You need these SKILLS to transition to Product Management

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Hey everyone, welcome back. Before we continue with the second strategy of building your product expertise, let's switch gears a little bit and do one practical exercise. I invite you to assess what kind of skills you already have and can leverage in product management, and what kind of skills you still need to acquire in order to transition to the role as smoothly as possible.

We already know that you don’t need to build and sell your experience from scratch since no matter what your current role is and whether you work in product organization or not, you definitely have at least some of the skills that are *transferable* to the PM role. This is because of the variety of things that we, product managers, do on a daily basis.

So how to do an assessment? First, you need to download an assessment file from the resources section of this video. In the file you'll see PM tasks and activities divided by stages of the product management process we've covered in the previous videos. You’ll also see a separate section with People skills, applicable for *all the stages* of the process. For every PM activity or task, you'll see a skill level graded from zero to five with description of what’s expected for every level. The goal with the assignment is to compare the experience and skills you already have with those needed for the PM role.
So if the task is clear to you, please go ahead with the assessment. In case you need more examples on how to find your transferable skills and skill gaps, please continue watching the video until the end.

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