Why Brexit is a Disaster and How Things are About to Get Very Much Worse

The whole world can see that Brexit is a disaster, a massive self-inflicted act of madness promoted by a prime minister whose only concern was getting to No 10. The U.K. is a worldwide laughing stock, exports are tumbling and shortages of workers are crippling many sectors of the economy. There is no prospect of any of this improving any time soon. Small and medium sized firms find it all but impossible to export to the E.U. Millions of pounds have been wasted whilst food has been left rotting in the fields and thousands of healthy pigs have been killed and burnt.
The introduction of import controls on goods, especially food, coming into the U.K. from the E.U. from January 1st is likely to make it no longer viable for many exporters to continue supplying the U.K.
Increasing prices in the shops, more shortages, increasing gas and electricity prices, increasing taxes (NHI) as well as Council Taxes, rising interest rates and further inevitable cuts in government spending are all about to become reality.
In the meantime, an already very anxious and worried population wonders what will come next.
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