Why is Company Management Always Terrible? - How Money Works

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In a recent study conducted by MIT American workers identified management and the culture they create as the reason they were looking for a different job ten times as frequently as workers who were looking for another job to get a pay increase.

Good managers do exists, but even if you are lucky enough to find one, they are often stuck dealing with poor management of their own that trickles down throughout an entire corporate structure.

In an age where staff turnover is costing businesses billions of dollars a year you might expect that companies would do their best to address this problem, but even companies like Google, and Apple that do their absolute best to create world leading working environments are still called out for toxic leadership.

It’s not just staff turnover either, management structures determine the direction of companies and it feels like every other week their poor performance is the reason behind a company going under.

So why do managers always suck? Well believe it or not science has the answer.


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