Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich & Famous to Fly Private with Nik Tarascio

| Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich & Famous to Fly Private with Nik Tarascio |

How much money do you really need to fly private? It turns out, you don't need as much as you’d think.

When I was younger, I often wondered, how in the world does someone afford a multi-million dollar plane? I used to think you had to put $15M down to buy one. The reality is, most people finance it over time, and in the process, they take advantage of some serious tax write-offs.

Imagine for a moment that you had a BIG exit. Amazing! Except there’s one problem. Now you have to worry about a huge tax liability. I can’t tell you the number of business owners who get nailed with an insane tax bill because they didn’t have a plan in place.

Luckily, through the power of accelerated depreciation, financing a plane is one way to offset the amount you’d need to fork over to Uncle Sam. Not only that, but it offers some pretty cool benefits from a lifestyle perspective.

Am I suggesting that everyone go out and buy a plane? Absolutely not. BUT, it’s worth noting that it’s not just an option reserved for the rich and famous. You’d be surprised at all the different ways you can be an owner—and we’ll uncover those options (and a whole lot more) on today’s episode.

I’m talking with Nik Tarascio, who grew up in the aviation business and has been flying planes since he was in grade 3. He’s now the CEO of Ventura Air Services, an aviation company that he scaled to unprecedented heights during the pandemic, defying industry odds by doubling its fleet despite the steep drop in travel.

In today’s conversation, you’ll learn.

✅ Why you don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy the freedom of private aviation.

✅ The tax benefits to buying a plane—and how it’s done!

✅ Why true joy is not found in material pursuits but in meaningful relationships and sharing experiences with those closest to you.


00:00 Flying private is NOT just reserved for the top 1%
03:37 Tax benefits to buying a plane—and how it’s done!
06:50 What flying planes can teach you about business
13:27 Flying as a way to accelerate connections
19:45 Which type of plane ownership is right for you
23:12 Ownership is less than you think
24:43 The different classes of plane buyers
31:37 How to avoid raising entitled kids
38:36 Can you really afford to fly private?
40:26 Material possessions won't make you happy

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