Why Huawei can leap into a world-renowned multinational enterprise?|Ren Zhengfei|Huawei's chip|5G|6G


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Today, I am glad to bring a new topic about Why Huawei can leap into a world-renowned multinational enterprise? Huawei, a multi-international enterprise that can change the world. In these years, No matter in developed technology, talent recruitment or even Western country's policy, Huawei has experienced many troubles. Huawei's employees and talent management is state-of-the-art. Therefore, we will focus on Huawei's inside management to learn about how can Huawei made a great progress in international bussiness. Let us learn about it.

Most Huawei employees come from mountainous areas, villages and towns, and many people have experienced the hardships of life in their childhood and teenage years. In their age and environment, the parents worked hard to use their dedication to raise us up. From them, we know the meaning of life and understand the responsibilities we have now. We used our own labor to send back the first sum of money to honor our parents. Although it may be meager, the taste is hard to describe. Just like the first time we got a contract overseas, it was comfort, relief and joy from the bottom of my heart. When we became parents ourselves, we watched our children suck the milk of life so peacefully due to our hard work, revealing a sweet and carefree sleep, listening to the old grandmothers telling ancient legends and sharing with each other Reading Grimm's fairy tales and enjoying our innocent and childish childhood.We have a sense of happiness and sacred responsibility that we have never had before.
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