Why the Order of Writing Kanji is SUPER Important #shorts

If you are studying Japanese I’m sure you’ve learned that the characters all have orders you have to write the lines. But why is this so important? If it looks the same in the end, it doesn’t matter, does it? There are actually 3 big reasons why it’s super important!

1. Easier to remember
2. Learn to write faster
3. Learn to write neatly

For example, if you had to write a picture of Doraemon, wouldn’t be much easier if you knew the order of the lines of how to write him? By memorizing the order of how to write kanji, your hands will eventually be able to naturally write them without thinking so much.

Also, the order is created so that you can write the kanji the fastest and most neatly, and it will become much easier to read for other people. It might be a little frustrating at first, but in the long run, you will be able to learn kanji much faster if you memorize the order of writing them.

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There is no intention of denying other theories and cultural aspects

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