Why Self-Custody is Key to Adoption with Ian Rogers from Ledger

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It’s a classic episode as Ian Rogers, chief experience officer of Ledger, and Raoul catch up after a long hiatus. They cover everything from Ledger’s upcoming launch of Stax, the controversy surrounding “Recovery,” and why self-custody is key to onboarding the masses into crypto.

Of course, they also discuss NFTs and their outlook on the current bear market for digital asset collectibles. Recorded on July 18, 2023.

1 Raoul's Intro 00:06
2 The Current State of Ledger 01:16
3 Self-Custody and Onboarding the Next Billion Users 0:13:29
4 Ledger Live and Stax 0:24:57
5 What's of Interest to Ian in the Space 0:35:59
6 Final Thoughts 0:52:34
7 Raoul's Takeaways 0:59:40

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