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Scrum is a lightweight framework that enables teams and organizations to design, develop, and deliver better products faster while adapting to external changes.

Scrum originated in Software Development and IT, where it was used to deliver high-quality and complex software products. Today, Scrum is adapted across multiple business functions (operations, security, marketing, sales, HR, etc.) making it an ideal enabler for agile transformation initiatives.
Candidates will understand the Scrum framework and why it is needed by organizations today, learn the characteristics of effective Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Developers, and discover the practices, processes, and technology used for adapting Scrum within an organization.

Scrum is a framework that helps teams work together. It increases team productivity by encouraging team players to learn through experiences, self-organize, and continuously improve.
Within a Scrum team, the Product Owner serves as the link between the Scrum Team and the Business or Customer, and his primary focus is to communicate the product vision and strategy while ensuring it remains aligned to business goals.

The Product Owner achieves these by helping everyone understand the vision and strategy, the product’s value proposition, and the business goals it will achieve, and by directing, prioritizing, and collecting feedback.

Agile Project Management Fundamentals
Understand what Agile Project Management and iterative and incremental development are, identify key success factors of Agile Project Management and how it can be used outside of Software Development
Scrum Fundamentals
Define Scrum and learn about the Scrum Team, Scrum Artifacts, and Scrum Events
Value-Driven Product Management
Understand the basics of Product Strategy, Vision, and Planning, how to define Product Value and how to validate Product Assumptions
The Product Owner Role
Identify the core skills and traits of a successful Product Owner and how to effectively work with Stakeholders
Product Backlog Management
Learn how to build and refine the Product Backlog.
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