Women Entrepreneurs’ Wellness: A Key Component of a Successful Business

Join Mallika Chopra and Michelle Di Gangi for a conversation on how emphasizing wellness will help your women-owned business grow

With women founders across the globe still facing many challenges in business and wellbeing, we are thrilled to host a discussion on how to increase your wellness and wellbeing as an entrepreneur.

In a candid conversation, Michelle Di Gangi and Mallika Chopra discuss the real wellness challenges women entrepreneurs face and what you can do to overcome them. These seasoned executives will share how wellness will help your women-owned business grow. Mallika is a CEO and a mom, media entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. Michelle from Bank of the West has seen numerous highs and lows of women's entrepreneurial journeys.

Many have said the entrepreneurial journey is a lonely one, and with the new “normal” the world is seeing, is becoming even lonelier – this is especially true for women business owners. Join us to improve your wellness journey and increase your bottom line!

Walk away with:

• Why your well-being is necessary to your business strategy
• How to create a community and find common purpose when you work alone
• Stress management in your unique role as an entrepreneur
• Living with intent and using mindfulness in challenging times
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