You Are At Financial Risk Unless This Is Fixed....

At least 200,000 Australians have lost money thanks to inadequate regulation by APRA, worth at least $40 billion dollars. I am joined by Robbie Barwick from the CItizens Party as we explore this unfortunate but engineered situation, which has enabled the Government to look away, and ASIC claim it is not their problem , when it is clearly is.

As a result, it is likely more people will experience further losses, not because of adverse market movements, but because of poor or non-existent regulation. This has to change, and the current inquiry is a mechanism to achieve this....

Background Briefing on Nicholas Moore and Macquarie Bank:

ABC 730 Should ASIC have acted sooner to protect victims of collapsed housing scheme?

CSLR inquiry:

Citizens Party release:

Call to all financial victims: join the fight to make the bankers and their protectors pay!

Interview with Peter Johnston:

CITIZENS INSIGHT – Nobody is safe in the financial system unless the Government rights this wrong!

Regional Banking Taskforce

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