World Health Day Webinar: From Health Data Governance Principles to a Global Framework

The increased digitalisation of health systems has increased the amount of health data that is collected and used. Data is a vital tool to strengthen health systems, respond to health emergencies, improve patient management and advance Universal Health Coverage. However, the rules to govern the collection and use of data have not kept pace with the growing potential for data to support better health and well-being, nor the potential harms arising from data misuse.

Last year on World Health Day a set of equity and rights-based Health Data Governance Principles were launched with the aim of aligning policymakers and other stakeholders around a shared vision of equitable health data governance, where all people and communities can share, use and benefit from health data. The Principles have already been endorsed by more than 140 organisations.

The Principles as a key step, and contribution, towards the development of a Global Health Data Governance Framework, which would establish a global agreement around minimum regulatory standards for the governance of health data. Such standards would inform and strengthen national legislation and also govern health data sharing across countries. This would improve public trust in health data systems, which is critical to foster data use for public good.

On the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Health Data Governance Principles, Transform Health, together with AeHIN, Fondation Botnar, the Health Data Collaborative, HELINA, RECAINSA and PATH are organising a webinar to explore how we move from Principles to Global Framework, with a focus on needed action at the upcoming World Health Assembly in May 2023 and UHC High-level meeting in September.

Key Links:
Health Data Governance Principles: https://healthdataprinciples.org/
Asks for a Global Health Data Governance Resolution: https://transformhealthcoalition.org/transform-healths-vision-for-a-global-framework-to-drive-the-equitable-governance-of-health-data/
Global Call to Action letter: https://transformhealthcoalition.org/growing-demand-for-action-on-health-data-governance-will-the-world-health-assembly-respond/
My Data Our Health Campaign: bit.ly/mydataourhealth
8 Key Asks: https://transformhealthcoalition.org/transform-health-asks-g20-uhc-hlm-wha-digital-health/
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