You Cant Go Wrong If You Major in Management Information Systems

You Cant Go Wrong If You Major in Management Information Systems


00:00 - Intro
00:50 - My story of how I learned about MIS/ITM
03:00 - Changing majors to MIS/ITM
03:54 - What is MIS/ITM?
04:30 - The technical side of MIS/ITM
05:41 - The MIS/ITM Degree
06:35 - You need a technical foundation and data to solve problems
07:25 - MIS/ITM is a business major
07:53 - MIS/ITM helps you develop soft skills
09:27 - MIS/ITM jobs/careers that you can get
11:31 - Is MIS/ITM difficult?
12:30 - You can do sales with a MIS/ITM major

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