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In this video, Our Women Trainee is Getting Trained To Drive Manual Car In Narrow Market Roads. (TRIPLICANE HIGH ROAD CHENNAI)

It is a Hard Task Given for the Customer where they have to focus on both the sides On The Roads.

Adjustments and Analyzation of the vehicles.

The goal of moving in these types of roads is to gain left side judgement and gaining confidence to know the length and width of the vehicle

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In this video the client is getting trained to drive on Busy market roads. Portions getting covered on this task are as follows :

*Wide View of Analyzation
*Speed Control
*Left side judgement
*Right side judgement
*Frame analyzation
*Front bonnet judgement
*Mirror observation
*Adjustment for other vehicles
*Road Analyzation
*Smooth Brake Application
*Clutch Control Driving
*Steering Control
*Gear & Speed Management

We Have A Detail Explanation Of Our Training Session Portions And Methodology Covering Up For A Beginner Student.

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