Your solution to Supply Chain Issue Management

Agile Process Teams for Supply Chain Issue Management is a multienterprise collaboration solution for capturing, analyzing, resolving, correcting, and preventing supply chain issues.

- Dashboards provide actionable visibility at all levels of the organization and to end-to-end supply chain partners.
- Drill down from dashboards into individual incidents, assign them to the right team of subject matter experts, and start the resolution process.
- Four pre-built incident management processes and a change request process ensure that you can get started immediately.
- Issues of all types can easily be reported by employees and partners.
​​​​- Supply chain partners can report issues and collaborate more effectively on supply chain issues using a single source of data.

Watch the Demo now - https://go.tracelink.com/scim-demo.html?utm_campaign=Demo-2021-12-14-Demo-Center&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_content=demo&utm_term=youtube
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