Zhixin Investment’s Lian Ping: “China’s capital market will soon become the world’s largest"

Lian Ping is chief economist of Zhixin Investment, president of Zhixin Investment Research Institute, and president of the China Chief Economist Forum, in Shanghai. Before joining Zhixin Investment Research Institute, he was chief economist at Bank of Communication, the fifth-largest bank in China. In the interview, he shared his insights on recent key policy initiatives in China ranging from supply-side structural reform and common prosperity to capital market opening-up. He argued that China is further releasing the potential of the market economy through a series of reforms that address key structural and persistent issues in the Chinese economy, such as unequal wealth distribution, supply-side bottlenecks, and the relationship between the private sector and the state-owned companies.

Read the full transcript here: https://bit.ly/3uVcH4X

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