Why is the 2022 World Cup so Controversial? | Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 | Nitish Rajput | Hindi

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Football being the most loved game in the world has garnered a lot of attention in the FIFA world cup as well but not for all the right reasons.
Qatar as a host has been under the lens of various allegations such as human right exploitation, corruption, forcing tourists to follow the law of the land, and poor conditions.
Amidst the storm of questions, the biggest question that emerged was how Qatar beat the USA in winning the hosting rights of the FIFA world cup since Qatar hardly has any recognition as a football-playing team.
What was the reason that Qatar wanted this so desperately, and how much are they profiting from this deal.
What are the long-term plans of Qatar with this deal? And the main question is how much truth can there be in the fact that there could have been corruption while making a selection of hosts.
Lets discuss

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