Xano, the low-code backend with Ray Deck

State Change Founder Ray Deck joins us on the stream to teach us how to use Xano.

We start the stream by looking at how to migrate data from Airtable into Xano. From there, we look at how to create an API from scratch that we can use to send data too. Once our API is created, we worked to add logic to it to prevent unnecessary data duplication.

-- Resources --
- Ray Deck: https://www.twitter.com/ray_deck
- State Change: https://statechange.ai
- Xano: https://xano.io/t4r4oyu6
- Xano's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWtf65mzXLr6FOLmf5zAI_w
- Postman: https://www.postman.com
- Steve Stava: https://www.youtube.com/@learnnocode

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