Why Commercial Real Estate Isn't as Stressful As You Think

0:00 Creating Businesses Around Passive Income
4:16 "Feeling" a Deal
9:00 Tyler's Secret Power & Grand Vision
16:00 Why Nashville?
17:38 Real Estate Nightmares
21:51 The Analogy Competition
22:31 Get Out There and Do It!

Commercial real estate has a lot of faces, and one of the most popular ones is Tyler Cauble's. Tyler isn’t some 30-year long veteran in the industry, but he has quickly founded a successful commercial brokerage, development company, and property management business all in just four years! Tyler has become one of the premier investors and developers in the ever-growing Nashville, Tennessee area and embodies the “dream investor life” most people think of.

Tyler has a phenomenal team backing him up and he travels every day to be on a different job site. He is in a league of his own when it comes to investing due to his “stress-free” attitude and inability to be psyched out over a deal falling apart. This has allowed him to grow faster than other industry titans all while keeping his core principles intact.

David Greene, Tyler’s residential-investing equivalent, is here to ask questions regarding growing a real estate business (or businesses), passive income, mental challenges when investing, and what to do when someone runs off with millions of dollars meant for new projects.

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