Works in Progress Webinar Research Information Management in the United States

Research information management (RIM) is a rapidly growing area of investment in US research universities, capable of advancing research, supporting strategic decision making, and streamlining administrative workflows. The forthcoming OCLC Research report series Research Information Management in the United States provides a rich examination of the practices, goals, stakeholders, and uses prevalent in the decentralized US landscape.

This webinar presentation by the lead authors of the report will introduce participants to the complex RIM environment endemic to the United States and describe six discrete use cases identified in the report, including public portals, open access workflows, and faculty activity reporting. The project team studied RIM practices at five US research institutions:

Penn State University
Texas A&M University
Virginia Tech
UCLA (including the University of California system-wide practices)
University of Miami
A key finding of the report is that the library is a key stakeholder in the support of all use cases, usually in close collaboration with other campus units.

Participants will also be introduced to a RIM System Framework, a model for understanding the functional and technical elements that comprise the architecture of US RIM systems. The webinar will conclude with the recommendations for institutional leaders and decision makers offered in the report, such as the enterprise support for persistent identifiers like ORCID.

This report seeks to demystify RIM practices in the United States by offering a more comprehensive and strategic view of the uses, stakeholders, and infrastructures. For more information about the case studies, see the project page.

This webinar will be of interest to library leaders, RIM practitioners, and institutional leaders interested in leveraging RIM systems at their institutions.
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