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This video on "Work Breakdown Structure" discusses the various aspects and components of a Work Breakdown Structure along with the best practices to keep in mind while creating one. The following topics are covered in the video "Work Breakdown Structure":

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:23 Agenda
00:00:46 What is WBS?
00:01:10 Definition of WBS by PMBOK
00:01:31 Importance of WBS
00:02:17 Types of WBS
00:02:32 Verb-Oriented WBS
00:03:10 Noun-Oriented WBS
00:03:43 Time-Phased WBS
00:04:01 What is included in WBS?
00:04:49 WBS Dictionary
00:05:36 Task Number
00:05:50 Task Owner
00:06:03 Task Dependency
00:06:22 Cost Estimation
00:06:31 Estimated Timelines
00:06:47 Task Status
00:07:03 How to create WBS?
00:08:31 Sample WBS
00:09:01 Deliverable Based WBS
00:10:34 Phase-Based WBS

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