You MUST Choose The Right Trading Style For You (Here’s Why)

The wrong trading style can often be the reason a trader loses money. Because their time-availability and personality clash with their chosen approach. In today's video, we'll cover the alternate trading styles so that you can understand which is best for you, and most importantly, why.

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If you're new to the way I trade, I use mechanical rule-based strategies, or in other words I wait for my setup to form, I place the trade and walk away. Set and forget, with every step of the trading process decided on before even sitting down at the screen.

What amazes me is that so many traders out there don't even know this way of trading exists, they think you have to guess, predict and blindly hope for the best when trading, whereas I look for repeating price patterns and setups within markets and before ever placing a trade I test these, often going back through the charts by-hand across years of data and I prove that the setup offers an opportunity to profit regularly by building statistics on the performance of each setup and when this is done, I then implement rules, create a strategy and trade the setup/s.

Genuinely, trading CAN be this easy...

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