ZEST I/O What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software?

A fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software enables companies and employees to make the best use of their time and provides efficiency in terms of time management and job tracking. So, what is ERP software?

The working system of a company is like a ‘relay race’. After each unit / department in the company processes inputs they receive, carry out their jobs and completes their tasks, they transfer their outputs of the process to the next unit / department.

When a company reaches certain size and complexity, planning and management becomes challenging for employees – creating unnecessary paperwork, duplication and most importantly causing errors, inefficiencies and delays.

It is also necessary to monitor and follow the business processes by different people at different times. Problems experienced in the process steps need to be monitored and followed by all employees and managers.

All these processes can be managed and coordinated end-to-end by a fully integrated ERP software.

ERP software brings together all inputs and outputs in an integrated way. This relay race between units can be orchestrated in a synchronised manner by using ERP software in order to take your company to success.

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