WSOP 2022 Day 44: WILD Hands from the Main Event | Only Friends Pod w/Matt Berkey Ep74

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Join Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Landon Tice and the rest of the Solve for Why team as they discuss the big topics within the poker community as well as current events and strategy.

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Special Photo Credit to Antonio Ambrego, Alec Rome & Hayley Hochstetler

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00:00 Introduction 
03:27 Berkey final tables WSOP event 
12:58 Does the WSOP need to change tournament structures?
17:56 Is tanking getting excessive?
29:06 The WSOP fields are massive this year 
32:29 Corn hole gets more coverage than poker
35:07 Story of Berkey getting his tooth knocked out 
38:12 Lamana was blacked out last night 
40:54 Conrad blesses the podcast with a beautiful song
43:23 Clip of hilarious main event hand
47:40 Clip of crazy main event bluff
56:15 Run down of the main event final table 
57:50 Clip of AA v AK in main event
1:04:14 Clip of incredible main event fold 
1:10:24 Is winning a WPT or getting 9th in the main event harder?
1:14:29 Variance is hard to understand
1:19:10 Poker is not all about running sims
1:22:12 How reliable are live tells?
1:23:57 The WSOP is coming to a close 
1:28:18 Is max late regging worth it? 
1:33:25 Closing thoughts
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