Why I’m Betting on This 16% Dividend Yielding Stock

On Wednesday the Federal Reserve announced that they would be increasing interest rates for the tenth consecutive time, indicating that although inflation is no longer out of control, it’s still a lingering issue that they’re hoping to squash. With rates already being high and now going slightly higher, it’s resulted in some businesses feeling more stress than others. With a lot of the higher yielding holdings I have, like closed end funds and business development companies, it’s resulted in a mixture of good things, like increased net interest income, and bad things like decreasing NAV’s.

But one of my holdings in particular has gotten beaten up over the last year to the point where it’s now offering a dividend yield of over 16%. That’s despite some recent statements made by the company CEO, in which he says the company and its dividend are expected to remain steady throughout the remainder of the year and probably further. But despite this stock falling on hard times I’m remaining optimistic about its future, so in today’s video I’m gonna discuss the worst performing stock in my portfolio and exactly why I’m choosing to stay invested in it.


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