Why Modern and Real time Analytics applications must use Oracle DB In Memory by Ranjan Priyadarshi

Applications built on traditional technologies are complex, expensive to support, not scalable, and provide poor customer experience.

Digitalization needs to process billions of data points in real-time to provide a great customer experience. Modern applications should also have the flexibility process any data type and workload at the fastest rate possible.

Oracle Database In-Memory (DBIM) has been a game-changer for customers enabling real-time Analytics in OLTP or Data Warehouse environments. It implements the most innovative and state-of-the-art algorithms to achieve real-time performance. With DBIM, users get immediate answers to business questions.

This session will cover DBIM overview, use cases across industries, new innovations, and best practices. You will learn how you can use power, performance, and simplicity to modernize your analytics environment.

One significant need of modern applications is simplicity. DBIM has built-in full automation that enables self-service. This empowers our business users to build and deploy applications according to business needs.

More and more customers are using non-relational data types like Text, JSON, and Geospatial for analytics. With Oracle 21c, you can do fast converged analytics based on all these data types.

Join this session and learn to use DBIM to enable real-time analytics on any data and workload in your organization and accelerate your journey towards digitalization and modernization!
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