WSD Governance Webinar

As part of World Standards Day activities the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards held a webinar highlighting ISO 37000.

• Highlight importance of world standards day and standards support towards SDGs
• Introduce the newly published ISO Standard ISO 37000: 2021 Governance of Organisations
• Inform on role of SLBS and national technical experts in ISO TC 309 Governance in Organisations
• Showcase work and contributions of Saint Lucia in the development of ISO 37000
• Present key principles of Governance in organisations
• Highlight leadership and membership of national subcommittee on Governance and parent
TC 18 Management Services
• Discuss national adoption status for ISO 37000

• Hon. Emma Hippolyte, Minister of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business
Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs
• Eng. Verne Emmanuel, Director SLBS
• Dr. Axel Kravatsky, Vice Chair ISO TC 309 Governance in Organisations
• Yvonne Agard, Chair SLBS TC 18 Management Services
• Dr Alison Gajadhar, Chair SLBS TC 18 Sub committee on Governance in
• Saint Lucian Governance Expert (Chris Bart or David Bristol)
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