'You Are a Target': You Are a Target: Exposing How the Government Is Weaponized Against YOU | Ep 270

Today, April 19, 2023, marks exactly 30 years since the Branch Davidian compound erupted in a massive fireball, ending the 51-day standoff. In the end, four federal agents were killed, 20 wounded, and around 75 Branch Davidians, including 25 children, were dead. A new Netflix documentary, “Waco: American Apocalypse,” gives an in-depth and fair telling of the event. Some of the footage Netflix gave "Glenn TV" includes chilling interviews with some of the Branch Davidian cult survivors, their family members, and FBI agents who wrestled with the question: Did federal law enforcement agencies do everything they could to save as many lives as possible, or did some of their tactics help lead to the horrific massacre? Glenn argues that Waco is one of the biggest examples of what a reckless and weaponized government is capable of. You would think we would have learned some lessons in the aftermath and reined in agency powers, but the federal bureaucracy has only expanded EXPONENTIALLY to now target peaceful Catholics and pro-life Christians. Former FBI agent and whistleblower Steve Friend tells Glenn federal law enforcement officials are rewarded for actions that don’t just accomplish the mission, but create a big splash, as we saw with Waco and January 6 protesters. Glenn asks: Can the FBI be reformed? “I don’t think it can,” says Steve. “It’s beyond any sort of redemption.” Glenn also reveals that while constitutional abuses occur under the ATF and FBI, there are HUNDREDS of under-the-radar agencies like the Department of Energy, OSHA, and the Department of Agriculture weaponizing their power against U.S. citizens every day. But not all hope is lost. Remember the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board? We ended that in just three weeks. Together, we are not powerless.

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