Zoom meeting. The lakes of Inverrary. Phoenix Termination CONTINUED. 05.01.2023 Full.

Failed attempt for the lobbyists' of the Phoenix Management Services at the Lakes of Inverrary to bring the Phoenix back after contract termination.

The Phoenix management company mismanaged The Lakes of Inverrary Community for numbers of years charging us arm and leg without providing any maintenance services what so ever. This company tripled our HOA fees and has been charging community endless special assessments for the repairs that have never been done. It also refused to provide our community with the financial statements for the last 6 months since Nov 2022 till Apr 2023.

As a result, the contract with the Phoenix Management Services Inc. has been terminated at the end of March, 2023 by the Lakes of Inverrary Community.
Right after Phoenix services termination some of the Board's members
started doing everything in their power to restore the Phoenix services at the Lakes of Inverrary back.

This action was not approved by the community.
Strong message has been sent trough the community's WhatsApp group among home owners to replace all the board members that are going to vote YES (05.01.2023) for the Phoenix return.

As a result, majority of the Board members choose to move on WITHOUT the Phoenix Management Company Inc.

To be continued....
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