Young Scientists Session on Climate Smart Forestry, 05.10.2022

This session was part of the EFI Annual Conference 2022, and was streamed on 5 October.

The session presents the Climate-Smart Forestry concept, discusses how it relates to other forest management concepts and presents the ongoing research of Young Scientists in this field in Europe.

Opening of the session
Moderation: Sara Filipek, Wageningen Environmental Research

Climate Smart Forestry – why introducing a new concept and what is it? (2:01)
Bas Lerink, Wageningen Environmental Research

Regional example – Climate Smart Forestry in Catalonia, Spain (18:17)
Núria Aquilué, Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CTFC)

Bringing “Climate-Smart Forestry” to the Local Level (38:37)
Isabella Hallberg Sramek

Climate Smart Forestry Norway - bark beetle risks under climate change conditions (52:35)
Joyce Machado Nunes Romeiro

Converting Norway spruce plantations on poor sites to species better suited for the future climate (1:05:16)
Ditlev Otto Juel Reventlow

Exploring the link between available wood assortments and forest industry in a climate-smart forestry context (1:19:16)
Nicola Bozzolan

Climate change mitigation of Nordic forest management strategies and substitution effects of wood products (1:37:47)
Maximilian Schulte

Moderated panel discussion: the future of CSF and how it relates to other forest management concepts (2:05:31)

More information about the programme and speakers can be found here:
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