WRE 2022 "Exploring Intersections" - Saturday 30 April (afternoon programme)

The Wolfson Research Event (WRE) 2022 invites you to explore the thorny problems at the intersections of our work and lives through an academic conference for students, by students.

15.30 – Grace Pyles “The Narwhal's Tusk as the Unicorn's Horn”
15.45 – Yorick Veenma “How Animals Changed the World during the Cambrian Explosion: Using the Rock Record to Reconstruct 500-Million-Year-Old Environments”
16.00 – Juliet Harrison-Egan “Spaces for education: interrogating typologies of Cape schools and their role in a democratic South Africa”

For more details, please visit: https://www.wolfson.cam.ac.uk/about/events/wolfson-research-event-day-2
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