC is the simple weighted average of the cost of equity and the cost of debt. The weightings are in proportion to the market values of equity and debt; therefore, as the proportions of equity and debt vary, so will the WACC. Therefore the first major point to understand is that, as a company changes its capital structure ie varies the mixture of equity and debt finance , it will automatically result in a change in its WACC.

However, before we get into the detail of capital structure theory, you may be thinking how the financing decision ie altering the capital structure has anything to do with the overall corporate objective of maximising shareholder wealth. Hence, if we can change the capital structure to lower the WACC, we can then increase the market value of the company and thus increase shareholder wealth.

Therefore, it is the duty of all finance managers to find the optimal capital structure that will result in the lowest WACC. Well, the answer is that cost of debt is cheaper than cost of equity. As debt is less risky than equity, the required return needed to compensate the debt investors is less than the required return needed to compensate the equity investors. Debt is less risky than equity, as the payment of interest is often a fixed amount and compulsory in nature, and it is paid in priority to the payment of dividends, which are in fact discretionary in nature.

Let us return to the question of what mixture of equity and debt will result in the lowest WACC. The instinctive and obvious response is to gear up by replacing some of the more expensive equity with the cheaper debt to reduce the average, the WACC. However, issuing more debt ie increasing gearing , means that more interest is paid out of profits before shareholders can get paid their dividends.

Remember that Keg is a function of beta equity which includes both business and financial risk, so as financial risk increases, beta equity increases, Keg increases and WACC increases. The key question is which has the greater effect, the reduction in the WACC caused by having a greater amount of cheaper debt or the increase in the WACC caused by the increase in the financial risk. To answer this we have to turn to the various theories that have developed over time in relation to this topic.

Modigliani and Miller assumed perfect capital markets; therefore, a company would always be able to raise funding and avoid bankruptcy. In the real world, a major disadvantage of a company taking on high levels of debt is that there is a significant possibility of the company defaulting on its increased interest payments and hence being declared bankrupt. If shareholders and debt-holders become concerned about the possibility of bankruptcy risk, they will need to be compensated for this additional risk.

Therefore, the cost of equity and the cost of debt will increase, WACC will increase and the share price reduces. If this with-tax model is modified to take into account the existence of bankruptcy risks at high levels of gearing, then an optimal capital structure emerges which is considerably below the In most large companies, the finance providers principals are not able to actively manage the company.

Thus, the debt-holders do not receive a return which compensates them for the level of risk. These restrictive covenants may limit how much further debt can be raised, set a target gearing ratio, set a target current ratio, restrict the payment of excessive dividends, restrict the disposal of major assets or restrict the type of activity the company may engage in. As gearing increases, debt-holders would want to impose more constrains on the management to safeguard their increased investment.

Once this point is reached, debt loses its tax advantage and a company may restrict its level of gearing. The WACC will initially fall, because the benefits of having a greater amount of cheaper debt outweigh the increase in cost of equity due to increasing financial risk. The WACC will continue to fall until it reaches its minimum value, ie the optimal capital structure represented by the point X.

At very high levels of gearing, bankruptcy risk causes the cost of equity curve to rise at a steeper rate and also causes the cost of debt to start to rise.

Shareholder wealth is affected by changing the level of gearing. There is an optimal gearing level at which WACC is minimised and the total value of the company is maximised. Financial managers have a duty to achieve and maintain this level of gearing. While we accept that the WACC is probably U-shaped for companies generally, we cannot precisely calculate the best gearing level ie there is no analytical mechanism for finding the optimal capital structure.

The optimum level will differ from one company to another and can only be found by trial and error. The pecking order theory is in sharp contrast with the theories that attempt to find an optimal capital structure by studying the trade-off between the advantages and disadvantages of debt finance.

Managers know all the detailed inside information, whilst the markets only have access to past and publicly available information. This imbalance in information asymmetric information means that the actions of managers are closely scrutinised by the markets.

When managers have favourable inside information, they do not want to issue shares because they are undervalued. Thus it would be logical for outside investors to assume that managers with unfavourable inside information would want to issue share as they are overvalued. Therefore an issue of equity by a company is interpreted as a sign the management believe that the shares are overvalued. Therefore the issue of equity is a last resort, hence the pecking order; retained earnings, then debt, with the issue of equity a definite last resort.

One implication of pecking order theory that we would expect is that highly profitable companies would borrow the least, because they have higher levels of retained earnings to fund investment projects. Baskin found a negative correlation between high profit levels and high gearing levels.

This finding contradicts the idea of the existence of an optimal capital structure and gives support to the insights offered by pecking order theory. Another implication is that companies should hold cash for speculative reasons, they should built up cash reserves, so that if at some point in the future the company has insufficient retained earnings to finance all positive NPV projects, they use these cash reserves and therefore not need to raise external finance.

As the primary financial objective is to maximise shareholder wealth, then companies should seek to minimise their weighted average cost of capital WACC. In practical terms, this can be achieved by having some debt in the capital structure, since debt is relatively cheaper than equity, while avoiding the extremes of too little gearing WACC can be decreased further or too much gearing the company suffers from bankruptcy costs, agency costs and tax exhaustion. Companies should pursue sensible levels of gearing.

Companies should be aware of the pecking order theory which takes a totally different approach, and ignores the search for an optimal capital structure. It suggests that when a company wants to raise finance it does so in the following pecking order: first is retained earnings, then debt and finally equity as a last resort.

Why the Debt-to-Equity Ratio Matters in Capital Structure

Capital structure is the mix of debt and equity on a company's balance sheet. It shows how much of a company is financed by creditors and owners.

What is capital structure and why is it important?

What is capital structure and why is it important?

A firm which is too heavily indebted may find it difficult to borrow from lenders; whereas one which has too little borrowing risks being underleveraged i. If for instance, the firm has already borrowed heavily today meaning low debt capacity , it is not financially flexible in the sense that in the future it will not be able to increase its borrowing to fund new profitable projects or cope with any temporary setbacks in ongoing investments.

Difference Between Capital Structure and Financial Structure

Striking a balance. Capital structure is a term used to describe the particular mix of debt and equity that a company uses to fund itself. · The treasurer's role.

Capital structure describes a firm's finances in terms of the balance between its debt and equity. A business's management team and other stakeholders will consider the proper mix of debt and equity for their ideal capital structure. Learn more about this way of assessing a business's finances, and some of the factors that business leaders consider as they construct their capital structure. Therefore, capital structure is the way that a business finances its operations —the money used to buy inventory, pay rent, and other things that keep the business's doors open.

Capital structure

Capital structure

CFOs invariably ask themselves two related questions when managing their balance sheets: should they return excess cash to shareholders or invest it and should they finance new projects by adding debt or drawing on equity? Indeed, achieving the right capital structure the composition of debt and equity that a company uses to finance its operations and strategic investments has long vexed academics and practitioners alike.

The first question to address is what is meant by capital structure. The capital structure of a company refers to the mixture of equity and debt finance used by the company to finance its assets. Some companies could be all-equity-financed and have no debt at all, whilst others could have low levels of equity and high levels of debt. The decision on what mixture of equity and debt capital to have is called the financing decision. The financing decision has a direct effect on the weighted average cost of capital WACC. The WACC is the simple weighted average of the cost of equity and the cost of debt.

Funds are the basic need of every firm to fulfill long term and working capital requirement. Enterprise raises these funds from long term and short term sources. In this context, capital structure and financial structure are often used. Capital Structure covers only the long term sources of funds, whereas financial structure implies the way assets of the company are financed, i.

Certified project finance manager

Fill out your contact details below and our training experts will be in touch. Fill out your contact details below so we can get in touch with you regarding your training requirements. Fill out your training details below so we have a better idea of what your training requirements are. This course is designed for professionals who want to gain knowledge about project financing.

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Delivered by internationally certified and recognised experts in LBS and the PPP domain of practice, this seminar is designed to assist investment professionals and financial analysts to fully understand the practical techniques, skills, and spreadsheet models needed to analyse, structure, negotiate, and ultimately complete successful project-backed financing.

By presenting effective financial model design techniques, analysing case studies of project financing models, and participating in role-playing simulations to analyse and negotiate infrastructure project financing, participants in this programme will learn how to design and structure project financing models,review and critique project financing models, as well as strengthen the structure and negotiate infrastructure project financing.

This need has often been expressed by private and public sector organisations dealing with PPPs as they decry the dearth of requisite technical skills to either design PPP financial models or to critically appraise and evaluate models built by third party advising firms. This inadequacy has found indisputable expression in the collapse of several PPP contracts in Nigeria based on poor financial modelling, scrutiny, and inappropriate contract design. To successfully create a financial picture of the project opportunity, an array of actions must be put into motion — input variables must be identified, numbers crunched and forecasts created to determine financial viability.

If this systematic approach is not adopted then most PPP and infrastructure projects may not reach a financial close and even so, may eventually be caught up in costly disputes. This seminar is designed specifically for financial analysts, investment bankers, consultants, transaction advisers as well as chairpersons, directors, commissioners and managers of parastatals currently involved or intending to engage in PPPs through project financing; chairmen, directors and managers of private companies who are intending or are currently engaged in PPPs.

What is a finance manager?

Better financial management is much more likely to increase the success and impact of humanitarian projects. FMD Pro provides cost-effective, widely accessible resources, training and certification for non-financial project managers. An e-learning financial management training course is due to be released on the site soon. In addition to the certification program — project managers have access to an online, condensed version of the guide on FMD Pro Starter. FMD Pro Starter provides 15 commonly used financial management tools — with which project managers can apply to their projects immediately, at anytime. FMD Pro Starter.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in.

Finance roles usually tend to be quite abstract. You spend most of your time poring over spreadsheets or communicating remotely with clients or other stakeholders. But Project Finance just hits different because you get to work on real projects. Funding massive airports, seaports, commercial buildings, toll roads, renewable energy plants and things that you can see taking shape right in front of you. It feels real. You still spend most of your time on modelling, structuring and arranging financing, but all your efforts are tied to a real-world project that you can see coming together. If you want to learn more about a career in Project Finance , then this linked article will guide you. I consider it to be one of the more interesting career options within Investment Banking. If you are already convinced that Project Finance is for you and are ready to start working towards it, then I have compiled a list of the best courses you can take to achieve that goal.

How PMP and PRINCE2® qualifications will advance your career in finance project management

By earning CCFP candidates demonstrate that they have mastered the corporate finance body of knowledge, obtained the skills of corporate finance, and committed to AAIFM core values and code of ethics. Earning your CCFP designation not only broadens your skill set, it demonstrates a standardized level of industry knowledge, making you a recognized leader in corporate finance. AAIFM also provide thorough training for the exam modules using its learning system through authorized training providers and prometric centers worldwide. Once you have passed the CCFP exam and received your certification, you will need to stay up to date on developments in corporate finance practices. To prove you have maintained and updated your corporate finance knowledge and skills, AAIFM requires that you recertify every 4 years.

Along with this, you also get verifiable certificates unique certification number and your unique URL when you complete these courses. Through this course you will learn how to analyze how the financing part of a project gets done along with performing feasibility analysis of a project.

Finance for Project Managers

CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals. The organization offers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Need advice? As organisations become increasingly project based, Project Managers need to be more financially savvy. Not only must projects be on time and on budget, but they also need to contribute to both shareholder value and the long-term financial success of the business.

Accenture is the world's most diverse company.

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Read our privacy policy to learn more. Project management is the application of all aspects of your project including processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve your planned objectives and to ensure a successful outcome in a timely, cost-effective, most efficient and quality-controlled manner. CGMA insights: Managing an open workforce. Managing Innovation: Harnessing the power of finance.

To write an effective project finance job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included project finance job description templates that you can modify and use. Desired skills for project finance include:. Desired experience for project finance includes:.

The salary information presented on this page is based on all Business Operations Manager jobs published on Jobted in the last 12 months. Create a job alert for: Business Operations Manager. It's free, and you can cancel email updates at any time.

What Does a Business Operations Manager Do?

Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays? Whether you are hiring a single employee , or an entire department of. The labor market is a strange place right now. A shift towards. Handling involuntary termination is a likely occurrence for human resources managers and. Are you the kind of person who struggles to get a handle. An …Read more.

Operations ManagerAgency Reference Number Venn Group is currently of the Care Group including business case management and workforce planning.

Business Operations Manager salary in the United States

Save Job. Intuit powers prosperity around the world with financial solutions like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. Other interviewees will arrive early to set up their computers and test connectivity prior to the interview start. Additionally, the QuickBooks Live Senior Manager, Customer Experience Management will be an innovative and experienced customer experience leader with strong critical thinking who can craft a service experience strategy, as well as drive large and complex cross-team projects to define,plan, and execute on service design enhancements, while. Intuit is seeking a Senior Manager of Data and Analytics to manage a small team of business data analysts to support its Mint brand. These insights are exclusive to Mint Salary and are based on 3, tax returns from TurboTax customers who reported this type of occupation. Posting id: Learn more about Mint Salary Posted: June 05, You probably know us by our flagship products, QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint, but that's just the start.

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Operations Manager salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In from anonymous Operations Manager employees in Chicago. Chicago by the numbers 6, Submit your salary info to unlock all content. Operations Manager.

Location: Hampshire. Salary: Hidden.

CIPS Procurement Salary Guide 2022 coming soon

CIPS Procurement Salary Guide 2022 coming soon

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Operations Manager salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria. The median represents the middle salary value. Generally speaking, you would want to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning more than the median salary. Closely related to the median are two values: the 25th and the 75th percentiles. Both are indicators.

There are many sites on the Internet that provide salary comparisons. Consider an operations manager who wants a new type of software that she believes.

Business Operations Manager

Google Project Management Certificate

Stocks: -. Bonus: -.

A job at Amazon hasn't historically been one of the best-paid gigs in big tech. The ecommerce giant tends to lag behind Google and Meta on salaries, Insider has previously reported. Amazon's strategy has been to recruit what it calls "missionaries, not mercenaries.

Clinical supply project manager abbvie

Lifecycle planning also involves the development of new formulations and routes of administration, which can add years to the patent expiry dates. In AbbVie launched the Humira Pen, a self-injecting device, and it is currently in Phase III clinical trials for three additional indications — unspecified arthritis, peripheral spondyloarthritis and pyoderma gangrenosum.

Employing an efficient marketing strategy for Humira has also been of benefit to AbbVie. Although the initial US Humira patent expired in December , AbbVie is using its patent portfolio and newer patents for the drugs manufacturing methods and formulations to gain extra years of exclusivity.

This did cost AbbVie significant revenue, but it also gave AbbVie a specific date to work with as they forecast their own future. When approached for this article, the company declined to comment. AbbVie has also received criticism for steep price increases and it is not uncommon for drug companies to increase prices of drugs bi-annually. Phase III clinical trials are extremely expensive though so in many respects with the evolution of the lifecycle and added indications, there is some justification for the price increases for Humira.

Now though, as delays are keeping Humira prices very high, there is concern. From a patient perspective, compliance will be an issue.

Humira: the highs and lows of the world’s best-selling drug

Humira: the highs and lows of the world’s best-selling drug

Market Study Report: The Report Global Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnosis and Treatment Market Report explores the essential factors of the Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnosis and Treatment market considering such as industry situations, market demands, market players adopted business strategies and their growth scenario. The Global Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnosis and Treatment market has been separated by this report based on the key players profiles, Type, Application and Regions. The latest Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnosis and Treatment market report lends a competitive head start to businesses by offering accurate predictions for this vertical at both regional and global scale. It entails a top-to-bottom evaluation of the various industry segments, highlighting the current and future development possibilities, and all other factors affecting the revenue potential. Moreover, the research piece covers the leading companies, as well emerging contenders and newcomers to provide a holistic view of the competitive landscape.

abbvie clinical project manager salary.

We are a global immunotherapy powerhouse aspiring to translate science into survival

Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays? Whether you are hiring a single employee , or an entire department of. The labor market is a strange place right now. A shift towards. Handling involuntary termination is a likely occurrence for human resources managers and. Are you the kind of person who struggles to get a handle. Clinical research associates CRA are responsible for assisting in the clinical research process, providing advanced technical expertise in steps such as handling supplies, ordering tests, and collecting results, presenting specific research information to the public, and a variety of administrative tasks. CRAs must follow strict privacy and safety regulations to prevent problems with subjects and ethical concerns; they must also be organized and pay close attention to detail when conducting …Read more.

While Forsee Power has already equipped 1, electric buses worldwide, the market growth is accelerating, and the battery expert consolidates its position of European leader with Wrightbus and other bus OEMs but also in the off-highway, light vehicle, and rail markets. Forsee Power and Wrightbus have been partnering since ; launching the first opportunity charging line in Europe.

Clinical Supply Project Manager

Clinical Supply Project Manager

We are committed to improving the health of people worldwide with our fundamental research and development of immunotherapies. We believe in scientific rigor, innovation and passion as driving force. BioNTech was founded by scientists and physicians to translate science into survival by combining fundamental research and operational excellence. We at BioNTech believe that the immune system is the fundamental driver for therapeutic success in cancer and infectious diseases. As immune engineers we have a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms that enable the immune system to effectively recognize both external threats like infectious diseases and internal threats like cancer. Our goal is to translate this expertise into therapies and vaccines that can make a difference for individuals as well as humankind.

Apply for the Job in Clinical Supply Project Manager at Lake County, IL. View the job description, responsibilities and qualifications for. Manage projects, automate processes, and scale up to enterprise-level programs and portfolios, all with one platform.

Fda PipelinePeople outside of the drug discovery pipeline often ask why? What is it that takes so long to get a great new idea into the clinic to benefit patients sooner and faster than that?. Students for Sensible Drug Policy has partnered with key stakeholders to develop the Psychedelic Pipeline as a global network to connect SSDP members and alumni who are interested in working in the field of psychedelics to quality mentorship, training, scholarship funds, and career development opportunities, with a deliberate focus on providing access to people of …. The table below is a review of notable updates that occurred in February for investigational products in development not an inclusive list. Drug Channels reaches an engaged, loyal and growing audience of more than 45, subscribers. This fact sheet explains the processes involved in drug development and FDA drug approval.

MerckHelps Merck Patient Assistance Program provides certain Merck medicines and adult vaccines for free to qualified patients;. Ipca Laboratories is a leading pharmaceutical company across the continents that work on its core values of quality, safety, integrity, dignity, responsibility. What distinguishes us is our….

Sport was the massive preoccupation of my youth — being Belgian, you probably think my focus was cycling or maybe football — but from the age of ten, my passion had been field hockey. I played as a goalkeeper, which in the hockey world marks you out as either being incredibly courageous or crazy — and the jury is still out on that. It occupied a good deal of my time, I was playing most evenings and weekends and I eventually made it onto the national youth squad. But inevitably, I had to decide whether to devote all my time to hockey or study.

Steps to Becoming a Certified Project Manager - Experience, Credentialing & Education

Thales, a leader in cybersecurity and data protection, organizes on Tuesday May 31st, the new edition of its Thales Media Day, a special event dedicated to media focused on cybersecurity. The health crisis has highlighted the need for secure digital transformation as a resilience factor, regardless of the industry or sector involved. Therefore, it is now essential to improve our knowledge and understanding of cyberattacks in order to fight effectively and collectively against this threat.

Thales highlights precious insights into how cybersecurity contributes positively to the day-to-day operations of organisations and enterprises , and above all how it touches the lives of citizens in all sorts of ways, in domains as varied as digital identity, critical infrastructure, mobility, healthcare, space, automotive, remote work and defence.

The delivery of a successful and secure digital identity is fundamental to the modernisation of states and the dematerialisation of public services. To date, Australia, Florida already use this solution and by September , all EU member states must make a digital identity wallet available to every citizen who wants one. Thales' digital ID wallet represents the next generation of Mobile ID , creating a secure, smartphone-based home for all the owner's digital identity credentials.

Cars are more connected than ever and the global vehicules ecosystem is moving to smart mobility. Cyber attacks targeting airlines are increasing: out of 45 attacks in , were recorded in On the other hand, the aircrafts are more and more connected to enable new operating modes such as remote dataloading.

Cybersecurity is the enabler of any safe remote activity. Cyberattacks are on the rise and have increased during the worldwide pandemic.

Remote work and cloud transformation have moved security risks beyond a company's IT perimeter. Sensitive data are now spread across cloud-based services and apps , that end users can access from everywhere. Thales can help organizations secure and control access to all data and applications , for any user, anywhere. Find below more info about our five panel discussions lined up on some of the hottest, most newsworthy cyber topics of the day, with experts and prestigious outside speakers.

The public health crisis has accelerated the shift to digital in our societies and changed our daily lifestyles in many ways. Thales's highly secure and encrypted data solutions support customers in numerous sectors as they ramp up their digital transformation, opening up new opportunities to drive growth and offer new services. Thales provides solutions that can make people's lives simpler on an everyday basis while guaranteeing high levels of security, with examples from healthcare and digital identity services.

Today, we are evolving in a world where data is increasingly more sensitive, where new modes of collaboration have appeared, and by association, new needs in security: encryption becomes a necessity.

Chimere by Thales. Implementing Automotive Cybersecurity in the core of a Digital Car Key Cars are more connected than ever and the global vehicules ecosystem is moving to smart mobility. Digital car keys. Providing aircraft cybersecured connectivity Cyber attacks targeting airlines are increasing: out of 45 attacks in , were recorded in Cybersecurity in Aerospace.

Collaborating securely with the first restricted level cloud-based solution With the increase of the need for collaborative work related to sensitive data over the cloud, offering the necessary tools with the best level of security becomes a major issue for the future of companies and communities. Collaborative work is now accessible to the most stringent users! Cybels hub restricted. Securing remote working. Thales' Panels. How do we ensure cyber sovereignty for Europe? European Cybersecurity center, NIS v2 Directive, Development of cyber defense and cyber threat intelligence capabilities, Industrial cybersecurity strategy… Many initiatives are now launched or being studied?

Further readings. Further more. Career at Thales.

Project Management in the Healthcare Industry: A Risk Based Approach

The winners of the Microgrid Knowledge Greater Good Awards provide for night time studying, streetlights and entertainment in India, resilience during natural disasters and public safety power shut offs PSPS at a college in California, vaccinations and power for critical medical equipment at a medical facility in the Himalayas and significant energy savings and carbon reductions at a medical center in Pennsylvania. The awards were announced today at Microgrid , a conference hosted by Microgrid Knowledge that drew more ethan microgrid leaders, developers, supporters and users to Philadelphia. Microgrid Knowledge launched the award program four years ago to highlight the humanitarian and societal benefits of microgrids. The winners are chosen by a panel of independent judges. The island is cut off from the mainland for energy and other infrastructure.

Thales, a leader in cybersecurity and data protection, is delighted to invite you to mobility, healthcare, space, automotive, remote work and defence.

Written by: Iryna Viter. PMI estimates that there are There are so many factors that can influence your work and so many hats a project manager should wear. At the same time, the reasons why you may want to enter this domain outweigh the challenges you face in the end. Being a project manager involves constant learning, interaction with all sorts of people, and increased responsibility. Many truly inspiring things. Before jumping to the pros and cons of being a project manager right away, you might want a short introduction to the project manager role in general.

Replacing Cement with Waste: Embracing the Circular Economy with Polymer Technology

October 22, Staff Writers.

Covington Kentucky giving $1.15 million to non-profits

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We evolved from a shared services organization to become a global TechCo with over 24 thousand employees operating from Hungary, Romania, Egypt and India.

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It has become very clear that the Covid19 crisis disproportionately impacted young people. Over-represented in the sectors most affected by lockdown restrictions, they were more likely than others to face job loss, money worries and mental health problems.

Thales, a leader in cybersecurity and data protection, organizes on Tuesday May 31st, the new edition of its Thales Media Day, a special event dedicated to media focused on cybersecurity. The health crisis has highlighted the need for secure digital transformation as a resilience factor, regardless of the industry or sector involved. Therefore, it is now essential to improve our knowledge and understanding of cyberattacks in order to fight effectively and collectively against this threat. The Thales Media Day is the occasion to discover more about the challenges and opportunities provided by cybersecurity in the identity, critical infrastructure, aerospace, defence, mobility, health or even industry sectors.

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Malayalam temple management software

Regional Offices

Regional Offices

City puducherry mumbai delhi bengaluru Hyderabad kolkata chennai agra agartala ahmedabad ajmer allahabad amaravati amritsar aurangabad bareilly bhubaneswar bhopal chandigarh coimbatore cuttack dehradun erode faridabad ghaziabad goa gurgaon guwahati hubballi imphal indore itanagar jaipur jammu jamshedpur jodhpur kanpur kochi kohima kolhapur kozhikode ludhiana lucknow madurai mangaluru meerut mumbai region mysuru nagpur nashik navi mumbai noida patna pune raipur rajkot ranchi thane salem shillong shimla srinagar surat trichy thiruvananthapuram udaipur vadodara varanasi vijayawada visakhapatnam photos.

The system also links the temples of other states to enable people to access their portals. The secretary expressed optimism that the system will enhance the interaction with the management of the temples and mutts.

How Harmony Works in South India’s Lone Muslim Majority District

How Harmony Works in South India’s Lone Muslim Majority District

Keywords: Disaster Kerala, Kerala temple disaster, approach to document the health system response toward the disaster occurred during.

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The Book Vazhipadu feature on iPrarthana App is a great way to reach the divine.

Malayalam Temple Management Software

The Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to respond to such e-mails and NOT to share information relating to their credit card, bank and other financial accounts. Click to view the institutions registered under section 80G, 12 A and more. It is a matter of general belief that taxes on income and wealth are of recent origin but there is enough evidence to show that taxes on income in some form or the other were levied even in primitive and ancient communities. The origin of the word "Tax" is from "Taxation" which means an estimate. These were levied either on the sale and purchase of merchandise or livestock and were collected in a haphazard manner from time to time. Nearly years ago, there went out a decree from Ceaser Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

A Brutal And Inhuman Tax-Regime And The Hidden Assets Of Keralas Padmanabhaswamy Temple

It is the most populous city in Kerala with a population of , as of The present regions that constitute Thiruvananthapuram were ruled by the Ays who were feudatories of the Chera dynasty. Thiruvananthapuram is a major tourist centre, known for the Padmanabhaswamy Temple , the beaches of Kovalam and Varkala , the backwaters of Poovar and Anchuthengu and its Western Ghats tracts of Ponmudi and the Agastya Mala. In , Thiruvananthapuram was named the best Kerala city to live in, by a field survey conducted by The Times of India. Thiruvananthapuram is also known in the literature, and popular reference as Ananthapuri derived from the Sanskrit word Syanandurapuram , meaning "The City of Bliss" in Carnatic kirtanas composed by Swathi Thirunal , erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore.

Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi Music Lyrics online E-Tution For Your Kids · Temple Management Software · Download Tamil Divx Video Song.

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Temple politics led to fire disaster in Kerala

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Located in T.

The police dashing to the scene of a burglary to catch the culprits as they make their getaway is not a familiar sight in our country. However, this could soon become a reality in Kerala. The smart security system links the establishments and homes to the police control room, where a monitoring station keeps track of the premises and alerts the police regarding any threat to the homes and commercial establishments registered under CIMS. The police will be able to reach the place under threat within minutes and apprehend the culprits. The project may be expanded to other cities and districts later.

Minebitz Products

Minebitz Products

DevaKaryam Temple Management Software is a complete solution to manage the day-to-day activities of temples. DevaKaryam product features are designed in close partnership with several well-known temples across South India. DevaKaryam solution is available as web application and Mobile app. Automated and user friendly features of this software is designed to reduce administrative expenses of managing a temple.

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Business management degree youtube

Business and Management

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NCBA National College of Business Administration

NCBA National College of Business Administration

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10 Business Education Youtube Channels

10 Business Education Youtube Channels

The business world has a lot of different aspects to it. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, you'll learn about the principles and theories of business administration, and how to apply them to various positions. This degree is designed with the goal of giving you a strong academic foundation in core business functions including general business administration, accounting, finance, project management, information technology, human resources, marketing, international business, logistics and organizational behaviour. Industry leaders may seek out BA graduates for their strong knowledge of core business functions. While many graduates work in managerial roles within companies, others may go on to pursue advanced degrees in business or other disciplines. Government jobs can be very rewarding. The public sector is a great place for anyone who wants to make a difference. Whether you want to work directly with people or are interested in managing projects, there are many rewarding careers available within the government sector for those who want to make a positive impact on their communities. Applications are currently open and here is when they are due to close. Have your contact details changed since you applied for the R grant?

Top YouTube Channels to Learn Econometrics and Economics

Top YouTube Channels to Learn Econometrics and Economics

Online learning is not a novelty anymore. During the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many institutions were forced to invest in their online program offerings - or simply adjust their courses to be online-friendly. Other times, learning from a different source can help new concepts make sense, or can refresh the memory. So, are you looking for resources to learn economics online? Some of the most popular thus far have included free and paid for online courses in econometrics , lessons in mathematics and statistics , and a list of the best in our humble opinion economics podcasts.

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Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

A Business Manager is a jack of many trades. He or she is:. It is this multi-faceted nature of business management that makes it a highly coveted yet highly demanding role. But business management is not just a role or a career level. Business management is also a degree that hundreds of thousands of college students are drawn into. Because it covers various topics that are essential in running or managing an enterprise.

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Wojcicki was involved in the founding of Google , and became Google's first marketing manager in She later led the company's online advertising business and was put in charge of Google's original video service. Wojcicki's first business was selling "spice ropes" door-to-door at age A humanities major in college, she took her first computer science class as a senior. Wojcicki studied history and literature at Harvard University and graduated with honors in She originally planned on getting a Ph.

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Windows server 2003 terminal services manager remote control

Remote Desktop Services Shadowing – Beyond the Shadowed Session

Remote Desktop Services Shadowing – Beyond the Shadowed Session

Windows Server Terminal Services provides administration tools that can help you manage remote sessions. The snap-in can be used to manage servers that are running the Windows Server family or Windows Server. The Remote Desktops snap-in provides a navigable tree display that allows Administrators to view, control, and quickly switch between multiple sessions from a single window, as shown in Figure As with the RDC tool, remote computers can be configured to run specific programs upon connecting, and to redirect local drives to appear in the remote session.

Reset and disconnect timeouts and default encryption settings are configured using the Terminal Services Configuration tool, tscc. To configure reset and disconnect timeouts for individual accounts, use the Sessions tab of the user 's Account Properties page.

The Event Viewer, eventvwr. Tsdiscon : This utility disconnects the session. This is similar to turning off the monitor while the computer is running.

To reconnect , simply log into the server again using the same user account. The features in the following sections enhance the manageability of Terminal Services in Windows Server Group Policy can be used to configure Terminal Services properties of groups of servers simultaneously. Properties that can be modified by Group Policy include setting the Terminal Services profile path , automatic logon, home directories, and starting programs on connection.

Windows Server includes a number of enhanced settings that affect Terminal Services. Terminal Server user rights for individual users or groups can be assigned using the Security Policy Editor. This can be used to give users the right to log on to a Terminal Server without having to be a member of the Remote Desktop Users group.

Lists of favorite servers can be built, which makes it easy for Administrators to manage a selected group of servers. With Terminal Server License Manager, it's easier to activate a Terminal Server license server and to assign licenses to it. More than 40 new client error messages make it easier to diagnose client connection problems. Remote Desktop Protocol connections use bit bidirectional RC4 encryption by default. Older clients can connect using lower encryption unless only high-encryption clients are permitted.

Locking down Terminal Servers is simplified in Windows Server by using Group Policy software restriction policies. These policies limit specified programs to be run by certain users. Another lock-down method is using a common user environment through GPO user configuration. Further restriction can be imposed by using a GPO to allow only Windows applications.

TSCC is a good way to manage individual servers, but for managing groups of machines, Group Policies are an efficient way to centrally configure Session Directory settings. The settings are. IP Address Redirection uncheck for routing token redirection : Determines whether clients who connect to a load balanced Terminal Server farm are redirected to a server IP address, or if they use a routing token to mask the IP address of the destination server.

In Windows Server , the entries that you make in answer files for Terminal Server unattended installations have been changed. This setting selects whether Terminal Services connections are allowed for Windows Server the default setting is and for Windows XP the default is 1 :. Previous page. Table of content. Next page. Run the RDC mstsc.

Query : This utility queries for process, session, termserver , or user. Enhanced Management Features The features in the following sections enhance the manageability of Terminal Services in Windows Server Group Policy Group Policy can be used to configure Terminal Services properties of groups of servers simultaneously. Remote Desktop User Group Terminal Services permissions can be granted to individual users or groups, or users can inherit permissions as a result of being a group member.

Printer Redirection Using Terminal Services, printing jobs can be routed to a printer attached to a computer or to a printer that the client can map on the network. Terminal Services Manager Large arrays of servers are easier to manage due to reduced automatic server enumeration.

The default one is You can choose any arbitrary port, assuming that it is not already used on your network and that you set the same port number on your firewalls and on each TSplus user access programs. If users want to access your TSplus server outside from your network, you must ensure all incoming connections on the port chosen are forwarded to the TSplus server. You can display your server's task manager, and you have the possibilities to active a remote control, disconnect, logoff or send a message to your users. You can activate the remote control via a remote session with an admin account on the following Operating Systems:.

Remote Desktop Services Manager fails with access denied even if run as The login to the remote server is through Windows and Windows blissfully ignores.

Terminal Services enables users running a Terminal Services client Remote Desktop Connection on their computer to initiate a remote session on the Terminal Server. Terminal Services Manager provides the interface through which you manage Terminal Servers, client connections, users, and processes. You can use Terminal Services Manager to manage the local Terminal Server, systems in trusted domains, or standalone servers. In addition to managing Terminal Servers, users, processes, and sessions, you can also connect to a specific session on the target Terminal Server. You disconnect the session, which leaves the applications running. Later, you decide to check on the status of the applications, so you connect to that session again. In a way, this capability is like Fast User Switching in Windows XP, which enables you to log on with a different account without logging off from the current account. You can switch between sessions on any available Terminal Server. Terminal Services Manager provides several other capabilities, as well. The navigation pane at the left of the window shows the local computer by default, a branch that shows all connected servers, and a Favorite Servers branch that enables you to quickly access frequently used servers.

Have you ever wanted to change some settings for all users in a Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services Session environment? This is not just for application installs.

Everyday throughout the course of their work, system administrators, DBAs, developers and IT support personnel remotely log into different servers in their network. The tool that most people use is Remote Desktop Connection, a nifty little application that comes with Windows XP Professional and later. Remote Desktop Connection communicates with the terminal services running on the remote server and allows the user to access another computer's applications and desktop as if logged in directly from the console. It's a fairly intuitive application, but there are few little tweaks that administrators should know. In this tip we will try to show some of these tweaks.

Not your standard OSCP guide. This is a typically boring lab. PsExec is a portable tool from Microsoft that allows you to remotely start processes using the credentials of any user. For each mounted directory the script will try to list its file entries with their attributes. Experience with vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Below is an namp scan result example where the SMB signing is 'not required' and can perform relay attacks on This is the write up for the room Mitre on Tryhackme and it is part of the Tryhackme Cyber Defense Path. It is in ssh clients category and is available to all software users as a free download.

In Windows and older this policy is called for members of the Remote Desktop Users.

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Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. This article describes how to use Microsoft Windows Server Terminal Services to connect to and shadow a console session. In Windows Server , when you use Terminal Services, you can connect to the console session session 0 , and at the same time, open a shadow session to it as long as you connect from a session other than the console. With this added functionality, you can log on to a Windows Server based server that is running Terminal Services remotely and interact with session 0 as if you were sitting at the physical console of the computer.

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Troubleshooting Windows Remote Desktop Connections

Troubleshooting Windows Remote Desktop Connections

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