Yields, Earnings, Paul Taubman, and Uber (Podcast) | The Tape

Ira Jersey, Chief US interest rate strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, discusses the Fed and the 10-year yield. PJT Partners CEO Paul Taubman speaks with Bloomberg’s Sonali Basak for a rare interview to discuss his firm, M&A, and AI in investment banking. Chris Ciolino, Industrial Analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, joins to break down Caterpillar earnings. Nimrit Kang, CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager at North Star Asset Management, joins to discuss investing strategies and gives her market outlook. Chris Tomasso, CEO at First Watch (NASDAQ: FWRG), joins to discuss earnings and industry outlook. Jim Taylor, CEO at Brixmor (NYSE: BRX), joins to discuss his company’s earnings and industry outlook. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi joins Emily Chang and Ed Ludlow on Bloomberg Technology for an interview on earnings. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Jess Menton.

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Paul Sweeney and the Bloomberg News team cover the day's market action, with analysis from Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, Bloomberg Opinion writers and influential newsmakers.

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