Why You Can't Get Rid of Chronic Lower Back Pain

Have you been dealing with lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain (sciatica) or piriformis pain (a deep pain in the glute) for more than 6 months? Not sure WHY the pain is sticking around or HOW you can break free from the chronic pain cycle you're trapped in?! It may be time for a new perspective...

In this video, I share a new way of looking at things for folks dealing with chronic back, sciatic, or piriformis pain. If you’re watching this video, it’s likely you’ve been through many diagnostic tests... been told your pain is from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica, an SI Joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome... you've tried many different treatments (such as PT, chiro, massage therapy, yoga, dry needling, acupuncture)... spent a ton of time, energy, and money trying to solve your issue... but are STILL feeling stuck spinning your wheels in pain.

I just want to open your mind and have you consider something that you maybe haven't heard of or learned about/been exposed to before...

Understanding what pain is and how your mind & body are truly connected is a crucial missing piece to solving your ongoing pain experience puzzle.

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