Why SDR Talent Management Is So Important

Julian Marcuzzi joins Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss why SDR talent management is so important.

Julian is the VP of Revenue at Predictable Revenue. He has spent 10+ years in sales and has a passion for seeing his direct reports reach their full potential.

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Highlights include: how to build a career path for the SDR role starting during recruitment (2:06),
how to set your direct reports up for long-term success (4:53),
how to determine when to promote or move your SDRs (7:11),
how to prime SDRs for the move into management (9:27),
why sales leaders need to advocate for their reps in other departments (11:00),
how effective talent management impacts SDRs (12:39),
why you shouldn’t create a new role for someone just to retain them (17:15),
pros and cons of hiring internally and externally (19:30),
management mistakes to avoid (21:37),
and how SDRs can put themselves on the path to promotion (24:24).


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