WSD Future Ready: Leadership Excellence

Vino Pillay: Young Leaders Unlimited
Leadership Excellence - World Speech Day Future Ready Skills Development Program

Are you keen to:
- to assume responsibility for the direction of your own future?
- be an active citizen bringing about positive change in your community?
- perhaps leave an imprint on our global society by contributing to the Great Reset as a social entrepreneur?
- take action towards pressing issues such as climate change, social justice, and gender equality?

Regardless of the scale of your yearning to impact, leadership begins with leading yourself before you desire the ability and opportunity to lead others. Be that person who chooses not to wait for the government to make things happen, for circumstances to change, that perfect opportunity, or any opportunity for that matter to show up. It begins with you. Yes, you! And the need for you to turn inward, reflect and identify what drives you, what your passion or your purpose is, and where there is room for growth. By inculcating a positive mindset and willingness to learn and take action, start your journey by cultivating the skills that will allow the leader in you to emerge. From this course, you can expect to learn the planning and organisational skills required to lead, what you need to know when bringing together your team to help you realise your vision, and what is required to better understand your leadership styles.

Having spent more than a decade pursuing different avenues to impact the not-for-profit sector, I had the opportunity to develop a workshop while completing the High-Performance Leadership Program for the purposes of the Distinguished Toastmasters Program 5 years ago. My motivation for offering this workshop at the time, was for us as the older generation to impart our skills to the youth here in South Africa who represent the bulge in our society with an unemployment rate of approximately 28%. By presenting this workshop, I had hoped that the recipients of it i.e. scholars, university students, not-for-profit beneficiaries, and business incubator groups would gain the confidence to take charge of their own destinies.

Now, as a part of World Speech Day South Africa's commitment to cultivating skills that empower youth to use their voices as instruments for change, I, like my colleagues who are presenting courses for WSD Future Ready, feel passionate about impacting as many youth as possible with what we have to offer, in South Africa and beyond. It is for this reason that I am hoping that our WSD Future Ready Program will impact you too. Do join me on the Young Leaders Unlimited Leadership Excellence Course and allow me to help you will gain a basic insight into what it takes to bring out the leader in you.

About Vino Pillay:
Vino is passionate about the role of individuals and collaboration in the drive for implementing social change for good. Her commitment to active citizenship may be best illustrated in her role as South African National Ambassador and Executive Director of World Speech Day which is a not-for-profit organisation as well as the Global Lead for World Speech Day Women, Member of the WSD Global Advisory Board, and Ambassador for Junior Chamber International (Tshwane).

Through Digital Marketing Edge SA, she has delivered conventional and digital marketing solutions to many not-for-profits; with the latter generating a greater online global footprint. Digital marketing services are further extended to entrepreneurs to secure a firm presence in the digital sphere. Prior to this, Vino was employed at a foreign mission and at leading blue-chip companies.

She has a Master's Degree in Geography specialising in Destination Marketing and Local Economic Development (2000) and a Postgraduate Programme in Marketing Management (2006). She is a Distinguished Toastmaster (2017) and a Google Partner (2017-2018).
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