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Live Streaming From :- A-1 Party Plot Millat Nagar Shahe Alam Ahmedabad.

Live Streaming By :- Umair Zouqi Hameedi & Team

Mehfil :- Yaad E Tajushshariah Wa Range Asjadi

Date :- 31 August 2022


Details Of This Program

Muqarrir :- Sufi Kaleem Hanafi Sahab

Naat Khan ;-

1.Mawlana Rafique Raza Qadri
2. Muhammad Sadiq Razawi
3. Muhammad Shadab Raza Razawi
4. Abdul Mustafa Adoni
5. Sabir Raza Azhari
6. Yousuf Raza

Following is the Time Stamps for Entire Mehfil
0:00 Wah Kya Joodo Karam Hai
7:17 Nizamat
9:35 Yousuf Raza starts
11:36 Sabse Aula Wa Ala Hamara Nabi :- Yousuf Raza
24:53 Ham Khak Hai aur Khak hee Mava Hai Hamara :- Yousuf Raza
38:00 Nizamat
42:40 Abdul Mustafa Adoni starts
45:32 Abdul Mustafa Recites Durood Shareef
49:37 Tazmeen Wo Kamal E Husne Huzoor Hai :- Abdul Mustafa
1:01:00 Zameen O Zaman Tumhare Liye :- Abdul Mustafa
1:09:55 Farishtey Jiske Zaayir Hai :- Abdul Mustafa
1:18:06 Ham Husain Wale Hai :- Abdul Mustafa
1:28:17 Nizamat
1:30:24 Sabir Raza Azhari Starts
1:31:01 Sabir Raza Recites Durood Shareef
1:33:04 Tazmeen Wah Kya Joodo Karam :- Sabir Raza Azhari
1:42:06 Tazmeen Munawwar Meri Aankhon Ko :- Sabir Raza Azhari
1:50:15 Nizamat
1:53:32 Muhammad Shadab Raza Starts
1:54:43 Muhammad Shadab Raza recites Durood Shareef
1:57:01 Chamak Tujhse Paate Hai :- Muhammad Shadab Raza
2:06:54 Tu Shamme Risalat Hai :- Muhammad Shadab Raza
2:13:39 Mera Badshah Husain Hai :- Muhammad Shadab Raza
2:17:21 Nizamat
2:19:18 Muhammad Sadiq razawi Starts
2:20:21 Muhammad Sadiq Razawi recites Durood Shareef
2:23:37 Sarwar Kahoo Ke Maaliko Moula :- Muhammad Sadiq Razwi
2:35:04 Shah Azhari Mera :- Muhammad Sadiq Razawi
2:44:48 Mawlana Rafique Raza qadri Starts
2:47:31 Mawlana Rafique Raza Qadri Recitea Durood Shareef
2:49:07 Dekh Kar Rooye Munawwar :- Mawlana Rafique Raza qadri
5:05:57 Nizamat
3:10:15 Bayan :- Sufi Mufti Kaleem Hanafi Sahab On Mic
4:34:58 Aelaan
4:36:16 Salat O Salam
4:41:31 Dua
4;44:00 End Credits

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