Workshop on Innovation and the Innovative Organization - PIARC International Workshop - 23 Nov 2021

The PIARC 1.1 Technical Committee "Performance of Transport Administrations" in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA) presents the workshop "Innovation and Innovative Organization", which took place in hybrid format, in-person in Seville (Spain) and online, on November 23, 2021.

The workshop, which was attended by a large number of international panelists, is divided into three main parts. The first block explores the fundamentals of innovation, the organizational approach to innovation and the importance of innovation for the overall performance of a road and transport administration. The different sessions approached the topic of innovation from different perspectives. During the second and third parts of the workshop, presenters share practical examples of how different transportation agencies approach innovation within their organization, including an academic and private sector points of view.

The topic is addressed from the local level, applied to the case of Spain, to a more international framework, solving some practical questions such as: how do you encouraged innovation among the staff? or how is innovation captured and rewarded?


00:00 - Intro
05:30 - Fundamentals of Organizational Innovation
22:20 - Innovation as a PIARC Cross Cutting Issue
31:56 - Innovation as a common thread
01:17:47 - The approach of Traffic Directorate (Spain Ministry of Interior)
01:34:26 - Andalucia, Committed to Innovation
01:57:45 - Current Challenges of Technological Innovation in the New Road Transport Field
02:20:40 - Technology and Digitalization in the Directorate-General for Planning and Mobility Infrastructures
02:42:15 - Innovation, the only real asset of a private company
03:07:36 - The Evolution of the governance model of public transportation agencie to accommodate private sector driven innovations
03:42:50 - Support Mechanisms for road innovation in France - Focus on Roads and Streets Innovation Committee (CIRR)
04:02:52 - Fostering a Culture of Innovation: FHWA's organizational perspective on innovation
04:36:35 - Strategy for Safe, Clean and Connected Mobility 2030
04:29:25 - Q&A
04:48:18 - Closing
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