World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education: Session 3 - Policy, governance and finance

The World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (WCECCE) took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on 14-16 November 2022. The conference spotlights Policy, Governance and Finance as a thematic area that require greater attention to accelerate progress on SDG 4.2. The holistic dimension of ECCE requires a multisectoral, coordinated approach to policy development, governance and financing. Yet, policy and governance fragmentation stand in the way of realizing the transformation of ECCE systems. Ensuring the right to ECCE through strengthened legal and policy frameworks should be among governments and the international community's main objectives and priorities.

This session aims at:

1. Showcase promising policies, measures and practices to strengthen early childhood care and education’s policy and legal frameworks, governance and financing from a whole-of-government approach.
2. Share the lessons learned and remaining/emerging challenges.
3. Reaffirm the highest level of political commitment to ensure higher investments and enforcement of rights in early childhood care and education.

The discussions in this high-level session give an occasion to revisit the status of ECCE policy, governance and finance in a continued effort to elevate ECCE to the top global and national political and financing agendas. Visit the world Conference on Ealy Childhood Care and Education website: https://on.unesco.org/wcecce
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