Wwise Worldwide Online Expo 2022

Date & Time: October 12th at 2pm ET / 11am PT

Join us at Wwise Worldwide Online Expo! For this year's online reunion, the Audiokinetic team will be going in depth with what's new in Wwise 2022.1, as well as announcing a new product for the very first time! It's not a plug-in, it's not an application, and it's not directly related to Wwise... but we think you'll love it!

See speakers and view schedule: https://info.audiokinetic.com/en/wwise-worldwide-online-expo-2022

00:00:00 Stream Start
00:05:22 Event Start
00:05:50 Introduction and Livestream Schedule, Damian Kastbauer
00:06:53 Wwise is free for indies
00:07:11 Wwise 2022.1 Schedule
00:08:15 Editing Workflow, Bernard Rodrigue & Damian Kastbauer
00:22:48 Auto-Defined SoundBanks, Michael Cooper
00:37:26 Reflect Simplified, Thalie Keklikian
00:47:31 3D Audio Bed Mixer, Philippe Milot
00:55:46 Future Livestream Schedule, Damian Kastbauer
00:59:22 Introduction Head of Product, Simon Ashby
01:03:33 Strata Product Video
01:04:38 Strata Overview, Simon Ashby
01:19:29 Strata Production Partner Introduction, Simon Ashby
01:22:21 Strata - Behind the Scenes Video
01:28:43 Interview, Boom: Pierre Langer & Axel Rohrbach
01:39:30 Strata Production Schedule & Collections Overview, Simon Ashby
01:44:19 Strata Business Model and Subscription Pricing, Simon Ashby
01:47:50 Strata Recap, Simon Ashby
01:48:27 Strata Free Sample Collection Overview, Simon Ashby
01:56:11 Strata Q&A, Simon Ashby & Damian Kastbauer
02:06:10 Future Livestream Schedule (Reprise), Damian Kastbauer
02:08:22 Audiokinetic In-Person Events, Damian Kastbauer
02:12:00 End

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