Why is it important to practice financial patience?

Financial Advisor and Fiduciary Sean McClay with STM Asset Management is discussing the importance of Financial Patience and why it matters to you.

Do you practice delayed gratification? Have you even heard of it? In today's instantaneous and impulsive society, the concept of delayed gratification is scarce, especially regarding finances. Maybe you're the type of person that impulsively shops, or maybe you see immediate payout and are blinded by the "now" - do you know those types of money habits can be costly in the long run to your financial success? Whether it's lack of self control or the underlying reason of greed, those who choose the immediate reward may ultimately pay a cost. Financial patience is truly a practice that many of us need to adopt in our own lives.

At STM, we want to see our clients best interests met. That can start by carefully planning and practicing delayed gratification. If you want to learn more about financial patience or have questions on how you can implement this practice into your own life, reach out to us!
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