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Stage project manager

In managements internal control report that is now required

Internal Audit Office. Kansas State University Internal Control Guidance presents valuable information about the importance and benefits of internal controls. It also contains a self-assessment to determine if there are appropriate separation of duties over budiness processes. Internal Controls are to be an integral part of any organization's financial and business policies and procedures. Internal controls consists of all the measures taken by the organization for the purpose of; 1 protecting its resources against waste, fraud, and inefficiency; 2 ensuring accuracy and reliability in accounting and operating data; 3 securing compliance with the policies of the organization; and 4 evaluating the level of performance in all organizational units of the organization.

Managements Report on Internal Control

The revised circular is effective for FY Agencies should take steps in FY to prepare for its implementation. This Circular provides guidance to Federal managers on improving the accountability and effectiveness of Federal programs and operations by establishing, assessing, correcting, and reporting on internal control.

This Circular emphasizes the need for integrated and coordinated internal control assessments that synchronize all internal control-related activities. This revision to the Circular will become effective in Fiscal Year and supersede all previous versions. A, "Management Accountability and Control," revised, June 21, should continue to be followed. Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining internal control to achieve the objectives of effective and efficient operations, reliable financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Management shall consistently apply the internal control standards to meet each of the internal control objectives and to assess internal control effectiveness.

This Circular is applicable to each executive agency, with the exception of the requirements in the appendix. Copies of this Circular may be obtained from www. Introduction II. Standards III. Assessing Internal Control V. Reporting on Internal Control. Management has a fundamental responsibility to develop and maintain effective internal control. The proper stewardship of Federal resources is an essential responsibility of agency managers and staff.

Federal employees must ensure that Federal programs operate and Federal resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve desired objectives. Programs must operate and resources must be used consistent with agency missions, in compliance with laws and regulations, and with minimal potential for waste, fraud, and mismanagement.

The three objectives of internal control are to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The safeguarding of assets is a subset of all of these objectives. Instead of considering internal control as an isolated management tool, agencies should integrate their efforts to meet the requirements of the FMFIA with other efforts to improve effectiveness and accountability.

Thus, internal control should be an integral part of the entire cycle of planning, budgeting, management, accounting, and auditing. It should support the effectiveness and the integrity of every step of the process and provide continual feedback to management. Federal managers must carefully consider the appropriate balance between controls and risk in their programs and operations. Too many controls can result in inefficient and ineffective government; agency managers must ensure an appropriate balance between the strength of controls and the relative risk associated with particular programs and operations.

Agency Implementation. Internal control guarantees neither the success of agency programs, nor the absence of waste, fraud, and mismanagement, but is a means of managing the risk associated with Federal programs and operations. Managers should define the control environment e.

While the procedures may vary from agency to agency, management should have a clear, organized strategy with well-defined documentation processes that contain an audit trail, verifiable results, and specify document retention periods so that someone not connected with the procedures can understand the assessment process. To ensure senior management involvement, many agencies have established their own senior management council, often chaired by the agency's lead management official, to address management accountability and related issues within the broader context of agency operations.

Relevant issues for such a council include ensuring the agency's commitment to an appropriate system of internal control; actively overseeing the process of assessing internal controls, including non-financial as well as financial reporting objectives; recommending to the agency head which control deficiencies are material to disclose in the annual FMFIA report; and providing input for the level and priority of resource needs to correct these deficiencies.

The organizational culture is also crucial within this standard. Management should identify internal and external risks that may prevent the organization from meeting its objectives. When identifying risks, management should take into account relevant interactions within the organization as well as with outside organizations. Management should also consider previous findings; e.

The agency head must annually evaluate and report on the control and financial systems that protect the integrity of Federal programs; Section 2 and Section 4 respectively.

To support results-oriented management, GPRA requires agencies to develop strategic plans, set performance goals, and report annually on actual performance compared to goals.

The PART has also become an integral part of the budget process when making funding resource allocations or decisions. The CFO Act requires agencies to both establish and assess internal control related to financial reporting. The Act requires the preparation and audit of financial statements. In this process, auditors report on internal control and compliance with laws and regulations related to financial reporting. Therefore, the agencies covered by the Act have a clear opportunity to improve internal control over their financial activities, and to evaluate the controls that are in place.

Whether public or privately held, companies of all sizes, should establish an adequate system of policies and procedures for internal control over financial reporting ICFR. ICFR is important to establish public trust in the capital markets and issuers of financial statements. Internal control over financial reporting ICFR or ICOFR is a process consisting of policies and control procedures to assess financial statement risk and provide reasonable assurance that a company prepares reliable financial statements. Detailed, fair, and accurate financial records with receipts for transactions are maintained by employees and approved by management for corporate governance. For example, data analytics and visualization tools can be useful in the ICFR assessment process. Controls include preventive and detective controls.

A, Management's Responsibility for Enterprise Risk report on internal control over reporting (ICOR). As required by OMB Circular No.

The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

This report is presented merely as supplemental information. The internal control is designed to achieve its objectives to the extent reasonable through the effective function and combination of its basic elements. Therefore, there is a possibility that misstatements may not be completely prevented or detected by internal control over financial reporting. The assessment of internal control over financial reporting was performed as of March 31, which is the end of this fiscal year. The assessment was performed in accordance with assessment standards for internal control over financial reporting generally accepted in Japan. In conducting this assessment, we evaluated internal controls which may have a material effect on our entire financial reporting on a consolidation basis "entity-level controls" and based on the results of this assessment, we selected business processes to be tested. We analyzed these selected business processes, identified key controls that may have a material impact on the reliability of the Company's financial reporting, and assessed the design and operation of these key controls.

The Unexpected Benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley

SUMMARY: As directed by Section of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of , we are adopting rules requiring companies subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of , other than registered investment companies, to include in their annual reports a report of management on the company's internal control over financial reporting. The internal control report must include: a statement of management's responsibility for establishing and maintaining adequate internal control over financial reporting for the company; management's assessment of the effectiveness of the company's internal control over financial reporting as of the end of the company's most recent fiscal year; a statement identifying the framework used by management to evaluate the effectiveness of the company's internal control over financial reporting; and a statement that the registered public accounting firm that audited the company's financial statements included in the annual report has issued an attestation report on management's assessment of the company's internal control over financial reporting.

What is internal audit?

What is internal audit?

An integrated audit combines a financial statement audit with an audit of internal controls. Since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act came into effect, management is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and reporting on an internal control structure, and auditors are required to assess this internal control structure. Integrated Audit vs Non-Integrated Audit: A non-integrated audit is just a traditional audit that generally focuses on financial statements or operational aspects of a business, unlike an integrated audit, which combines an audit of financial statements with an audit of internal controls. All public companies, when filing the annual report with the SEC, are required to include an internal control report. During an integrated audit, auditors should use the same methodology used by management to determine whether internal controls are effective.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Internal controls help mitigate risks in an organization's operations, financial reporting, or compliance.

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Ron Kral addresses several of the key challenges and questions organizations may have in conducting an effective ICFR evaluation. Failure to follow the underlying requirements can lead to harsh regulatory actions. Are you comfortable with the documentation requirements, including use of a framework and properly concluding on the severity of deficiencies? This article cites SEC guidance, as well as an enforcement case from last year, to help answer this question. This is especially true for people outside the finance department, such as information technology IT , human resources HR and operations teams, and yes — even the CEO in some cases. To realize an effective ICFR evaluation process, it is important for everyone involved to have a clear understanding of the requirements and their roles.

Newly public companies must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of The good news for Green Goo is that the SEC has adopted a transition period permitting a newly public company to wait until its second annual report to comply with Section a.

NRS B. An independent certified public accountant or accounting firm in good standing with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and in all states in which the accountant or accounting firm is licensed to practice. For an insurer domiciled in Canada or Great Britain, a chartered accountant. For an insurer domiciled in Canada or Great Britain, the annual statement of total business on the form filed by the insurer with its domiciliary supervision authority, duly audited by a chartered accountant. Pertain to the maintenance of records that, in reasonable detail, accurately and fairly reflect the transactions and dispositions of assets;.

Benefits of school management software

Top 10 Advantages Of School Management System : If you are running an educational institution like a school, college, or tuition, you need reliable software. There is various software that you can use for automating most of the work. The School Management Software is one of them. It is the most demanding and outstanding software today in the whole world.

Benefits of school management software

Importance of School Management System in 2022

School administration software helps educational institutions by automating regular administrative tasks. Alma is a cloud-based school management solution catering to businesses of all sizes in the education industry. Core features assist users to manage school administration, generate custom reports, administer the enrollment and adm Read more.

This solution caters to schools for adult students and student lifecycle management capabili Directors and teachers can manage administrative reporting, program planning, manage billings, interactio Fedena is a cloud-based school management solution from Foradian Technologies, featuring multiple modules for managing student data, schedules, grades, messaging, human resources, finances, and more.

Edvance is a cloud-based school management solution that allows administrators to manage academic operations and enable interactions between school administration, teachers, parents and students.

Key features include a learning m Campus Cafe is a cloud-based student information system that helps in managing admissions, student services, business office and alumni development functions. Primary features are inquiries tracking, applicant tracking, status tra PraxiSchool is your complete solution for School Management Software!

It is suitable for the needs of small and midsize institutions. Key features include lead management and reporting, email t EMPOWER is a cloud-based student information system that supports the academic management needs of universities and colleges.

This solution offers features supporting recruitment and admissions, financial aid, records and registra Collegix is a cloud-based solution that helps to meet the administrative and management requirements of colleges and universities. Key features include recruitment and admissions, student lifecycle management, human resources HR Lighthouse is a cloud-based student information solution SIS from Surfside Software that can be installed on all school PCs or only on specific terminals.

The solution caters to public and private schools of all sizes and grade levels. The solut The solution's gradebook module suppo ASAP is a cloud-based class and membership management solution that caters to the needs of both small and midsize organizations and large enterprises. The solution helps organizations manage classes, after-school programs, events The solution helps teachers, students, administrators and parents acces School ERP offers cloud-based school management software suitable for educational institutions of all sizes.

Business Supplies and Equipment. Civil Engineering. Commercial Real Estate. Computer Games. Computer Hardware. Computer Networking. Computer Software. Consumer Electronics. Consumer Goods. Consumer Services. Education Management. Environmental Services. Events Services. Executive Office. Facilities Services. Financial Services. Government Administration. Government Relations. Graphic Design. Health, Wellness and Fitness.

Higher Education. Human Resources. Import and Export. Industrial Automation. Information Services. Information Technology and Services. Law Enforcement. Law Practice. Legal Services. Logistics and Supply Chain. Management Consulting. Market Research. Marketing and Advertising. Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Media Production. Medical Devices. Medical Practice. Mental Health Care. Non-Profit Organization Management. Packaging and Containers. Performing Arts. Program Development.

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software

Multiple Benefits of Using School Management Software · Management can get access to any data of any department in a fraction of seconds · The software provides.

Attendance Entry will Daywise or Timebase. Visitor's Log, Check-In, Check-out. You shall be provided with multiple dashboard, for every department. TechQuest Services, All rights reserved. School Management System Software. School Management Software in Tamilnadu. EduAx K12 Features. TechQuest EduAx-K12 has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently. Benefits of School Management System. Your name.

With the advent of the digital era, everything is made available on fingertips with the help of advanced technologies. If we discuss about the good schools, no doubts, the one having a robust and reliable School Management System that also comes along mobile application for various role based users will top the list.

Benefits Of Having School Management Software

School Management System

School Management System

The dissemination of information is one of the most significant benefits of ERP software. With the aid of our data management tools, organizations can provide.

If you are the owner or admin of a school or college, there are different software you can use to automate your organization, to reach your goals while making use of all the benefits of digitized operations. Among them, school management software is now an integral part of all schools and colleges. This software helps in digitizing the various school operations to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the school. All these modules work together towards the digitization of school operations.

Online School: School management software is mainly a set of tools that allows the corporation to run the institute smoothly. School management systems can inform parents about their children via mobile apps, SMS services, etc. Here, take a look at some benefits of management software of school that the parents will get from it. Parents do not have to wait for parent-teacher meetings to find out how their children are performing at school.

Fast, reliable, easy to navigate, the School Management Software provides ways to more effective managerial and educational duties of your institutions. Fully Automated Attendance.

Renewable energy project management course

Renewable Energy Project Manager jobs in London

This entails:. Please submit your motivation letter and comprehensive resume including training and list of references to recruitment-indo giz. MH Thamrin No. ORG is not affiliated with devjobsindo yahoo mailing groups. Job Expired. Output 2 pursues the goal of introducing decentralized RE technologies in PLN-internal planning processes as alternatives to conventional power generation technologies.

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Type and Project Certification Workshop - Wind Energy

Send email. The Melanesian countries of the Pacific, Fiji, Papua New Guinea PNG , Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, face significant challenges in access to electricity Vanuatu, PNG and Solomon Islands have the lowest levels of electrification in the Pacific while having the most renewable energy resources, including hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. All four countries, under their Nationally Determined Contributions NDC implementation commitments, need to simultaneously boost economic growth, provide electricity access SDG 7 , and meet national and international greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Green growth in the Pacific faces numerous challenges, particularly in mainstreaming renewable energy and energy efficiency into provincial and local level planning and creating an enabling environment for sustainable implementation of renewable energy projects at the provincial and rural level. Access to accurate information from neutral sources is critical in helping officials and community leaders make more informed decisions on their local resources and the use of these resources energy, water, land use , and to ensure the most sustainable management practices are utilized for their existing and planned renewable energy and other development projects. The selection of communities where the project will be implemented will be confirmed by the national counterparts in each country following an agreed set of criteria, including accessibility, existing or planned renewable energy projects and population and services health center, school.

Course overview. Engineering offers an exciting future with an increasing demand for graduates globally. With ambitious renewable energy targets being set.

Reduce energy costs systematically and continually, cultivate energy efficient production, sink emissions and foster an environmentally friendly image by applying the know-how from our energy management training and energy auditor courses. By taking our energy management training and energy auditor courses, you will learn about the current energy management systems standard ISO and how it can be applied to various cases. The conveyed knowledge and practice undertaken within the courses by our experienced experts will help you to apply important energy management ideas and the current energy related legal requirements in your daily work. We can help you not only be greener and save money, but also be an energy management expert. With ever increasing energy costs it is important to take control of your energy usage. As part of our energy management and auditor training courses we will help give you the tools to create an energy management system. Moreover, our courses are aimed at helping you achieve lower energy costs or in other words more profit as well as an improvement of your position within the competition. Additionally, you can benefit from a greater transparency of the energy use, improved sustainability, lower resource usage and synergy with other management systems. Our complete energy management and auditor training programmes are split into three sequentially linked modules. An important aspect of all three is the work we do with the energy management systems standard ISO

The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate has been awarded for over 40 years and earned a strong reputation in the industry, awarded to high-profile companies such as Coca Cola, Tesco, the BBC, Ford and the World Bank. During the course of the programme, participants will have a strong understanding of the energy eco-system as a whole and the importance of innovation, project. Short Term Training Scholarship providing practical project management tools and techniques for renewable energy development projects.

This degree programme is for a Master's degree with a comprehensive understanding of the technical, economic, legal and political backgrounds for developing renewable energies and in which managerial skills are at the forefront. This means that, in addition to broadening subject-specific skills, the course is largely concerned with teaching entrepreneurship, management and leadership qualifications, as well as intercultural skills and English-language skills. The largest upheaval in energy supply thus far has begun with the introduction of the energy transition in Germany: nuclear phase-out will make history in and the fossil-fuel phase-out is currently in preparation. The complete conversion of the electricity, heating and mobility consumption sectors to renewable energies is a topic that will keep us occupied for decades to come. Germany aims to become the leading market for renewable energy. This will create business opportunities for innovative companies in a national, European and international setting.

Operations Management is a process that can sometimes be misinterpreted because of its multidisciplinary nature. It is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible. If you are willing to create a propelling career in Operations management, there are specific takeaways from this blog for you. Operations management includes numerous tasks which have to be carried out daily, so one must have the suitable skills and knowledge for it.

Operation management skills required

Overseeing the operations of any business is a career in which the right business-minded individual can truly succeed. An operations manager is tasked with ensuring that operations are both efficient and effective. At its core, the skillset required for operations managers includes the ability to think analytically, communicate effectively, and execute efficiently.

IKEA, a global business that provides low-cost, functional home furnishing products, is a prime example of an organization that has developed a plan to increase the effectiveness of their operating procedures, thereby attracting customers and increasing revenue.

Through a variety of methods, IKEA has become a leader in best business practices including controlling the value chain to set them apart from the competition. Establishing an effective operations process involves strategy development with some trial and error, but effective operations management can shape efficient and effective business processes by employing this list of important skills and qualities.

An effective operations manager can impress upon employees the need to improve and explain the reasoning behind the request. If a goal cannot be reached, employees are empowered to share with management the necessary information for developing alternative, achievable plans. An effective operations manager is defined as the master and commander of managing the input and output of resources.

These professionals optimize processes to decrease the cost of goods per unit, making it possible to sell at a lower cost and leaving a margin just high enough to remain agile in competitive business environments. Processes executed in this fashion are typically able to reward the hard work of the teams involved in production. What is the secret weapon?

Advance your career with The University of Scranton. Anyone who has studied the way Steve Jobs operated at Apple understands how his demand for perfection drove his people to do everything possible to meet those demands.

For example, investing in quality improvement ultimately drives down internal and external failure costs. This increase in profit provides an organization with the flexibility needed to meet the price reductions of its competitors, keeping it on par or even ahead of the competition. Supply chain management plays a vital role in the success of a company.

It is only when goals are not met that leaders delve further into operations to determine where primary problem areas might lie. For operations managers that feel it is their primary responsibility to maintain a close eye on certain operations, setting up periodic meetings with various managers and department heads allows for close monitoring without manifesting an overt presence among staff.

The most important quality of an operations manager is leadership. Strong operations leaders work to make sure that staff is encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities by providing the tools necessary to make tasks seamless.

One of the hardest parts of being a good operations manager is identifying when a team member is struggling to meet performance goals and addressing sensitive issues. Operations leaders need to make sure their management team keeps them informed of individuals who are excelling and individuals who are falling behind in crucial competencies.

Operations Management Guide

Assessment Majors Colleges Careers. General and Operations Manager Career. Overview Education Schools Skills Salary. What skills are required for General and Operations Managers? What knowledge is needed to be a General and Operations Manager? Work Styles.

Transferable skills and competencies ; Leading and Supervising. Providing direction and co-ordinating action; Supervising and monitoring behaviour; Coaching.

Operations Manager Qualifications & Skills

If you are interested in becoming an operations management, your primary duty will be to manage a team of people and implement the correct practices and processes across the organization.

Career as a Operations Manager

Field Marketing. Companies that use field teams to merchandise, market, and sell their products often rely on a field operations manager to organize and optimize their strategy. But field operations managers do more than simply manage field representatives' day-to-day activities. Field operations managers are responsible for executing and improving their company's field marketing, sales, and merchandising initiatives. This may include hiring and training a team of field reps, evaluating and analyzing their performance, and planning and managing logistics. Untimately, field operations managers are the backbone of any large field team, ensuring the team has the skills, resources, and support to successfully execute its strategy.

General and Operations Managers

What skills are required for General and Operations Managers? ; Monitoring - Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to.

Production manager

Production manager

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Business Operations Manager.

The Role of an Operations Manager

The Role of an Operations Manager

Blueprint Medicines

We accelerated our commercialization agenda that enabled us to post impressive sales performance. With a well-established commercial operation system, we've successfully reached and partnered with a wider range of hospitals across major cities. In , we submitted six new drug applications and had seven oral presentations of our clinical data at global academic conferences.

In , we will strive to maximize commercial potential with new product and indication launches and continued efforts in market penetration and expansion including further improving diagnostic rate, building scientific leadership and strengthening the accessibility and affordability of our drugs.

For the year ended December 31, and as of the date of this announcement, significant progress has been made with respect to our product pipeline and business operations. A shortlist of our achievements over this period includes:. We have fully developed our commercial capabilities, making rapid and significant progress in building the team, infrastructure, and industry network over the past year. Our commercial team has executed a clearly defined strategy and achieved successful launches of three products.

As a result, we have seen continuous improvement in diagnostic rates for the approved indications for avapritinib and pralsetinib since their launch. Currently, our precision medicines have been included in over 10 national guidelines, up from 7 at the time we released our interim results announcement.

In addition, they have been listed in over 60 supplemental insurance plans, up from 20, covering an urban population of approximately 60 million people, up from 40 million at the time we released our interim results. Our clinical team has demonstrated the ability to translate our advantages in innovation, speed, and quality into tangible results for patients and our business.

We successfully obtained approval of four products within 12 months, including three first-in-class precision medicines as well as our flagship immuno-oncology backbone drug. We have also advanced a number of trials through significant clinical milestones. The broader spectrum of our clinical development success is reflected in the fact that CStone was invited to present data via seven 7 oral presentations at global academic conferences, a rare accomplishment among Chinese biotech companies.

We are also in the process of technology transfer for multiple products which will reduce costs and improve long-term profitability of our products. These achievements give us the potential to finish with the launch of ivosidenib, additional launches for in-market products across a range of indications and geographies, new IND filings, new preclinical development programs, and further the maturation of our business into a full-fledged biopharmaceutical company with end-to-end capabilities.

For the year ended December 31, and as of the date of this announcement, significant progress has been made with respect to our product pipeline and business operations:.

Our growing commercial team continued its rapid execution of pre-launch and post-launch efforts to set the stage for market adoption of our products. They have kept up robust efforts to engage the healthcare community, including healthcare providers, academic societies, patient groups, hospitals, pharmacies, payors, and other stakeholders, to provide education on our products and demonstrate our scientific leadership.

In addition, they have expanded access and affordability of our products through various patient identification programs and by working with payors to promote coverage of them in insurance programs. Lastly, they are supporting the broader pipeline of late-stage assets by mapping out commercialization plans for those coming to market in the near-term, including in close collaboration with our commercial partners.

The team is currently focused on market development for CStone's approved precision medicines and the broader pipeline of late-stage assets to support CStone's oncology franchise. In , we participated in over 1, activities and events reaching over 10, leading KOLs and healthcare professionals "HCPs" , resulting in an enhanced awareness within the healthcare community of our treatments. This patient-centric approach is intended to increase prescription and retention ratios.

Our efforts have expanded the availability of reimbursement for our drugs for approximately 60 million people. In addition, we have opened distributor accounts and supported bidding progress to ensure patient accessibility upon the NDA approval. CStone followed through on an aggressive clinical agenda with further developments across its pipeline. In total, we secured seven NDA approvals and submitted six NDA filings as we rounded out our diverse and maturing pipeline of in-market and near-commercial ready drugs.

In doing so, our clinical engine once again distinguished itself in terms of four key dimensions:. Our clinical trials have generated data that is highly consistent with that achieved by our global partners. We believe this capability gives us a significant competitive advantage.

The final PFS analysis of the registrational study further demonstrates sugemalimab's robust efficacy and significant clinical benefits shown in interim analysis.

In the near-term, we will pursue developments in these areas using two emerging therapeutic modalities: ADCs which deliver cytotoxic agents to tumor with precision, and multi-specific biologics which are combinations of themselves.

CStone will lead the design of the target combination based on the intended mechanism of action while DotBio will be responsible for engineering the molecules. The Center will be a cutting-edge discovery and translational research institute where state-of-the-art technical and functional platforms such as antibody discovery and development, systems pharmacology, and bioinformatics drive CStone's Pipeline 2.

This type of collaboration was envisioned in the original partnership that we announced in It is a significant advancement which not only expands our partnership with Pfizer, but also provides validation of our clinical and research strength. The plan for lorlatinib is to assess if this agent can provide benefits to the patients with relapsed ROS1-positive advanced NSCLC, which if positive would add a new therapeutic approach to our lung cancer pipeline.

Capital Markets Access. Due to the strong performance in our shares during the 12 months by the end of , our stock has been included in the Hang Seng Composite Index and the Hong Kong Stock Connect.

We are working to bring a number of significant clinical and commercial developments to fruition that will be catalysts for our growth in the rest of Our commercial team is working rapidly to expand the addressable market for our products and maximize their commercial potential with a focus on the following:.

Our commercial, clinical, research and business development capabilities provide a solid basis for CStone to maximize shareholder value as we pursue ground-breaking science with a portfolio of in-market products, some of which secure approval and commercial distribution in global markets. To begin, we are further strengthening our commercial team and presence in the healthcare community that will facilitate the launch and uptake of our drugs in mainland China. We are continuing to expand and deepen our coverage of markets where prescriptions of precision medicines are concentrated.

Our clinical team is working with demonstrable efficiency to expand our portfolio of commercially available drugs and their total addressable market through a combination of indication expansions and geographic coverage. As a result, we are poised to establish a competitive presence in some of the most prevalent cancers.

Reviewing Real Brokerage (REAX) & Its Rivals

Together, Canadian tourism businesses and all orders of the government will work together to design the blueprint for growth, investment and.

25 Best College Majors for a Lucrative Career

25 Best College Majors for a Lucrative Career

WorkingNation Executive Producer and Senior Business Correspondent Ramona Schindelheim interviews business leaders on how their companies are working to close the gender gap in the life sciences industry. Despite holding nearly half of all the jobs in the United States, women remain underrepresented in STEM-based occupations on all career levels. Just one-in-four jobs involving science, technology, engineering or math was performed by a woman in , according to the U. Census Bureau. In the life and physical sciences field, the participation rate is much better — two-in-five jobs are held by women — but women still are finding it difficult to advance into leadership roles. That is not going to help close the skills gap in bioscience, and it is not going to help attract more women to the field, which is in need of thousands of skilled workers. Over the next four years, the biotech industry, primarily clustered in Massachusetts, will need to fill an estimated 12, additional jobs. Although the number of biotech-related degrees is growing, colleges and universities are not turning out graduates fast enough to fill those jobs. Business leaders now are actively encouraging young girls and women to consider STEM careers to help fill those future jobs. A conscious effort also is being made to keep women from taking their leadership skills to other industries.

Area Business Manager

Tell us about yourself to get a free, personalized Zippia Salary Report and suggestions on how to increase your pay.

Blueprint Medicines is a global precision therapy company that invents life-changing therapies for people with cancer and hematologic disorders. Applying an approach that is both precise and agile, we create medicines that selectively target genetic drivers, with the goal of staying one step ahead across stages of disease. Since , we have leveraged our research platform, including expertise in molecular targeting and world-class drug design capabilities, to rapidly and reproducibly translate science into a broad pipeline of precision therapies. Today, we are delivering approved medicines directly to patients in the United States and Europe, and we are globally advancing multiple programs for genomically defined cancers, systemic mastocytosis, and cancer immunotherapy. The Area Business Manager will play a critical role in establishing commercial success as we plan to launch our second of multiple product launches and indication expansions for patients with solid tumors.

Every day, we seek to transform science into more time for life. Time to be with families, time to be productive community members, time to feel the small moments of joy that shape our lives. We are constantly on the move, relentless in our determination to accelerate development of new therapies, expedite clinical trials and quickly bring approved medicines to patients worldwide. We help patients stay one step ahead with therapies that adapt to disease evolution. This includes solving for treatment resistance and intractable sites of progression, as well as pioneering innovative combinations to prolong benefit. Our diverse team is passionate about science and thrives on working together to achieve the impossible. We use every opportunity to think differently, make bold decisions and pioneer novel solutions. At Blueprint Medicines, we work together in pursuit of one common goal: to dramatically improve the lives of people with genomically defined diseases.

Area Business Manager- Wisconsin & UP Blueprint Medicines is a global precision therapy company that aims to invent life-changing therapies for people. Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. SimplyHired may be compensated by these employers, helping keep SimplyHired free for jobseekers.

A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and must be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position. Under direct supervision, Applications Programmer Associates create or modify applications and programs from detailed specifications including coding, testing, debugging, documenting, and maintaining programs. They may assist senior technical staff with programming upgrades, the documentation of functional specifications, and work with clients with system installation, support and trouble-shooting of problems. This is an entry-level programming position. Code, modify, debug, and test:.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, Salary. View the Cost of Living in Major Cities. Browse other Companies in the Biotechnology Industry.

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Artwork Archive's premier art collection software allows you to easily digitize, organize and safeguard your artwork online. Record acquisition details, provenance, location information, conditions and more — all in an elegant, modern-day interface. Relax and enjoy your art, knowing you can always access your important information anywhere, from any device. Artwork Archive utilizes enterprise-level security, advanced authentication protocols and multiple forms of encryption to ensure your data remains secure and accessible only to registered users.

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These open-source software tools allow museums to catalog and manage have taken their special collections such as rare books, manuscripts, photographs.

Bluefin Collectibles

The business was founded by Pat Wallace and Donna Kelley, who both brought extensive credit and collection experience to the company and who remain active in the day-to-day business operations. CMR is an active participant in our community as a business citizen and employer. We realize that our employees are our greatest asset and are dedicated to providing them with the tools and environment that supports their success. Our goal has always been to provide our staff with a fair wage and a meaningful job experience. We want our employees to feel valued and proud about the job they do and the company they work for. We employ a full-time staff of experienced collection professionals and have a very low turn-over rate. We also provide opportunities and experience to younger employees to entry level clerical positions. CMR offers customized collection solutions based on the needs of our clients and have a proven track record of effective recovery results. CMR maintains active memberships in several professional associations that provide ongoing education and training in the collection industry. We take advantage of these education opportunities to keep our staff well trained and knowledgeable in the current consumer trends as well as the changing rules and requirements.

8 of the Best Collection Organizing Apps for Android and iPhone

For healthcare providers struggling to generate consistent revenue growth, establishing a foundation of benchmark metrics for measuring the financial performance of your contract management system can be the difference in driving your bottom line.

Passion Project: Insuring Your Collectibles

Many libraries and museums have taken their special collections such as rare books, manuscripts, photographs, pamphlets, news clippings, musical scores and more and have digitized them to create collections of digital assets that can be displayed online through a digital exhibition. Digital exhibits such as these offer unprecedented access to organizational treasures that might never be seen otherwise except by those with local physical access to the museum or library. A new breed of open-source and free software tools has recently emerged making it possible to catalog and manage digital collections and create robust narratives and layouts for display online. These are the main software applications which are used by libraries and museums to create digital exhibits and for digital asset management. Contenddm is a digital collection management software that allows for the upload, description, management and access of digital collections. This application offers robust cataloging features and an easy-to-use interface but is cost-prohibitive for many non-profit organizations.

Collector Systems is here for you, wherever you are, wherever your collection is.

The elegant and most flexible art management solution for art galleries, artists, and collectors. With the aim of aiding day-to-day business management.




Collectibles Organizer Deluxe 4. Collectibles Catalog 5.

For many individuals collection managers are an important type of software. Millions of people enjoy the activity of collecting. It is human nature to collect objects, in part because people derive pleasure from the simple ownership of objects. In ones formative days, collections sometimes include stamps, comics, and football cards. As we move into adolescence tastes have changed.

Network management system software training udemy

Wireshark development thrives thanks to the volunteer contributions of networking experts around the globe and is the continuation of a project started by Gerald Combs in Wireshark has a rich feature set which includes the following:. SharkFest attendees hone their skills in the art of packet analysis by attending lecture and lab-based sessions delivered by the most seasoned experts in the industry.

Wireshark core code contributors also gather during the conference days to enrich and evolve the tool to maintain its relevance in ensuring the productivity of modern networks. Please join us in thanking them by reviewing their Wireshark use-enhancing technology, training, and services either at a SharkFest event, or through clicking on their ads below.

To share use cases and knowledge among members of the Wireshark user and developer communities in a relaxed, informal milieu. To remain a self-funded, independent, educational conference hosted by a corporate sponsor. Wireshark Training. Contact Packet Pioneer today! User Documentation. Release Notes Version 0.

Security Advisories Information about vulnerabilities in past releases and how to report a vulnerability Bibliography Books, articles, videos and more!

Mirroring Instructions How to set up a wireshark. Videos and Presentations. SharkFest Retrospective Pages SharkFest features presentations from a variety of knowledgeable, informative speakers.

More Resources. The current stable release of Wireshark is 3. Stable Release 3. Old Stable Release 3. Development Release 3. Wireshark Sponsors.

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Learn Database Management Systems from scratch as Database Management System forms the core of computer science.

10 Best Free and Affordable Platforms for Online Courses

Cisco Networking Academy. Build your skills today, online. It’s Free

Read the Zapier blog for tips on productivity, automation, and growing your business. Hire a Zapier Expert to help you improve processes and automate workflows. Get help with Zapier from our tutorials, FAQs, and troubleshooting articles. Ask questions, share your knowledge, and get inspired by other Zapier users. Video courses designed to help you become a better Zapier user.

I have a non-technical background in architecture, designing buildings and imagining interiors. However, technology was a passion.

We are living in the midst of a revolution powered by computers and among the most important aspects of computer science is problem-solving — an essential skill for life. Have you always been intrigued by the inner workings of computers but never had the opportunity to dive deeply enough into textbooks or seminars? Worry no more because today, we are happy to present you with a comprehensive list of courses you can follow to understand the science of computers. These courses have been organized by the best-rated lecturers, and they combine the best tools for both theoretical and practical exercises for different topics in IT e. They are all available for a discounted price for a limited price so get into the list as you scan through to find the most suited options for your learning goals. This Computer Science course is designed to enable students to become better programmers and software engineers as it contains lectures that are clear and easy to follow.

10 Best Udemy Linux Learning Courses in 2022

Computer networking has come a long way since the Department of Defense first linked a handful of clunky machines together in the s. Networks are used across the board in every industry and government, and companies invest big money in hiring the best and brightest networkers to keep things running as they should. Disclaimer: Some courses may include an affiliate link. Courses were chosen first based on the methodology with affiliate links only added after the ranking was complete. In spite of the prestige of the position, there are a surprising number of paths one can take to study networking, and not every networking specialist holds a degree. These courses were chosen using a methodology we developed to sort through only the most helpful and content-rich free courses online.

Full-fledged Learning Management Systems are better suited for established businesses who want a thorough online educational network or sophisticated learning.

10 Best Udemy Computer Science Courses in 2021

10 Best Udemy Computer Science Courses in 2021

Welcome to UdemyFreeCourses.

The 11 best platforms to create and sell online courses in 2022

Skills you'll gain: Leadership and Management. Management information systems MIS refers to the practices and processes centered on the relationships between organizations, technology, and people. In business, a management information system is all the tools that executives and employees use in data research, business support processes, competitive intelligence, and information technology. Put simply, MIS tools help companies manage and move data and information. It's a closely related business discipline to both enterprise resource planning and information technology management.

Cqu cert 3 business administration

Diploma of Business

Diploma of Business

When applying to Kaplan Business School, you will need to meet the equivalent English Entry Requirements for your selected course. Score greater than Overall for listening, reading and grammar, and B2 for speaking and writing. Score greater than Overall for listening, reading and grammar, and B2 for speaking and writing;. The language in which the qualification or study is undertaken must be English.

Evidence of the above must be no more than five years before the proposed date of commencement of the KBS course. Offshore applications from specific countries will be required to meet the English entry requirements specified in the KBS GTE process. Students who do not meet one of the above English language proficiency criteria for undergraduate or postgraduate entry may be offered a pathway which includes completion of an English for Academic Purposes course that satisfies the entry requirements prior to commencing their primary course with the School.

Pathway Option Students who do not meet one of the above English language proficiency criteria for undergraduate or postgraduate entry may be offered a pathway which includes completion of an English for Academic Purposes course that satisfies the entry requirements prior to commencing their primary course with the School.

Overall 6. Qualification equivalent to Australian Senior Secondary qualification.

JobTrainer restricted to TAFE Queensland and CQUniversity. BSB Certificate III in Business Administration.

Gaining more than an education at CQU

Use the search and select bar below to view course information submitted to My Skills by this Training Provider. The maximum price a student not eligible for any subsidies or discounts would pay. The amount of time a typical full-time student takes from enrolment to completion. Whether or not a student can enrol on a part-time basis. Whether or not delivery can occur online.

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Singapore University of Social Sciences

By creating connections with our communities and offering personal attention, we engage our students and partners in an innovative and learner-centred environment that creates opportunities for working in the global community. Our vision is to be recognised nationally and internationally by our communities as an innovative, inclusive and engaged partner of choice in learning and research. Our Business course offers a major that is accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute and other majors are also available in Professional Communications and Accounting. To assist our students to gain relevant work experience, the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Accounting will provide students with the opportunity to undertake an internship as part of their study program. At the postgraduate level, we offer Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters level courses.

Central Queensland University (CQUniversity Australia) Many CQUniversity graduate certificate courses are. Business, Accounting and Law (20).

Born in Mount Isa to an Indigenous mother and non-Indigenous father, Dimity and her family frequently moved around Queensland, which saw Dimity attending six different primary schools before finally settling into Rockhampton. After graduating high school, Dimity said she was seeking the chance to gain professional growth, and when the opportunity arose to complete a qualification in Business Administration while also starting her career in the higher education industry, she knew that was an opportunity to seize. Dimity was selected to undertake her traineeship with the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President, which unfolded many opportunities for her. Dimity credits her success to her supervisor and mentor, Elle Mccosker, who she says was her biggest supporter throughout her study experience.

Bachelor of Paramedic Science/Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management

Our vocational courses are nationally accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority ASQA and provide comprehensive training in the relevant areas.

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In recent years demand for full-time, on-campus MBAs has fallen in many countries around the world, particularly in the United States where some business schools are actually considering closing down their MBA programs. However, the lack of demand for these programs does not reflect a broader increase in the number of people undertaking an MBA or EMBA program. The additional demand is almost exclusively for online MBA programs and hybrid MBA programs that blend online learning with some workshop or classroom learning.

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