Wiiste Wireless - Systems and equipment for structural moisture measurement

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Wiiste is an expert in high-quality wireless systems and equipment for structural moisture measurement. Our innovative measuring system is has been developed for the monitoring and control of moisture during both construction and use.

Efficient moisture control
The SolidRH moisture measuring system allows structural moisture to be monitored continuously and in a more controlled manner, bringing holistic cost-efficiency to site management. The efficient package is topped off by the Relia cloud service connected to the system, which makes data from the system available and manageable regardless of time and place.

Sensors as tools for moisture control
Our system allows for the inclusion of various sensors in the package according to the target of measurement and the situation. Wireless sensors can be installed either during concrete casting or after. Sensors installed during concrete casting use a manual reader to measure moisture both during drying and after, when surfacing has already been done. Moisture measurements can therefore be done whenever necessary and at the desired intervals.

An accurate measuring system also allows for active monitoring, thanks to which the drying conditions can be changed in time. When moisture measurements are done frequently enough, a drying graph can be created which allows the moisture values to be defined more accurately than in a single measurement.

Measurement data goes to the Relia cloud service
The measurements stored in the reader can be transferred electronically directly to the Relia cloud service, which is a software developed for the planning of measurements and the monitoring and reporting of results. The easy-to-use Relia works as a seamless support for the SolidRH system, ensuring that the data produced by the system is always manageable. For example, a finished measuring plan can be printed out directly as an illustrated guide for the moisture sensor installers, and the latest measuring data is easily available to all involved both at the site and on the road.

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